Welcoming Theodore

(best in HD)

Recently I spent nearly 2.5 weeks in Tennesse documenting the home birth arrival of a little chubby boy into his warm-hearted family. What an honour I have to be entrusted into such intimate times in peoples lives, seeing hearts unfold as a new life is welcomed. Finding that love & family are so very much the same no matter how far you travel.

This is a special birth video not because I travelled halfway around the world to document it but because it includes three parts, the waiting, the birthing and the welcoming of this sweet boy into his family. It was so special to be able to capture the magic of waiting for, birthing and enjoying a new baby and get to know Amelia and her family – now I feel like I’ve left some of my heart behind in Tennessee.  This video is a little longer than my birth films usually are but it’s worth the little sit down with a cup of tea to watch and enjoy.

As always, I am honoured by Amelia’s openness to share her video & images from the birth of her sweet little boy with you all too.

Theodore Solomon

April 8th 2013

9lbs 9oz

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    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Hi Whitney, the lady in the red shirt who is supporting Amelia does aromatherapy and brought essential oils to help Amelia in labour. I cannot speak highly enough of how effective they were. Amelia had a history in her previous labours of being ill but every time she felt like she needed to be sick she smelt them and the urge passed. She also smelt them to keep her calm and focused. Made me REALLY want an aromatherapist at my labour!!

      • gravatar for Brooke Burton Widener Brooke Burton Widener

        I’m curious to know what main scents she was smelling? I’m due in 2 or so weeks and am thinking about ordering some essential oils for other things I am going to make. Just thought I’d throw those scents in too! Please let me know ASAP!! This was by far one of the BEST videos on birth and the whole surroundings I’ve EVER seen! That is a beautiful family and the mother was one of the most naturally beautiful people I’ve ever seen!

        • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

          Hello Brooke, I’ve checked with the mama and this is what she said re: the oils. Peppermint to stop the vomiting sensation. Wild Orange and a blend called serenity in the diffuser in the living room. There was also something to clear the air in the room where the baby would spend its first day but she couldn’t recall what. Thank you so much for your kind words and wishing you a beautiful birth!

          • gravatar for Talia Talia

            The oils used looks like they are doTerra oils. They are amazing!! So worth looking into for healing and overall wellness. If you have any questions about them you are more than welcome to contact me. :)
            This video was awesome, magical, and heartwarming!! What a wonderful gift. I don’t even know this family but after watching this video feel attached. lol :) Beautiful!!

          • gravatar for Sharolyn Sharolyn

            So interesting about the oils. I was going to ask the same question Whitney. At one point in my labour I needed to pee in order to make some more room for baby coming. The midwives suggested I smell some peppermint oil which we thankfully had close by. I can’t say it actually helped with peeing at the time, but baby came very soon after anyway. I’d be keen to look more in to aromatherapy in labour and birth. Thank you for sharing Georgia, and thank you Amelia for allowing us into your story too. So precious!

    • gravatar for chelsea chelsea

      Omg these photos are beyond amazing I literally got tears in my eyes.

    • gravatar for Stephanie Stephanie

      OH. MY. GOODNESS. That was definitely the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Probably on the topic of birth, or otherwise! I just had my third baby – also a home birth and also in water – 6 days ago on the 31st. So it’s no wonder that I watched most of that with tears in my eyes! Georgia, you captured it all so perfectly. The love, the light, the beauty & tenderness. The fact that the dryer was probably going to warm towels & such for the birth, and water boiling to heat the tub. And the way that the air is just swollen with love in anticipation of baby’s arrival. Mama is glowing, the kisses and snuggles are never-ending, and the light – oh, so much light! What beautiful, beautiful work, Georgia! I’ve never seen anything like this before. But I plan to check out your other pieces now, and to forward this to practically EVERYONE I KNOW!! I must echo what another viewer said in saying that you are a champion for natural birth, and what it’s really like. This video should be a pre-requisite for any aspiring parent, and the medical/birth community at large. This is the way it was meant to be! We were created to have babies like this! And your creativity captured it magically. God Bless You, Georgia. And Amelia’s whole family, too!!

