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Oh dear lord, I am in love.

Sweet Florin,

I will never ever say no to you, you can have a pony and a castle and a dragon that breathes fire when you look at me like that.

Love, Mama

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    My goodness he is such a gorgeous little boy! You and Errol make some amazingly cute kids, Georgia! You should have ten more! haha


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Sometimes I have a weird moment looking at Florin just taking in how strange being a human baby actually is. A big mouth filled with gums – I mean, how cute and weird and gummy? Such a short time in life to be completely toothless, really. One of the things he likes most (I imagine some teeth are lurking down there waiting to come out) is me to rub my finger along his gums and he presses his face in towards my hand as he kicks his legs and flaps his arms happily. Here he is waiting for me to give my finger back to his gums.

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    I LOVE your perspective on things :-)
    Oh, and: Happy late birthday! Enjoyed your 26-list. Think I should’ve done one for my birthday last week…


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Twenty Six (things) // a post better suited to Myspace but whatevs, #yolo

In the past, I have done a birthday post and listed a random selection of facts about me. Sometimes I blog so much about my kids I forget I have a personality #mommyblogger (just kidding… but not really *ahem*). So here’s a little “get to know me” like speed dating except not really speedy because I talk a lot.

26 things as I think of them:

1) I love the rain. It’s raining right now and it’s perfection to my last 3 days of birthday goodness. I feel very loved and happy. Clearly, even the sky loves me right now.

2) In 2013 my business kind of took off (and then I went on maternity leave and forgot about being a professional human haha). I’ve been so lucky to be able to choose work that makes me happy and satisfies my creativity and will soon (hopefully, eeep) support our family, I am looking forward to being back in swing working next month.

3) Since Christmas I’ve cut out dairy (because I am intolerant) and been focusing on eating better. It’s been good. And expensive.

4) Alongside writing my children’s 365 entries, I have kept a journal pretty regularly for the last 10 years. I try to avoid re-reading anything I’ve written though to save on the cringe. When we were dating Errol read my most embarrassing journal yet and married me anyway, I’ve questioned his sanity since.

5) I’ve had a medicated hospital birth, a drug free water birth and a homebirth turned cesarean birth. I feel like I am just missing an accidental by-the-side-of-the-road or in-the-back-of-a-taxi birth to have a nice range of experiences. Just kidding. I am not planning to give birth again.

6) I would very much like to adopt.

7) I love reading. I used to devour books but in my 25th year I only managed to read 9 (4 of which were in one week, ha).

8) I don’t have many regrets as a parent. I tend not to overthink or worry too much and feel mostly confidant we are making the right choices. I am grateful for this because parenting is hard enough without worrying additionally.

9) I have to maintain a healthy level of cognitive dissonance to write a blog. If I could ask people to only read one post here it would be this one.

10) We live next door to my brother Isaac and his family. The property is owned by our parents. It’s kind of the best. All the commune, none of the cult.

11) Sometimes I think people who follow me online think I am more ‘earth mother’ or social or endlessly patient than I am. The truth is I am socially awkward at the best of times and my idea of hell is a mothers group. Also; I curse a lot and have acne. Phew. Now you all know.

12) I cannot watch scary films or tv series. I am serious. Even slightly scary or tense like Inspector Rex. I also really dislike violence and gratuitous sex scenes. So I guess that explains why I love Game of Thrones… ?(I even read all the books).

13) Speaking of things I like to watch: The best TV series ever made is Arrested Development. That is a fact.

14) I once ran into Russell Crowe. Literally. He spilled his coffee.

15) I follow way too many food porn/yummies/food styling Instagram accounts it makes me want to photograph all my food except baked beans don’t translate so well to photos.

16) I got married and pregnant when I was a teenager. I still find that weird when I think about it. Teenager! What do teenagers know about life? That being said, kudos teen me; you did good!

17) In the next 5 years I would like to finish a children’s book (that I’ve been writing with (and for) Priya for some time now). See how I gave myself 5 years there? I like to really push myself, haha.

18) The Princess Bride is my favourite film (and my nearly-favourite book!). ‘Florin’ is a Romanian boys name that means “flourishing; flower” but also happens to be a fictional location in The Princess Bride and a coin minted in Australia until 1963.

