About Our Family

We are a little family of four who live in Brisbane, Australia.

We started out just Georgia & Errol but as these things happen when best friends wed, we were soon joined by our daughter, Priya. We decided to follow our dreams and live on a converted bus, driving around the country like wonderful gypsies. This plan involved money and a license we didn’t actually have so we lived on the bus in a stationary state and it was wonderful regardless (admittedly more magical in memory than reality).

Expecting our second baby, Theo, we decided to cave to the standard of ‘normal’ living and moved to a little house in suburbia.

Errol works for Queensland Rail telling people to keep behind the yellow line and, between keeping my children out of the pantry, I get paid to take photos.

Fighting the feeling of unremarkableness that looms over us in our little brick house we cuddle our children extra tight and bring to you our mission to document delight.

Contact Us: Georgia @ gregariouspeach . com

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