What camera & equipment do you use?

My camera equipment is ever evolving but at the moment I shoot on a 5D Mk iii with a 35mm 1.4, a 50mm 1.4 and a 24-70mm.

I also own (but do not often use) a Panasonic Lumix GF1 – most of my early videos were made on this. I blogged about this camera when I was using it as my main camera here – it is a great little compact camera for non-professional work.

I also shoot with an iPhone for personal use. This is my instagram and this is my husband, Errol’s.

What camera should I buy?

There are so many cameras on the market and I find this question really hard to answer as I am by no means a camera expert. I would recommend you going to your local camera store and trying several out to see which one suits you and your budget best. Once you do buy your camera, whether it be simple point and shoot to a full frame DSLR,  I would encourage you to fully learn it’s functions and manual settings to get the most out of your equipment. Great images can be made with the most basic of cameras.

What software do you use to edit your photos & video?

I import all of my images into Lightroom where I can make quick, bulk edits to a number of images before selecting any that might need to be brought into Photoshop for further work. For video I edit in Final Cut Pro.


I am interested in hiring you to document my birth

I am honoured that you would want to trust me to document such a special time for your family however I am not taking birth clients on at this time given my family commitments.

Do you offer mentoring sessions?

Yes, I do offer limited mentoring sessions (resuming in early 2014), please send me a message if you’re interested in finding out more.

I would like some parenting advice on _____

Thank you for trusting me to give you some advice in your parenting. I am, however, only just fumbling along in the dark myself. What we do works for us so I would feel remiss to give advice to anyone else as every family dynamic and child is different. I am not a parenting expert and I think there a lots of incredible sources of information elsewhere on the internet.

What baby carrier should I buy?

The one that fits you and your baby comfortably. I started babywearing using our Ergobaby which I love and we used daily for 3 years. We now also use Tula carriers which are incredibly comfortable and sized in either standard or toddler which means we can keep wearing our 3yo. If you search locally you should be able to find a babywearing group where you can test out a variety of carriers and decide what is most comfortable for you and your little one.

How do you run a blog, a facebook page and a business while being a mum?

By neglecting the house work ;)

In all seriousness, I don’t watch TV, I stay up late, I take afternoon naps and I have an incredibly supportive, helpful husband whose work hours mean he is at home with us able parent with me most of the day. My work is very flexible around my family and because I love doing what I do, I make time to do it. I am also really good at multi-tasking ;)

I would like to offer you a product to review, guest post or advertise on your blog

Thank you, send me an email!

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