19)  I really like my cesarean scar. I am not saying that in a “I am-being-body-positive-projecting-loving-myself feel good way”, I just actually love it.

20) I much prefer instagram to Facebook (cue me self promoting and asking you to maybe go check it out?).

21) There are several topics I do not like and request Errol not to bring up. He naturally likes to bring them up right before I go to sleep. These are: deep sea, outer space, eternity, apocalyptic themes and our finances.

22) My best friend pointed out that I shared some (hopefully endearing?) traits with Drew Barrymore’s character “Josie Grossie” in Never Been Kissed. The other night we watched it together and she and Errol laughed and laughed and I decided there may have been some truth in her statement. I am okay with being a little Josie Grossie.

23) I was going to write a sentence with the word “duality” in it but I’ve just realised it does not mean what I thought it means. I thought “phew, dodged a bullet and people will still believe I have a basic grasp of English” but now I am telling you this… so? Ooops.

24) I don’t think I will do one of these again because really 26 years is getting to be way too many points.

25) Whenever Errol is more than 15 minutes late home I start panicking and my imagination runs away with itself as I start planning the beautiful, heartbreaking eulogy I will give at his funeral. To clarify; I am always grateful to learn he isn’t dead.

26) Today we climbed Mt Coolum (after our first failed attempt a couple of weeks back). Around half way up I started cursing life itself but after letting the pounding in my head subside at the top I decided I like pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and I think I’ll go again tomorrow.


I’d kind of like it (as a birthday present to me?) if you’d tell me somethings about you too. It doesn’t have to be 26… but bonus points if anyone does give me that many! Okaybye.

  1. gravatar for Mollie Jacobson Mollie Jacobson

    I also turned 26 recently and I think I’m almost a grown up now, two kids later, six years of college and looking for a home to buy. Sometimes I wonder if the feeling will ever change, I kind of hope it doesn’t.
    My Wesley is a few days younger than Florin and we too have just graduated to crawling, definitely brings out the baby man bear cub!
    I decided what I want to be when I grow up last week. Post partum doula, it was a revelation.
    I always say I should write a blog and then spend my time reading everyone else’s instead.
    I love that you document your real life and love to see someone’s love for her family so beautifully captured.

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    Good question (request?) Georgia, I like reading about all these interesting and cool people from all over the world and know we all love your blog!
    1. I’m 34 and just moved my entire family back into my mum’s house, into the room where me and my boyfriend used to try to reeeally quietly, erm, you know, do what 20yo boy/girlfriends do – only now we are married and have two kids, so I think everyone knows what we’ve been up to.. and my poor mum has to put up with far noisier things now (ie a 3 yo and 1yo)
    2. The move was financially motivated as we are broke, due to one or the other of us being at uni for the last gazillion years (I’m halfway through a midwifery degree)
    3. I also have a music degree and have made a modest living playing the cello for the last 15 years, but craved something more…. more… life affirming?? Social?? I don’t know. Something more. And this is definitely it. I love it!!!
    4. I hope to always and forever play the cello and I’m pretty sure I will.
    5. I married my first love.
    6. I’ve lived in every capital city in Australia except Darwin. My favourites are Adelaide (where I live) and Hobart.
    7. My old band toured QLD a few years ago and accidentally had a party in a house in Coolum and broke a TV. It is about as rock ‘n roll as it got. I also woke up on the deck overlooking the ocean with a MASSIVE crow trying to peck my hair. Rock ‘n roll.
    8. I didn’t read your blog for a while because I had become really disheartened by anything that resembled attachment parenting and all its affiliations. But your babies are all so beautiful and I it’s kinda dumb to be that narrow minded. So I’m back again. And I read that post from no.9 and that made me feel like I’m not alone in these feelings.
    9. I had an awesome mothers’ group with my first and still see them. I didn’t think it was my idea of a good time, but they are all such amazing women. We’ve got a vet, an engineer, a muso, a psychologist, an accountant, a stay-at-home mum… some co-slept, some sleep-trained, some stayed at home for 2 years, some went back to work at 3 months. We are all mums.
    10. I’ve very recently decided (I think) not to have any more kids. I’d also love to adopt.
    11. I’m supposed to be doing homework now so I’ll stop.

