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This year I have had the honour to work for a number of companies which I love and one of the funnest jobs was working for Tula Baby Carriers. After we started using our toddler Tula last year I developed a relationship with the business owner, Ula who I cannot tell you how much I admire. I was so happy when she asked me to create some videos to represent baby wearing and the Tula brand. This year with our conscious move to be more aware of where and how we spend our money, supporting a mama-owned business has been a joy to me. It helps that I absolutely love our Tula and it’s easy to promote things you love ;)

Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 9.40.40 AM

In honour of World Babywearing Week I thought it would be a great time to share this video and I hope you enjoy it! It is one of a number I made for Tula and you can check the rest out over on the Tula Facebook Page as they are being shared throughout baby wearing week!

TULA BABY CARRIERS from Tula Baby Carriers on Vimeo.


I am also giving away the rainbow Tula (pictured above) in standard size on my facebook page so check it out!

  1. gravatar for Nelly Nelly

    Hi Georgia
    Just wonder g if you found a dog for your Tula video idea. I pm’d you on FB and meant to follow up but forgot. In case you haven’t and you didn’t see the pm, as my mum is a dog trainer on the Sunnie Ciast and works at an animal refuge. She said she can find a dog for you to film and she even knows what a Tula is ;-). Email for the number if interested.

  2. gravatar for Chin Ting Chin Ting

    Love the video Georgia!! Nice work!! (and congrats on the littlest delight- he looks absolutely scrumptious!)

  3. gravatar for Rabya Nadir Rabya Nadir

    Georgia! Hey! I love love love your blog! Keep up the amazing work! I just had a baby girl ALHUMDULILAH! I started following your blog while I was expecting her…. Your comments, pictures and blogs made me look forward to mommy hood! As people tend to scare us when we’re about to begin this journey.. You have given it such an positive outlook.. Thank u! Love you for it! Keep up the good Work! Hopefully u’ll reply.. And I can stay in contact with u!

  4. gravatar for Jackie Jackie

    I no longer have a Facebook :-/ is there another way I can try to win the rainbow Tula carrier? With my baby turning 10 months today, I will need a toddler carrier sooner than I realize! (We are a stroller free family!)


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Parent Prep

Sometime ago I was contacted by the lovely Rebecca from Parent Prep about coming down to Melbourne and creating a little video to represent her services. Rebecca, a registered nurse, runs Parent Prep which is Melbourne’s parenting preparation, postnatal and settling support and maternity concierge service.

I was so happy to be able to take part in this project and capture Rebecca at work. As she says in the video, so many of us enter new parenthood in isolation and it was so lovely to see all these parents being offered wisdom and support at this special time of their lives. All her methods were very gentle and respectful and I hope you enjoy a little peek at the services she offers.

Parent Prep Australia from Parent Prep on Vimeo.

I wish more parents had access to a service like this… while filming her consultation with expectant parents I was having lots of ‘I wish someone told me that!’ moments. It was a nice refresher for me before our baby arrives.

If you’re in Melbourne or would like to share this service with someone who you think might need it – check out Rebecca’s facebook page.

Be warned, the video includes lots of cute faces like this little beauty, Isis <3 If I wasn’t already pregnant I would have flown straight home from filming this to get pregnant ;)

Parent Prep-48


  1. gravatar for Os Tartarouchos Os Tartarouchos

    Hey! You are doing improvements and changes in your blog, love changes! I want to make them too, but can’t decide/find the time.

    My third is 9 months old today, and I can’t get out of my mind I’d like another one… but things are getting difficult around this parts… I think I will never ever loose this “I want a baby” feeling.

  2. gravatar for Lora Jordan Lora Jordan

    Love this video, as I do all your work Georgia. :-) My only other comment is that (at least on my Mac, the music is louder than the audio. Don’t know if it’s the same on a PC but it made it difficult for me to hear what was being said.
    Oh, and I agree with you, that knowing how you talk about loving babies, if you weren’t already pregnant you’d be getting that way asap after spending time with these adorable babes. lol

  3. gravatar for Alice Alice

    I love this! What a beautiful film about a beautiful service filled with footage of beautiful babies!! I wish I had gone to something like this before I had my little ones. Lovely work.


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Love Carries On // ergobaby

As I’ve mentioned before – this year my love-affair with our Ergobaby carrier was able to blossom into shooting some imagery for Ergobaby.  It is so wonderful to be able to work for a company producing a product I really believe in and to photograph something that has given us so much joy (and all the parents & babies I photographed wearing it!).

This time I was shooting images a little different to last time. I have had so much fun shooting this set of images for their latest campaign ‘Love Carries On’ and was even lucky enough to meet their community manager, Christina on my brief layover in LA in April. Work isn’t work when it’s fun and these were so much fun to shoot.

You can see some of these images in use over on

Ergobaby lovers – keep your eye out for an exciting #LoveCarriesOn contest starting soon and start tagging your instagram photos!

3GeorgiaBrizuelaEarth010laughGeorgiaBrizuela015 iggyGeorgiaBrizuela051iggy2 GeorgiaBrizuela097 iggy6 GeorgiaBrizuela080 GeorgiaBrizuela075 sophia1 GeorgiaBrizuela070 GeorgiaBrizuela068 iggy3 GeorgiaBrizuela033 ollie2 GeorgiaBrizuela004
“And so Iggy, how was your first time modelling for Ergobaby?”
  1. gravatar for Talia Talia

    We are seeing SO many Ergos here in Tokyo! Such a nice change from everywhere else we visit where we are baby wearing weirdos! haha!