    • gravatar for Michelle Michelle

      This is truly beautiful. Can I ask what the first track is ? ( it’s a female vocalist?) So pretty x

  1. gravatar for Katrina Katrina

    Everything about this video is perfect. I cannot get over how amazing your filming and documenting of births really is Georgia. And what a beautiful family. The light in their home, the love between them all and the pure beauty in each and every one of them. I love this so so much….can you tell? :-D

  2. gravatar for summer summer

    Once again you have blown me away with what you can do with the camera. That was simply lovely! And what a beautiful family. That Mama was beautiful and her birth looked so peaceful. Thank you for sharing! I wish you lived in the states because I would love for you to document my family in some way. :) Love what you do!

  3. gravatar for melissa severo melissa severo

    OH MY GOSH.. this is nothing short of incredible.
    What a beautiful Family and a beautiful vídeo.
    As you said,You were so Lucky to have been entrusted into such an intimate time in their life, but they were so incredibly Lucky to have you there to document it so beautifully.

  4. gravatar for Janelle Wind Janelle Wind

    WOW, that was AMAZING!!! What a most precious and priceless gift you have given this family. I can barely see through my tears to write this comment, I was so moved by this. Little Theodore was exactly the same weight as y Jasper was at birth and that was 11 years ago now. I didn’t have anyone to capture any of the precious first moments of us meeting our son, the memories just live in my heart. I am certain this precious family will treasure this movie more than you will ever know. Thank YOU for sharing your talents with us too xx

  5. gravatar for Arianna Arianna

    So incredibly beautiful. I was in tears watching the video. Incredible!

  6. gravatar for Amanda Amanda

    I simply adore Theodore !
    What you do with a camera is incredible Georgia .
    Had me bawling my eyes out , just precious xx

  7. gravatar for Azerina Nina Fanetti Azerina Nina Fanetti

    Dear Georgia, you are a true inspiration. I love seeing life through your lense.

  8. gravatar for María De Jesús Giosa María De Jesús Giosa

    You bring me to tears, Georgia! You share so magical and unrepeatable moments with your art…you have the perfect job! A new life in this beautiful world…so happy for that family! Hope we´ll be blessed soon too! And again…simply great!

  9. gravatar for Toni Powell Toni Powell

    Wow, you did such a great job of that g, you rock! Theodore is stunning, the film moving and lovely.

  10. gravatar for Brittany Brittany

    Simply beautiful! You have a gift, and I couldn’t stop watching. I love all your work and it always brings tears to my eyes! Capture such emotion. Thanks you for sharing x

  11. gravatar for m.b. m.b.

    So incredible! This pregnant momma is bawling her eyes out, in awe of it all (and I know it’s not just my hormones!). You do great work. What a precious family. Watching your videos always inspires me.

  12. gravatar for Lisa Warner Lisa Warner

    Thoroughly enjoyed every moment of that, you are very talented. That mothers smile was the best ever.

  13. gravatar for Kyra Kyra

    Ive been waiting for this! Beautiful, my 2yo daughter & I just watched & loved it….. beautiful family & beautiful work Georgia.x

  14. gravatar for Clara Aram. Clara Aram.

    Georgia, your photos are full of love and true feelings. These photos are so beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  15. gravatar for Emilie Emilie

    I am a blubbering mess!!! What an amazing and beautiful mama, supportive hubby, doting and protective big sister, gorgeous and cute big brother, beautiful and perfect little babe, amazing birth, and an all-together-inspiring, lovely family. Thank you to Amelia for being so awesome and sharing this with us! I feel honored I got to watch that, thank you. Georgia, wow, just wow – you certainly are incredible at “documenting delight”. Now to wipe my tears and gather myself! :) xx

  16. gravatar for Amber K Amber K

    No wonder people are willing to fly you half way around the world, what you produce for them is magical, real and unbelievably beautiful. The three parts tell a gorgeous story, one that you feel you are part of as you are watching.
    You have an incredible gift Georgia. Thank you to you and the birthing Mama for sharing this footage with us.