  3. gravatar for Kathleen Murphy Kathleen Murphy

    Happy (belated) Birthday Georgia! What an excellent list – and, yes, Arrested Development IS the best.
    I won’t write a list of 33 things… too long! But what can I tell you? For my birthday one year my now husband gave me an Inspector Rex box set. What a babe. I’m also about to have my first baby and cannot wait to birth then meet then raise her. Love your blog, your images and your honesty. Thanks :-)

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    Thanks for sharing your 26. I follow your blog, FB and I’gram and your photos inspire me.
    Here’s a few for you:
    1. I live in north Brisbane.
    2. My daughter is half Italian..in fact half Neapolitan.
    3. She is 4yo and has already been to Italy on three occasions, NZ and Thailand. My feet are itching like crazy at the moment and I wish we could get on a plane tomorrow and explore some more of the world.
    4. Instead we are saving to buy a rural property in SE Qld to live a life long dream.
    5. Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m an introvert.
    6. My favourite movie is ‘English Patient’ and unashamedly the ‘Twilight’ series.
    6. Every time I watch a kids’ movie I fall asleep. Luckily my husband was raised on them (except he watched them all in Italian) so he keeps my daughter company at the cinema.
    7. For 20 years I didn’t want to have a child. Then at 37, while living in Italy, I woke up and decided we needed to move back to Australia to have a baby.
    8. I was always afraid I wouldn’t be able to fall pregnant after so much talk of not wanting to be a mother. We fell pregnant on the first ‘go’ at it.
    9. I speak Thai and Italian and hope my daughter speaks three languages as well.
    10. I’m an accountant who loves to write but is studying counselling.
    11. I’m married to an ex-chef ex-punk bad boy who is now a vegan holistic healer and a fantastic father.
    12. I’m extremely proud of our decision to both work part time in the years before 4yo starts school. We have managed to strike a lovely balance between spending time with her together, alone and working on our careers/business.
    13. I sometimes wonder how different life would be for 4yo if she had a sibling.
    14. I don’t regret the decision not to have any more children.
    15. I had a lovely pregnancy, and almost gave birth on our bathroom floor 4 weeks before my due date in early December. My daughter was an easy delivery arriving drug free just 20 minutes after the ambulance got me to the birthing suite. Ten minutes later I was up having lunch and a shower. It was magical.
    16. My husband tried to cancel the ambulance when he realised she was crowning as he was excited to deliver her at home.
    17. I wish I spent more time reading. I particularly enjoy travel novels, fiction and non-fiction.
    18. I love spending time painting with my 4yo, especially on Fridays.
    19. Red is my favourite colour. I wore red Thai silk to my wedding.
    20. I’ve always thought pink was an insidious colour. Of course my 4yo LOVES pink and I too have come to embrace it now.
    21. I don’t really like talking to anyone before about 9am in the morning.
    22. As I write this, my 4yo is sleeping and my husband is playing the guitar. He is self taught, in honour of his uncle who recently died from stomach cancer in Italy.
    23. I take inspiration from my parents who provide inspiration on how to be kind, generous, calm, adventurous, balanced people individually and as a couple.
    24. I escape from my life one weekend a year to reconnect with my sister (away from kids and husbands). She lives in Melbourne. We go somewhere new each time.
    25. We only allow certain family and friends to babysit Miss 4yo.
    26. I can’t believe that she starts prep next year. The baby is gone, the toddler is gone. But there is definitely a little girl in my house who still crawls into my lap and into my bed and she is a joy.

  5. gravatar for Maartje Maartje

    Hi Georgia! I’ve been reading your blog since a few months and I just LOVE it. Everytime I wanna reply.. but then I don’t do it and I don’t know why. So I just do it now. I like this 26 thing. I loved reading yours! Happy Birthday.. better late then never!

