picking daisies



So, I think we need to mow our lawn ;)

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    I beat you!! Mines much higher than yours. Am attending to it this afternoon. Its a forest out there. Not as lovely as yours.

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    I love this photo G!

    she is so pretty in that little pink dress standing picking daisies!!

    cute priya!

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      @Heidi, Don’t worry tis done. Although with all this rain it may very well reach that height again by November. Anyway, cool photo huh!


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childhood bliss



I have a feeling this summer is going to be really, really fun ;)

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    This really is the best shot EVER!!!! So real, so what being a kid is all about. It’s all summed up in a single shot!

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    Even though I love fall colors, and we have had BEAUTIFUL fall weather this year in Minnesota, I am still quite jealous that your summer is starting. I miss it already. And those two appear to be having a blast!

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    BAH! Georgia, this photo is brilliant! So good. Someone should pay you for this. So talented.

  4. gravatar for Judy Judy

    Thanks for that! I’m doing a photography course at the moment so very curious when i come across great photos :)
    Was it a slow shutter? I think that’s where i’m going wrong with my photos..
    sorry to bother you for all the details!

  5. gravatar for Judy Judy

    What a fantastic photo! Captured brilliantly. I was trying to get a similar photo of my girl playing with the hose the other day but just couldn’t get it, they were all too blurry. Must try again :)

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I have 3 words that every mother & father will identify with.

Nom, Nom, NOM!

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    is this a ‘women who’ve not yet had children don’t understand’ thing? i can’t believe you ladies want to eat your babies. :-)


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a showreel

My sister and her husband have just launched their new website and this below video is their showreel. It is just too wonderful for me not to share it with you! I know a tad biased but isn’t this just the coolest way to open a website?

Show reel for You can’t be Serious! from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo.

If you really liked this video, please share it with a friend ;) It totally brightened my day and hopefully will brighten yours too!

  1. gravatar for Han Han

    It IS the best showreel! We were so excited when we first saw it we had to watch it three times in a row. So fun…makes me want to go and enjoy this beautiful world.


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Since starting this project the number one question I get asked is “What kind of camera do you use?”. I can’t tell you how many emails/comments/questions I’ve answered with this question but I’ll say it’s more than 3 ;)

Up until about a month ago – I’d been shooting this entire project on a DSLR (a Canon 30D). The Canon was given to me by my photographer sister and though it still worked well – it was getting older. I was very nervous that it would die before the project ended as it kept giving me ‘error 99′ messages and would stop shooting while I was using it! I was getting stressed out that the 30D would cark it and leave me stranded unable to finish the project. With much convincing Errol agreed to buying a new camera and I had planned on a Canon 7D. HOWEVER! I ended up going down an entirely different (and significantly cheaper) route and bought a Panasonic Lumix GF1.

I felt a little scared venturing into unknown waters (otherwise known as the land beyond Canon) but I am here today to tell you that there is life after Canon! The Lumix is a new breed of camera, an EVIL! I have a feeling more and more people with be converting to the ‘dark side’.

Over the last month I’ve been developing a nice relationship with my Lumix. We started out a bit rocky as he wasn’t like  my ‘ex’ and he didn’t work exactly the way I expected him to. During the first week I was convinced I’d made a mistake. With  lots of communication (he provided me with an indepth manual!) and some tender loving we got past our differences and things are warming up around here. Which is good of course, considering he’s with me nearly 24/7.

For those of you who are looking at buying a camera to capture your babies I can recommend this to you!

A few thoughts;


The thing I liked best about this camera (and especially for this project) is that I was sick of lugging my DSLR with me. My Canon weighed 1.5kg and added a significant weight to my handbag/nappybag/camera bag. Before I started this project I avoided going out with my DSLR as it was cumbersome to have to bring an extra bag (or an oversized handbag) just for my camera. This little Lumix can fit in a large pocket and easily fits in all my handbags. He weighs next to nothing compared to my DSLR.

Less obvious is how nice having a ‘small’ camera is. Pulling a DLSR out of your bag is rather intimidating to people and often makes for less natural photos. The Lumix is less ‘professional’ looking and doesn’t seem quite so scary when you’re putting it into people’s faces. I’ve also managed some sneaky photography with it which I would never have got away with using my 30D


With lens he was less than half the price of what I was looking at for a 7d. Need I say more?


For a tiny camera – I am amazed with the quality that comes off this little thing! It’s just as good as my DSLR, if not better. It came with a 20mm 1.7 which is beauuuuutiful. That lens alone for my 30d would have cost me an arm and a leg! I am in love with the wide angle and depth of field!

Video function:

Like the new DSLR’s (but unlike my old 30d) the Lumix has a HD video function with delivers gorgeous film with auto focus at the touch of one button! It’s great when I am taking a photo and something sweet is unfolding between the two to be able to switch straight to video.

So yes, if you’re in the market for a new camera for family photos – this could be for you! Here ends my impromptu unprofessional review ;)

  1. gravatar for Fiona Garrett-Benson Fiona Garrett-Benson

    I got me one too about 14 months ago & it has been awesome on many levels. I so recomend it too! I got it as I was going to India & wanted something that was not going to let me down! And I was so happy with the results, especially the colour. You still need a good eye and steady hand. I love this digital age & encourge people that taking a snap is a wonderful way to record the big events as well as the more casual days of our lives.

  2. gravatar for Kath Kath

    Hiya… Just wondered if you are still using this camera to make all those wonderful videos I’ve been watching?! I’ve recently been gifted an HD video camera, very light and small, but I’m having trouble keeping it steady. I’ve noticed your shots are steady and wondered if you are still using this camera, or something else? Thanks for all the great video making tips!!

  3. gravatar for Georgia Georgia

    @Cara, So do you review them in a newspaper? In a mag? online? That’s super cool. I couldn’t review books – I can never find time to get through one.

    You should absolutely pull the Christmas/Birthday request. I hope you get it!

  4. gravatar for Cara Cara

    @Georgia, I review LOTS of baby products, but mainly electrical appliances. I want to try and get into book reviewing, though, but mannn it’s A LOT of work. People who do book reviews put A LOT of work into it (almost obsessively so).

    Haha. My birthday is Christmas Eve so I might do a combo B/day/Christmas present for the camera :D.

  5. gravatar for Georgia Georgia

    @Rebecka, Isn’t that weird? I can’t believe we ended up with the same camera’s! So strange! Great minds, huh?

    I can’t believe you’re getting that error message (or that you’re shooting weddings on this thing!). You should take it back! That is *NOT* okay! How can you be expected to work with a camera that turns off? You can NOT afford to miss those amazing moments at a wedding! I’d be all up in their face until they replaced it… but then… I am kind of a crazy like that ;)

    You should get the 20mm lens! Just DO IT! Maybe for a birthday present? I love, love, love it. I am such a sucker for the 1.7 mmmmmmm

    Did you know that you can fit other lenses to it? I have seen some amazing photos on flickr from all different types of lenses. Apparently it takes vintage lenses too!

  6. gravatar for Georgia Georgia

    @Adriel, Yes, I know what you mean. Perhaps it is the lens on your camera? What did you have on your SLR vs DSLR? Maybe you had a nicer lens on your SLR? I don’t know much about editing either – I just use presets in lightroom ;)

  7. gravatar for Georgia Georgia

    @Cara, You write reviews for a living? Wow! That’s so cool! What do you review? I honestly didn’t mean for this to turn into a review, but by the end I was like “hmm. I guess I just wrote a review!”

    You should totally convince ze husband that you need one – it was hard for me but I found puppy eyes worked well ;)

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