  17. gravatar for Hanna Johnson Hanna Johnson

    BAWLING my eyes out & made me so excited for my second birth in October. You are such a lovely photographing & capture the very essence of love & family

  18. gravatar for Rachael Rachael

    So fantastic, you did a beautiful job and what a wonderful treasure for this family to look back on in the years to come. How cool will it be for Theodore to watch his own birth and see the love surrounding him as he was welcomed into the world. Jackson watched this with me and he said, awww, I like that baby movie. Well done!

  19. gravatar for Breanne Breanne

    The most beautiful video yet! Cried the whole time!
    Just amazing! Think I’m going to need to hire you for my own birth!

  20. gravatar for Alanna Alanna

    Oh G!!! You did an amazing job!! I love this and was so excited to finally see it! So beautiful and just wonderfully put together. xxxxx

  21. gravatar for Amanda Keeys Amanda Keeys

    I told you this already, but you have the most incredible gift. And of course, Amelia and her family are just completely stunning of course (Amelia you looked so calm through it all – incredible) but the way you see is just… wow. Totally bawled my eyes out :)

  22. gravatar for Elle Elle

    My most precious aim of late is to be a mother. My love and I talk about it often and I quite literally can’t wait. Obviously the one scary part of it is the labour but since watching your videos, yes I know it will be the hardest thing I ever have to do but gosh I am so at peace with it. My friends scoff when I say I want a home birth but oh my, the calm and love that shines through your films makes me know I am hoping for the right thing. Thank you not only to you Georgia (seriously, I may schlep the family to the other side of the world when it’s my turn so you can document it) but also, thank you to the sweet families who allow you to post these memories online. They are such a positive influence on the subject of birth, especially home birth. They will definitely be in my armory for when I am being scare mongered into a hospital! Love Elle xo

    • gravatar for Stephanie Stephanie

      Elle – from one mama to another, you ARE hoping & dreaming for the right thing! Don’t let them scare you into the hospital. My first was born in hospital, but my second and third were born at home – just had the newest one 5 days ago! And the experience of being surrounded by the familiar, and laboring & delivering in water, IS so peaceful and SO WORTH IT!! May you enjoy a BEAUTIFUL home birth when your time comes, and may Georgia be there to document it!! ;- D

  23. gravatar for Shane Lawrence Shane Lawrence

    I sit here with Tears streaming down my cheeks !!! Thank you so much for sharing . Wow what an amazing experience !

  24. gravatar for Julie Julie

    This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing!! That girl is the sweetest big sister! Love!

  25. gravatar for miriam miriam

    I definitely have to have the 3rd! :D
    and when I have the 3rd do you want to come to potugal? ;)

  26. gravatar for Sharlene Sharlene

    Oh, Georgia! That was nothing short of amazing! I was bawling my eyes out! Births are always beautiful, but you really do seem to get better and better! Totally wish I had you to document my up and coming birth! Literally could be any day now, and possibly part of the reason why this video just hit home so much. Love it!

  27. gravatar for Mathilde Mathilde

    Georgia, this is so beautiful, there is no word.. thank you for sharing

  28. gravatar for Preeti Preeti

    Your work is breathtaking Geogia. That video made me cry. The picture are so full of love and togetherness. Keep up the great work. May I ask which camera do you use for the video recording? And also if you use any software for editing the picture. The light, tones and texture of the pictures are just amazing. Have a great weekend.

  29. gravatar for Ngaire Stirling Ngaire Stirling

    Omygoodness I cried it was so beautiful – you have a true gift in your ability to capture the soul of a moment- wonderous & amazing!!!

  30. gravatar for Emily Emily

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful family, it brought tears to my eyes this morning (and made me want a third baby!). Your photos are simply enchanting. Perhaps you’ll come to Costa Rica in a few years and document another natural birth? =)

  31. gravatar for Lisa Peereboom Lisa Peereboom

    You are AMAZING! And so is Amelia – she/you actually made me slightly less scared of my second birth – due to happen in five months! What is going through the nasal cannula? Oxygen? Oh my goodness I want to cuddle my newborn too. I love that Amelia can’t get enough of the gorgeous Theodore and just about kisses him to pieces! And the two gorgeous children, oh my! They are simply edible! Must stop writing and watch it all again. Congratulations to you and your family Amelia and thanks Georgia, you totally have found your calling xx

  32. gravatar for Lizzie Lizzie

    Just stunning! So perfect it’s almost unbelievable. Wonderful work and wonderful family!