    1) I love the fact that you guys are so ‘colourful’
    2) I’m born in The Netherlands, living in South Africa.. went after the love of my life!
    3) I think Florin is almost the same age as my baby-son Hanno, he is born 26 September 2013
    4) I’m 21, married on 19, had 2 miscarriages and some people think that’s really stupid, so young etc etc.
    so I love it that you are also a young mom of 3!
    5) I’m still breastfeeding.. and I’m proud of that. Didn’t know I would make it till now ( lot of mastitis). But I will quit after I come back from our trip to the Netherlands. But it hurts thinking about it. I love it.. like you described it once, his little hand tickling over my skin and his smile when he stops drinking, only to stare at me for a while and then moves on again. But it’s better. Too much mastitis.
    6) I’m creative but I’m too afraid to show it to the world.
    7) My English is not great ;-)
    8 ) I miss my family in The Netherlands. We will go there in a few days, can’t wait! My mom is gonna see her grandson for the first time because she is too afraid for flying. I don’t like the idea that she never will come and see where I live etc.
    9) I hate to make phone calls to strangers. I find it scary. Yup it’s weird.
    10) I’m quite a good painter and drawer, but never do it. I think it’s a pity that I don’t use my talent. I don’t make time for it.
    11) I love secondhand stuff and antiques. Wish I had more money to spend it on little-old-things-with-a-story
    12) I had German lessons in high school for 5 years and French for 4 years, but I can’t speak a word of it anymore.. dindn’t listen very well. I’m ashamed of that.
    13) I wanna travel the world, but no money. But it will always be my dream. Maybe in the future!
    14) It’s dangerous living in South-Africa and sometimes I really wonder why I’m still here.
    15) I think you are a great mom.
    16) I think it’s very hard to get 26 points..
    17) I like singing, hard and ugly.
    18) I’m christian
    19) We don’t have television, never had and never will.
    20) The story of how my husband and I met and how things happend is very special. Sometimes I still think I all dreamed it.
    21) With my baby-son I was 20 hours in labour, but didnt scream one time. Everybody thought I was a hero but I was simply too tired to scream and it didn’t hurt that much.
    22) My son haves the most beautiful blue eyes ever. Everywhere we go, people say me nice things about it. I also have blue eyes and I secretly like it that he haves my eyes and not his dad’s (also very beautiful) green eyes.
    23) I really don’t know why I’m saying some of the points above. Tired but I just want to do this.
    24) I try to eat healthy but I fail big timeeee. Love to bake cookies, trying new sort of cakes etc.. too much sweet. But I don’t really care.. I think life without nice food isn’t a life at all.
    25) My husband is very patient. I’m quick-tempered. I just admire him for being so patient with me.
    26) I think you rock, that you have a wonderful husband and beautiful children, never change.. always stay like this. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It makes me laugh, and so much things I agree with you. Thank you! <3

  6. gravatar for Cristina Cristina

    Dear Georgia:
    1. I looooove your blog
    2. I looooove your babies
    3. I think you should make many more of them because life would be much better. Would you consider it?
    4. I just turned 40 but I feel like i’m still 26, is it bad doc?
    5. I’m Italian but I live in Paris
    6. I have one boy and one girl
    7. I love traveling and miss doing that less often because of my job and kids
    8. I started blogging one year ago and enjoy it a lot
    9. I love sewing, crocheting and making things with my hands
    10. I’d like to make a living out of that. A girl can anways dream right?
    11. I miss the Roman sun!
    12. I wish French people were more open, what’s wrong with you guys, you’re always sad??
    13. I speak 5 languages and English is my favorite, after Italian, of course
    14. I’m not a fan of pasta (really??), except with clams, which I adore.
    15. I could eat mango everyday
    16. Fresias are my favorite flowers
    17. before I die I would like to travel to Argentina and see the whales
    18. I’m strggling…26 is hard!
    19. I’ve set foot on a mountain in the winter for the first time 10 years ago, i’ve lvoed it ever since.
    20. I would love to grow a garden and eat my own vegetables only
    21. I strive to buy organic and do environmental-friendly shopping. Not always easy, isn’t it?
    22. I regret saying things to my children I swore I would never ever say to them. Am I the only one? Parenting is so much more difficult than on paper.
    23. Home-schooling seems quite interesting to me, I wish we could do that in France too.
    24. I have brown eyes and hair, well with some white ones (sigh)
    25. I ride a bicycle and love taking my girl on her back seat with me!
    26. I’m grateful for crossing your blog. it’s such a shoot of positive vibes. Thank you. Bless you and your lovely famiy.
    Cheers Cristina

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Cristina, thank you for your reply and telling me more about yourself. I love your comments so I like knowing some more about you. How clever you are to speak so many languages! I feel a little lacking now. I definitely do not think you are alone in having parental regrets, I think we all have things we regret saying and strive to be better.

