our family

Hello, thank you for visiting our blog!

We are the Brizuela (bris-way-lah) family and we’re currently located in Brisbane, Australia.

Family 1

I am Georgia and he’s Errol.

I take photos, film & write and he works for the railway.

We have two children and one still baking.


Our eldest is Priya, she’s five.
She’s maternal and rhythmical and enjoys walking a fine line of cheeky and delightful.
We often call her Peach.

Then we have our son Theo, who is 3.
He’s gentle yet wild and enjoys pulling our house apart bit by bit.
He has an amazing sad face and uses it wisely.

The little boy in my belly is still a mystery to us and nameless at this stage.
So far he likes me to eat chocolate and kicking me in the ribs.

We’re busy capturing the delightful and sharing it here.
Often this is in the form of a photo-a-day project with our children.
Sometimes you’ll see the delight of our clients and friends.
And sometimes…it’s just not delightful at all (because we’re real people, just like you).

If you would like to hire me for photography or film, please connect over here

If you have a question, please check the FAQ’s page.


These family photos were taken by my talented big sister, Hailey Bartholomew.

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