  33. gravatar for Kimberley Kimberley

    What an amazing video, so heart warming, had me in tears watching. Congratulations to the beautiful family x

  34. gravatar for tRiSh tRiSh

    this is amazingly beautiful, what a great journey!
    and that you came all the way to witness and make it into a extraordinary souvenir is even greater!
    thanks to you and this family for sharing.

  35. gravatar for Charmaine Charmaine

    I am a grandma to be, our baby will be born in August 2013. I loved every second of this video, from the beginning to the end. Amelia is an amazing woman and mother, the entire family is soooo loving, I love the kisses they share and how they touch and hug each other. The birth was amazing, Amelia is a very strong woman, my heart bled for her when she was in pain and I cried like a baby when I watched this awesome, amazing and beautiful video. It is fantastic Georgia! really superb! What i found really amazing, was Amelia’s face when she saw it was a boy! How nice was that? Everybody nowadays knows what the sex of the child is long before birth, and it seems to me they preferred not to know. I like that. It was like that when I had my children.
    What a loving, caring family, the children are beautiful, the little sister is the sweetest and cutest child! The little brother an angel! Congratulations to Amelia and her family with Theodore! He will be as sweet as his siblings!

  36. gravatar for Ruby Ruby

    Oh, Georgia. These are just stunning. If there is a word that means tender and fierce at the same time, this mama is it. I love the set up of your video. Watching all the love in that family unfold before and after makes the birth part extra special.

    I especially liked the little things you threw in. A pot boiling. The dryer going. A glimpse of how the world continues even though something miraculous is happening just one room over.

  37. gravatar for Veronica Veronica

    This was absolutely amazing!! What a beautiful family they have. Thank you so very much for sharing this special moment with all of us.

  38. gravatar for Natalie Natalie

    So beautifully filmed, I love this so much. Absolutely precious. I love the three parts all together this way, what a wonderful wonderful memory for this beautiful family. Thank you for sharing!

  39. gravatar for Mindy Leone Mindy Leone

    Beyond fantastic work documenting this birth. Moving as usual! I can’t help but to think how this experience might have put you into your own birthing frame of mind(?). This mama was so courageous and tender. It was a joy to watch her process.

  40. gravatar for Scarlet Red Scarlet Red

    Theodore was born on the same day I’ve turned 43 :) I saw this video at 6 a.m. and share it on a friends facebook page and it has been the theme of the day allover portuguese pages. I’m not a mom, I’ve chosen that, but I do recognize the beauty and the pure love when I see it. I can only feel grateful for knowing Theodore and your work.
    You’ve filled my heart with joy. Thank you for that.

    (I’m also in love with the first music but I can’t find it… who’s from?)

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Hi Scarlet, the first song used in this video is ‘Just You’ by Amy Stroup licensed through The Music Bed x

      Thank you so much for your kind words, I am so thankful!

  41. gravatar for Kendra Kendra

    So lovely! I, too, cried through the whole video. You have quite a gift for storytelling. I only wish you lived closer to me! Thanks to the family for sharing their lives. I am hoping my second birth goes as smoothly.

  42. gravatar for Sarah Case Sarah Case

    Wow. You captured such a beautiful story through your lens. Congratulations to you on your accomplishment, and to the family for their new addition.

  43. gravatar for Cecile from France Cecile from France

    Magnifique! Thank you so much to have shared this moments with us.
    3 of my 5 children were born at home, what a precious moments.

  44. gravatar for kristy douglas kristy douglas

    such a beautiful EVERYTHING! what a bunch of blessings all around. Thanks for sharing.

  45. gravatar for Melanie Melanie

    Absolutely beautiful! I had happy tears welling in my eyes. What a great capture of waiting, birth, and after transition!