      Sending you big hugs across the sea x

  7. gravatar for Paloma Paloma

    Hi, first time I leave you a comments since I started reading your blog that I loove so much.
    1.I’m French born and raise and I live in South Carolina
    2.In November 2011 my husband, my 2yo daughter and pregnant be leave the south of the France, our family and friends to move in SC
    3.I was pregnant with our 1st daughter when I was a teenager.Give birth at 20
    4.We have 3 amazing daughter.Callie who will be 5in august, Cleo who turned 2in march and Tia who is 8months old. (I discover your blog at the end of Tia’s pregnancy and was hoping we share birthdays but i was early and you were late! Lol)
    5.i’m the oldest of 3.my husband was an only child
    6.I’m hoping that hubby will change is.mind and accept to have more babies!
    7.I’m lucky enough to be able to stay home and raise our kids.I tried homeschool with the oldest but homeschool is not her thing
    8.Since I discover your blog I want to go to Australia even more than before
    9.I’m a hippie mama and your blog help me to convince hubby for lot of parenting “look it’s not weird to share a bed with your kids, no we will not be the only one look at that blog!”
    10.It’s crazy hard to find stuff to say!
    11.I have 2 tattoos and i realize I was inked after each birth and I need to have an other one soon.I have stars and the Disney princesses.I also have 2piercings
    12.as long as I remenber I always wanted to be a mom
    13.I have a big personality and a big mouth, no in between for me people love me or hate me
    14.I’m a really fun person, I love laugh and make people laugh
    15.I miss my family and friends a lot but I’m happy that my kids have that opportunity to see somewhere else
    16.I’m glad How I meet your mother is finally over! Come on this kids waited for 8years to know the truth and it ends like that!!! No way!
    17.I’m a big tv shows fan Ncis, Drop Dead Diva, White Collar….
    18.I think I love my little pony as much as my 5yo
    19.Barbie aren’t allowed in my house because you know bad image of the girls body blah blah blah but when I was young I had tons literally tons of Barbie
    20.we try to eat organic but damn! Wendy’s is sooooo good!
    21.I have really hard time falling asleep since I was little but I did hypnobabies for our last birth and they have a sleeping track i’m hoping it gonna works
    22.oh btw I’m 25 hubby is 28 and we meet when we were scouts in France
    23.I love red I have red hair our wedding color were yellow orange and red.red is totally my color
    24.I have a beauty channel on YT
    25.I love flea market and thrift store and buyingbold things my husband love new. We fight a lot about that
    26.Georgia I love you and your family! Flooring is the cutest baby ever (right after mine! Lol) and I would oooooove to meet you!

  8. gravatar for Julie Julie

    I won’t give you 26, (as I am almost 46 I feel a list would be waaaay too long). But I have to agree on the zipper love (I agree on more of your 26) but I love my baby zipper. It is what my eldest, Tamika 21, called my C scar after I had my youngest Jarvis 2.

  9. gravatar for Maartje Maartje

    Sorry Georgia en everyone.. that this is in Dutch.. But this is so cool, since I also live in South Africa and born in the Netherlands.. I just wanna ask her a question.. and my Dutch is better then my English! ;-)
    Hi Debbie! Hope you are reading this..

