Alfie & Nina Swimwear

Well, I’ve been a little more than slow in blogging these but better late than never, right?

Last year I had the pleasure to take some photos of the gorgeous swimwear by Australian label Alfie & Nina.

Here are some photos I made for them.

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Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-28
x Georgia

8 Responses to “Alfie & Nina Swimwear”

  1. gravatar for Jessica Jessica

    Aaahh! Those tones!

    The sandy brown against those gorgeous blue/grays and reds? <3

    Beautiful photographs Georgia.

    They make me want to make some babies solely for the purpose of buying them bathers like these ones.

    Also, as an aside, how much have they grown!

  2. gravatar for Sarina Sarina

    Woow, I love this photo of Priya where she is sitting in front of Florin. The photos and the swimwear is very chic.

  3. gravatar for becky mcintosh becky mcintosh

    I sent my mum the link to Alfie & Nina and said a rashie would be nice for Christmas for my littlest one. Couple weeks later she told me she’d nearly bought a rashie from Aldi for him but not sure if I still wanted one… oh mum its not quite the same ;)

  4. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    Ehm…can we talk about Florin for a second? Oh my! Cutest baby ever. His everything is still so small!

  5. gravatar for JoWebster JoWebster

    I feel so lucky to have had you photograph our swimwear range. When I first started making swimwear we had a strong focus on protection. Although it would be totally gorgeous if babies could roam our beaches naked, in reality, in Australia if you are on the beach for any length of time, you need to be covered. We are also very aware of protecting kids innocence too and try to make our swimwear appropriate to their age, which is why I think your photos are so fantastic. You have captured your kids playing and being free, not posing. We are all about kids enjoying nature, exploring and discovering. Thank you.


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