  46. gravatar for Tanja Tanja

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum kleinen Mann, aber auch zu ihrer wunderschönen Tochter und super süßen Jungen. Ich bin sehr gerührt und weine vor Glück. Diese Video zeigt so viel Liebe und Geborgenheit. Wie ihre Familie harmoniert, dass ist so schön. Wir haben vor fast einen Jahr eine wundervolle Tochter bekommen und ich möchte keinen Tag sie missen.
    Ich wünschen ihnen noch alles Gute, ganz viel Gesundheit und Liebe


  47. gravatar for Audrey Audrey

    Absolutely stunning! I finally had a chance to sit down with that cup of tea and watch it through…magical. Simply magical. Birthing mamas are so lucky to have artists like you, Georgia, who tell birth like it really is. My congratulations & love to little Theodore & his beautiful family. And lots of love for your expanding family too! xox

    • gravatar for Sharolyn Sharolyn

      I have also been holding off watching this until I had time to sit down and properly take it in. And just in time as I can just here my boy waking now. This has inspired me to finish writing my birth story down (only 9 months later…). Love.

  48. gravatar for Hilary Hilary

    Just watched this with my 14mo-old, she always been so interested in other babies/ children – she squealed when she saw little Theodore appear! :) So moving, and of course I teared up… I love to hear (and in this case, see) birthing stories – each so unique. Such beautiful moments, you captured them with great respect and your love for Amelia and her family shows! Stunning work Georgia, and OF COURSE, Amelia! ;)

  49. gravatar for Lisa Lisa

    This is so touching and beautiful. You have captured this story with so much heart. x

  50. gravatar for kate @ livinglovinglaughing kate @ livinglovinglaughing

    just stunning Georgia. This warmed my heart so much, especially as her little duo reminded me so much of my boy and girl – and the she had a boy just like I just did… and extra sweet knowing you are about to have the same gender order too. It felt so warm and familiar, and brought back so many memories of my recent waterbirth. You did an incredible job recording this for her – I am so thankful I had mine recorded now too… it is such a powerful moment to look back on. She looks like the most gentle and caring mama, just sooooo precious.

  51. gravatar for Jennifer Jennifer

    This video is so beautiful. It makes me want to relive my births! What a gift to be able to share in the experience thought this film.

  52. gravatar for Charmaine Charmaine

    What a wonderful “vocation” you have chosen for yourself – I loved Theodore’s video xxx

  53. gravatar for Shayl Shayl

    I got this as a facebook share by a doula I know. This family is so beautiful. The way you captured everything through video and photography is something so priceless. Watching this and seeing the love from this family has made all my fears of having more then just the one little guy I have now vanish. The picture with the mommy and her toddler all snuggled up together with the new baby was so incredibly beautiful and heart warming. I will never forget these images. So well done!

  54. gravatar for Doro Doro

    This video and the pictures are amazing!
    Such a beautiful family and I love how you caught all the precious moments.

  55. gravatar for Kirihannah Kirihannah

    Well done, that was such a beautiful video. My three year old loved it too. I loved the longer length telling more of the story. Big thanks to the family too for sharing it with all of us xx

  56. gravatar for Rowena Rowena

    Amazing… Incredible… Just made my tears fall down, great work…great family… Amazing…

  57. gravatar for Chrystal Chrystal

    Such a stunning video. I haven’t seen Amelia in 7 years but she’s even more beautiful now. xx

  58. gravatar for Manju Manju

    wow…so beautiful!! Made me cry just watching the ‘lil chunka come into the world…and so much love surrounding him. Truly amazing work Georgia…you captured the emotions so beautifully. Must show this to my friend who is due soon with twins.

  59. gravatar for Aldrina Aldrina

    What a lovely and inspiring video! I wish you could travel to Caracas and work here with us! Thanks also to the family for sharing it!. Just a question: what´s the name of the song you use in the beginning?

  60. gravatar for Julie Julie

    What a wonderful video. It’s magnifique (sorry, I can’t find the English word!) So much love in this family. Thanks for sharing!

  61. gravatar for Sunday Surfing Sunday Surfing

    […] Welcoming Theodore, Documenting Delight — I love Georgia’s videos and photos.  Next baby, I want a birth video like this! […]

  62. gravatar for Shira Shira

    one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen. beautiful family, talented photographer. can I know please the name of the first song? I couldn’t find it on YouTube.
    I just wanna say thank you, whoever you are, for make this wonderfull video.
    may god bless you with peaceful healthy life.
    (wish I could be an au pair in this wonderfull family)

  63. gravatar for Bev Kells Bev Kells

    I feel incredibly blessed and humbled to share this very special time with the Soloman family, via this beautiful video. What a gorgeous family! A perfect couple, glorifying the unity of family.