  2. gravatar for Rhiannon Rhiannon

    These are stunning images, the lighting is perfect! I’d love to know if any of these lovely mummas have blogs or instagram? (I do follow heatherbell on IG) xx

  3. gravatar for Sara Sara

    I LOVE the different attitude conveyed here than the majority of what you see in mama/baby pictures. your work is amazing and inspirational as usual, but these are especially so for me.

  4. gravatar for Julie Julie

    Ahhh, these make me feel sad. Our baby carrier got stolen two week-ends ago while we were visiting Sydney. I feel lost with out it. But amazing images.

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Welcoming Theodore

(best in HD)

Recently I spent nearly 2.5 weeks in Tennesse documenting the home birth arrival of a little chubby boy into his warm-hearted family. What an honour I have to be entrusted into such intimate times in peoples lives, seeing hearts unfold as a new life is welcomed. Finding that love & family are so very much the same no matter how far you travel.

This is a special birth video not because I travelled halfway around the world to document it but because it includes three parts, the waiting, the birthing and the welcoming of this sweet boy into his family. It was so special to be able to capture the magic of waiting for, birthing and enjoying a new baby and get to know Amelia and her family – now I feel like I’ve left some of my heart behind in Tennessee.  This video is a little longer than my birth films usually are but it’s worth the little sit down with a cup of tea to watch and enjoy.

As always, I am honoured by Amelia’s openness to share her video & images from the birth of her sweet little boy with you all too.

Theodore Solomon

April 8th 2013

9lbs 9oz

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  1. gravatar for Laura Laura

    That was soooo unbelievable beautiful! Thank you sooo much for sharing! I cannot wait to do my first underwater at home birth! God bless!

  2. gravatar for Alexa Alexa

    There arent enough words to describe how beautiful this video is! I am not a mother yet but someday planning to do a home birth and excited about those possibilities! It is videos like this I truly believe that make it seem possible. There is so much scrutiny out there for home births and the risks, I am so glad to see more things like this! What a GORGEOUS documentation of such a beautiful thing!! As a photographer and as a future mother I LOVE THIS with all my heart!!

  3. gravatar for Moira Moira

    This was so beautiful to watch. This family is simply gorgeous. You are so very talented! If you have any plans to be in Chicago April/May 2015……please let me know!

  4. gravatar for Kelsey Foster Kelsey Foster

    My husband and I just watched this video. We are going to be welcoming our first child in December and we plan on having a homebirth. This video was so amazing and reassuring that we are making the right choice. This is such a beautiful family, and such a wonderful job was done in the making of this film! I cannot wait to meet our little boy in the comfort and safety of our home. This film just makes me so happy, there is just so much visible love in this family!!! <3

  5. gravatar for Victoria Victoria

    I too have just stumbled across your website, and your video has made me cry, what a beautiful moment captured forever x

  6. gravatar for elaina elaina

    oh my goodness! Just gorgeous! I stumbled upon your site and watched the birth and cried through the whole thing! Thank you for sharing!

  7. gravatar for Ella Ella

    Thank you so much for this beautiful video. Is Amelia british? She sounded like she had an accent. Also, how long was her labour from active labour until the birth? It seamed fast but maybe it was the editing. Thanks!

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Images for Miou

As I’ve mentioned before I’ve been a busy-bee lately trying to squish as much work in before I take a long-awaited break to welcome our third baby into our family. I am planning to take a long maternity leave to just enjoy being a new family of five so have been getting as much done as possible before then. I’ve got a few posts to share of what I’ve been up to photography & film wise.

These are some images I had the pleasure to shoot of a gorgeous kids knitwear range called Miou. They are Canadian company producing  fair trade knits for kiddos. Supporting fair-trade has been something that has been really important to me lately (as I wrote about here) and so it was lovely to be able to provide Miou with some imagery that reflects the quality and love knitted into each little piece. Our children do not normally like to wear woollens but these were made of 100% baby alpaca wool so they are super soft and durable. The kids were actually (surprisingly to me) delighted when I said they could keep them after they modelled for me!

20B3A01410B3A97540B3A965930B3A969150B3A96940B3A98070B3A97330B3A97340B3A97880B3A97650B3A98340B3A9817 10B3A00340B3A0074Miou0420B3A99660B3A99310B3A98680B3A9958

Hope you enjoyed the images of this beautiful evening we spent photographing and enjoying one of last days of Autumn. Winter is on her way and I am particularly looking forward to lots of snuggling!

  1. gravatar for Emily @ The Beetle Shack Emily @ The Beetle Shack

    Truly stunning images of fabulously lustworthy knits! Having JUST welcomed our 3rd baby into this magical world, I’m so excited for you and all the wonderful changes that are upon your family! May the heroic hormones flow strong and long.


  2. gravatar for Shabana Shabana

    breathtaking as always Georgia. I hope there comes an opportunity when we get to cross paths. You’ll get the biggest bear hug ever from me. It has been so wonderful following your blog these past few years.

  3. gravatar for Maria Maria

    These images are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them!
    I found your blog through the road is home (I think), and I must say I feel a kinship with you and what you write about. I’m from Norway, I live on a farm with my three kids and husband, and a bunch of animals. We’re doing up the farm which has been unloved and desolate for a long time, so our life is all about that – loving our home and each other, trying to be self sufficient with the resources we have here (which of course is difficult with Norway’s short growing season). I am a film teacher of profession, in maternity leave right now, and I’m thinking a lot about how to not have to go back to work for somebody else, but to be my own boss and work creatively and independently. You are an inspiration!
    Love, Maria

  4. gravatar for Preeti Preeti

    These are such beautiful set of photos, loved the way you have captured the light in each and every picture. Your kids are so so adorable. Have a great week ahead. :)

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