    Wat toevallig.. nooit lees ik deze comments, maar zat te wachten en verveelde me dus ging ik uit verveling een paar comments lezen. Mijn oog viel op ‘south africa’ en ‘holland’. Ik ben ook in NL geboren, woon sinds 3,5 jaar in Zuid-Afrika.. Ik vraag me af waarom je er voor gekozen hebt terug te gaan naar Nederland? En hoe dat is na (hoeveel?) jaar in ZA gewoond te hebben. Soms zitten mijn man en ik ook een beetje te dubben. Maar allebei de landen zoveel voordelen en ook zoveel nadelen. Als je zin hebt, zou ik het leuk vinden als je me wilt antwoorden.. zo niet ook goed! Groetjes, Maartje

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Sometimes I think I find motherhood sweeter and more painful than I should. Sentimental to a fault. Aching, always aching that my time here, in the back lawn with little naked babies with dimples in their knuckles is ever so fleeting. I think to myself, gosh Georgia, can you really write AGAIN about this? Can you lament a single more time about how fleeting it all is? Really? Yes really, I guess I can.

  1. gravatar for Micha Ciktgaro Micha Ciktgaro

    Hi Georgia! I have been a fan of your blog for a couple years now. I have just adored everything you write and post, but the most amazing things are the videos you make. They are just beautiful and inspiring. Recently, my favorite independent film maker created a movie that reminded me completely of you and all you do. He made a film he wrote with his oldest child, and it really captures childhood like the videos you make. His project is so very close to my heart, I thought you might love it as much as I do. Anyways, if you ever have time, you should go to this website and see the trailer/video explanation, the director is such a nice and brilliant man. I really think you would enjoy it. Well thank you for your time and all your wonderful posts.


  2. gravatar for Julia Jardim Julia Jardim

    We always can and we always will ;-) No worries though, with babies or without them, we have all been there and will be there again, so no one blames you. It really goes by waaay faster than it should. Or it seems faster than it really is, maybe that’s the problem. Either way, and I don’t think you want to hear that right now, but that third baby of yours seems to be growing really, really fast. But I think that’s the way with all third babies.

  3. gravatar for Ann Sherman Ann Sherman

    What a silly thought! ;-) You find motherhood just as sweet and painful as you do, and that’s perfect. And an excellent reminder (to yourself and the rest of us) to enjoy what’s right in front of us while we can. Thank you! Thank you for being wonderfully you and sharing so much of yourself with the rest of us. Its truly a delight, and its a way for me to enjoy motherhood vicariously (as I likely won’t have little ones of my own at this point). Vicarious motherhood is (I’m sure) less sweet and less painful, but still a bit of both. Thank you for both the sweetness and the pain!

  4. gravatar for Tasha Batsford Tasha Batsford

    Do you feel like it is worse this time Georgia? I have always tried to appreciate the small detail of my children’s lives but this time, knowing Miss Olive is my last I am obsessed with every moment.

  5. gravatar for Aubrey Aubrey

    I hope to be a mother someday, and I have a feeling, when that day comes, I’ll experience the same bittersweet emotion you describe as your children grow. Your family is beautiful! Thanks again for sharing.

  6. gravatar for Erin Erin

    But it is just that. You lay your head on your pillow at night and go to sleep but when you wake up dozens of pages have turned in his story and half his first year is gone.

    I just had my first baby. He’s 32 days older than your littlest. Your blog and instagram are currently my addiction. You are posting about things that I and my wee one are experencing. Its nice to read your perspective on florin’s baby hood because it mirrors my sons so closely. Even our birth experices are pretty similar. I’m so glad I found your blog when my son was about 2 mos old. I’ve been insipered by your gentle patenting philospy and I’ve tried to emulate that with my son as much as I can. Some days I fail spectacularly but I’ve still learned to treasure this time with him. To still be grateful for it even as I mourn the passing of his babyness. Hopefully my long novel of a comment makes sense.

    Thank you Georgia for sharing your family and experiences.

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      It makes total sense Erin, thank you, so lovely to read these words and to know I am speaking someone else’s thoughts and I am not just a little loco here on my own <3

  7. gravatar for Georgia Georgia

    Lucky we gave Florin an unusual name, huh? Haha. Thank you for your lovely comment Keziah. Please send me an email with your questions to georgia at documenting delight dot com and I will try and reply to you soon (thought depending sometimes it takes me a while!). Thank you again for your kind words xo

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georgia brizuela-14


Out for an afternoon stroll with his dolly.

Florin seems all too aware of his predicament.

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