  64. gravatar for Talia Talia

    Good thing I’m already pregnant, or I’d be putting my order in for a new one of these quick smart!! Beautiful video, and beautiful photos, as always!

  65. gravatar for Heather Glasby Heather Glasby

    Oh my goodness… that is the sweetest home birth video I’ve ever watched. We are a home birth family with our 2nd on the way and my biggest regret is that lack of documentation of our first perfect little home birth. You did such a good job with this. Beautiful!

  66. gravatar for Khayte Khayte

    Beautiful. Made my day. Thank you so very much for sharing this incredible journey with all of us Georgia. Blessings and very best wishes to this lovely little family too xxxx

  67. gravatar for Claire Claire

    A truly heartwarming documentary. I love the name Theodore… makes me curious (nosey!) to know the names of the other children…? ;)

  68. gravatar for Cristiane Diogo Cristiane Diogo

    That was truly beautiful! what a loving family and amazing footage. Thank you so much for sharing and making me cry (I send over to all my girlfriends so they could cry too :) Bless you

  69. gravatar for Alice Alice

    What a beautiful video. It is the first birth related video I have watched since Frankie arrived over nine months ago and I had tears almost from the beginning. Now I want another baby!

  70. gravatar for Anna Anna

    I think I’d be embarrassed if I revealed how many times I’ve watched this – it’s so heart warming and beautiful. Georgia, can I ask if you shot all of this with a Mark ii or Mark iii? The quality is amazing.

  71. gravatar for marta marta

    from yesterday i’ve watched “Welcoming T…” so many times… still with tears in my eyes. That is trurly beautiful. Beautiful Family:):):) thaks for sharing it:):D:D:D:D:D. Now I just have to have next child:)

  72. gravatar for Shio Waline Shio Waline

    You have such amazing talent! This was one of thee most beautiful posts/videos on childbirth that I have ever seen! Thank you for sharing this and doing it with such beauty!!


  73. gravatar for Marlo Reyneke Marlo Reyneke

    Oh my! Absolutely beautiful – I can totally understand that you feel like you left a little bit of your heart in Tennessee – I feel like I left a bit of me there just watching such an amazing video!! Thank you!

  74. gravatar for Nancy Nancy

    I’m expecting my third child this summer, and it will be my second VBAC, hopefully. This video makes me giddy with anticipation. Beautiful family, beautiful video. Thanks for sharing.

  75. gravatar for Natalia Natalia

    Film w całej okazałości jest wspaniały. Sielankowy obraz rodziny:-) Jestem pod ogromnym wrazeniem. Z chęcią zaprosiłabym Panią do siebie by Pani stworzyła tak piękny obraz mojej miłości do córki, miłosci mojej córki do mnie. Jestem zapalonym fotografem amatorem… ten film rozbudził we mnie chęc stworzenia filmu z materiałów które posiadam. Dziekuje. :-)

  76. gravatar for Marit Marit

    beautiful. I have no words. You’ve captured everything about birth and a new baby perfectly.

  77. gravatar for Elizabeth Elizabeth

    This video is one of my favorite things, ever. So many beautiful moments captured here. What an amazing family and they were so lucky to have you as their magical filmographer.

  78. gravatar for Saphaëlle Saphaëlle

    First of all, sorry for my poor English, I’m Belgian and speak French.
    Then, thank you from my heart for this movie. Thank you for all that it awakens in me.

    Can you forward my comment to the mother of this video?

    Whenever I have a little blues, whenever I say “Pfff”, “What’s the point?”… I look at this video.
    Basically, it is especially the video of a home birth, but that is not why I watch.
    What I look, it’s this mother who melts my heart.
    His watchful eye, his infinite tenderness, gestures and smiles overflowing with love.
    I’m not jealous, I’m not saying that she is perhaps pretend for the film, I did not say “pfff still a perfect mother”
    I am just carried away by this beautiful film, I look, softened and soothed by this lovely intro music,
    I warm the heart and said to myself:
    “It is this mom that I want to be.
    This is what I want it to reach.
    This is what I wanna be. This is what I will be for my children. ”

    Again thank you …..

