Peach was less than sure about her first ride in a Ferris wheel. It went alarmingly high and she seemed somewhat disturbed by this. I on the other hand was intent on her having a wonderful time!

  1. gravatar for Stacey Stacey

    This shot really reminds me of a picture of my mum and I in a very similar circumstance! Only difference is that instead of sticking my tongue out like your little Peach, I’m rubbing my chin, used to do that when worried (still catch myself doing it sometimes)! Will see if I can dig it out!

  2. gravatar for zali.bee zali.bee

    oh…. I love the face pri-pri is pulling!!!
    I have only been on that ferris wheel once…. and it definitly did go HIGH!!

    i was feeling pretty scared-ish and so I would imagine that priya was scared!

  3. gravatar for Sara Sara

    hey! in this photo I just realize how much you both looks alike! I saw already this expression in your face in Priya’s face too! so lovely :)

    Love from Barcelona,


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ferris wheel



Given that we have tourists with us, we thought it was only appropriate to take a touristy photo! Here is Theo, Errol and Peach standing below the large Ferris Wheel in Brisbane’s south bank.

  1. gravatar for zali.bee zali.bee

    HAHAHA!! oh so funny!!!

    I love it.. theo in the ergo and priya on his shoulder!!… So good!!


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Marvelous Kiddo

I am exceptionally honoured to be a guest blogger this week over on one of my favourite blogs, Marvelous Kiddo. If you  want you can head on over there and read my guest blog about ‘Letting Go’.

If you don’t already follow Marvelous Kiddo – you really, really should. I don’t think Leigh posts a single thing I don’t find fascinating, inspiring and oozing with style.

  1. gravatar for Becky Becky

    that was a fantastic post! i really enjoy the way you write.

    that line :: “I will be here loving you always, and then, then…. I will let you go”. i pray so hard, b/c i love my boy so much and i’ve had such a difficult time with my mother-in-law, that when the time comes i will freely let him go. no matter how close i hold him, or my daughter for that matter, one day, they will go and i need the graces to let them.

    i want to add that i don’t love my daughter any less! i just know that she is such a strong and independent personality that when the time comes, she will be “good to go” and then just go. : )

    thanks for all your inspirational post!!

  2. gravatar for Rebecka Rebecka

    As if you don’t ALREADY make me cry with your posts… gosh. I’m blaming this on being pregnant. You should send that to a parenting mag.


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ballet class



Our ballet school has a rule for no photography during classes but I just had to sneak a shot or two at class today! I placed it on the floor and was all sly about snapping some photos of the baby ballerinas. I know I shouldn’t defy the rules but honestly? It’s so unfair to parade all this adorable in front of me and tell me I can’t take photos! Peach is in love with the girl on the end, Gracie – always checking out what her role model is up to!

In other news, we have a new facebook page and would love if you’d check it out! This will make it easy for those of you who don’t use RSS feeds to follow updates to the blog and if you’d like – share it with your friends.

  1. gravatar for emma emma

    why are you not allowed to take photos during class? surely if you don’t use flash the girls wouldn’t even notice you snapping away!

  2. gravatar for Han Han

    Oh I love love that little chubby bum in blue looking at the others with the saddest of sad expressions. I want to give her a big cuddle and tell her she’s gorgeous!

  3. gravatar for zali.bee zali.bee


    I love how all the little girls are sitting together and priya is leaning over looking at that other little girl!!! she is such a cutie!!

    And the ballet outfit!!


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As usual, on a Saturday morning, Theo accompanied me to Priya’s ballet lesson. As usual, Theo wished he could join in with the girls. I don’t know what I’ll do as he gets more mobile – he’s likely to crawl right into the class!

  1. gravatar for zali.bee zali.bee

    Oh that cutie little boy!

    ooooooo i would like to see a photo of theo doing ballet with all of these little girls!!

    I can just picture it in my mind…


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