Judah Justus // a midwife supported hospital birth


This is the birth video of one of my favourite babies, my nephew Judah. I can’t tell you how special his mama and his family are to me. His grandma was the reason my parents got married and in the years spent living with Judah’s mama I came to consider her my ‘adopted’ big sister. I can’t seem to find the right words to tell you how proud and honoured I was to be present to watch this incredible woman I love become a mother.

Here is her video.

As always, best to watch in HD if you can.

On the first day of this year, I woke late and my phone had died overnight. I wasn’t on call for a birth and had stayed up far too late the night previous. Sarah was expecting her first baby though and we had loosely agreed that if I was in the country when she went into labour, I’d be there to document it. Her due date wasn’t that soon and I was heading off to New Zealand in a couple of days. I didn’t think I’d be able to be there for her and I was feeling crushed.

When I charged my phone up that morning to find texts from Sarah’s husband letting me know a baby was on it’s way I was out the door before I could fully locate my shoes. Though I may have parked the car like Ace Ventura and looked a little disheveled on my arrival I made it to our little local hospital and was so honoured beyond words to watch this wonderful woman who I adore become a mother. I could not admire Sarah more. I am the proudest to witness her become a mama in this short midwife supported hospital birth. Sarah would like to assert that it wasn’t that “short” to her, haha.

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  1. gravatar for Natasha Batsford Natasha Batsford

    You were in NZ and I didn’t get to buy you a coffee?!?!? Oh the humanity!!!!

    Amazing video, BTW, gives me baby fever in the worst way … for about five minutes ;)

  2. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    Thank you again Georgia. This video is probably my most prized possession. I love it and I am so grateful for you!

  3. gravatar for Josey Josey

    Fantastic, beautiful video as always. I love the look of awe on her face at 1:53! Birth is so powerful and beautiful and amazing.

  4. gravatar for Lori Lori

    *tears* Beautiful! You’ve been missed! Nice comeback with this incredible video!


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