  79. gravatar for Talking to Miss E | aluminium Talking to Miss E | aluminium

    […] felt we hadn’t done a brilliant job at it, so I offered to show her a video. I showed her this one, knowing that it was just beautiful and not scary graphic. She was pleased and she kinda of […]

  80. gravatar for Lila Wolff Lila Wolff

    Absolutely beautiful Georgia, you’ve always had a lovely style but this is truly outstanding. Thanks so much to you and Theodore’s family for sharing this.

  81. gravatar for Jenny Jenny

    OMG that’s the most beautiful video I have ever see! I cry all the time I look this video, because it touch my heart! Thank you and the family that you are sharing this beautiful time with us!

  82. gravatar for Kat Kat

    This is the most beautiful thing i’ve ever seen! What music did you use for this? I love it.

  83. gravatar for Yess Yess

    My goodness, that’s the most beautiful video I have ever seen! Amelia, you have a beautiful family :)

  84. gravatar for Julia Julia

    Such a beautiful birth and film – I’ve watched it over and over! Well done :) What is the last song on this? xoxo

  85. gravatar for Stephanie Stephanie

    Wow. Such a beautiful video! I am over here in tears as my two little girls go about playing. What an incredibly special way to document the birth of a precious new family member. Momma did great, I am always amazed at momma’s who handle birth so well. Motherhood is clearly something she was meant for :)

  86. gravatar for Silvia Silvia

    thank you for this beautifully video and big thank you for the family for love and tenderness which one shines

  87. gravatar for Grace Grace

    This was just amazingly beautiful. I was in tears the whole time. Your work in capturing the details for this beautiful family was amazing. Blessings to them and their gorgeous little one!

    I have a question, not sure if you’re able to ask the mama this, but I loved their bed frame and would live to know where it’s from if you can. :)

  88. gravatar for Kathi Kathi

    Hi Georgia,
    this is such a beautiful video. Watching it makes the world to seem a better place. Could you tell me what the other two songs (instrumental) are?


    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Hi Kathi, thank you for your kind words. The music is:
      “Just you” Amy Stroup
      “Always Been You” (Instrumental) Marie Hines
      “Three” (original) Cameron Ernst

  89. gravatar for Ella Ella

    Thank you so much for this beautiful video. Is Amelia british? She sounded like she had an accent. Also, how long was her labour from active labour until the birth? It seamed fast but maybe it was the editing. Thanks!

  90. gravatar for elaina elaina

    oh my goodness! Just gorgeous! I stumbled upon your site and watched the birth and cried through the whole thing! Thank you for sharing!

  91. gravatar for Victoria Victoria

    I too have just stumbled across your website, and your video has made me cry, what a beautiful moment captured forever x

  92. gravatar for Kelsey Foster Kelsey Foster

    My husband and I just watched this video. We are going to be welcoming our first child in December and we plan on having a homebirth. This video was so amazing and reassuring that we are making the right choice. This is such a beautiful family, and such a wonderful job was done in the making of this film! I cannot wait to meet our little boy in the comfort and safety of our home. This film just makes me so happy, there is just so much visible love in this family!!! <3

  93. gravatar for Moira Moira

    This was so beautiful to watch. This family is simply gorgeous. You are so very talented! If you have any plans to be in Chicago April/May 2015……please let me know!

  94. gravatar for Alexa Alexa

    There arent enough words to describe how beautiful this video is! I am not a mother yet but someday planning to do a home birth and excited about those possibilities! It is videos like this I truly believe that make it seem possible. There is so much scrutiny out there for home births and the risks, I am so glad to see more things like this! What a GORGEOUS documentation of such a beautiful thing!! As a photographer and as a future mother I LOVE THIS with all my heart!!

  95. gravatar for Laura Laura

    That was soooo unbelievable beautiful! Thank you sooo much for sharing! I cannot wait to do my first underwater at home birth! God bless!


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