welcomed with love // a homebirth

(If your internet allows it, please watch in HD).

I am honoured to share this little film I documented at a birth two Fridays past. This is a home water birth of a fourth and final baby for this  family.  I was so moved to witness his mama Hannah be supported through her labour and birth with so much tenderness and affection.  I was so surprised to see Hannah happily knitting away when I arrived, trying to finish the ‘girl’ beanie option in time for the birth. Lucky her best friend Amy who had flown up from Adelaide could knit too! Little Cole is welcomed with the love of his mama and papa, each of his proud big siblings, his midwives and his mama’s best friend.

I am the luckiest to document these moments and the most humbled when a mama chooses to share them with you, thank you Hannah.




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  1. gravatar for Wendy Wendy

    Amazing. Breathtaking. Wonderful. You had my children glued to the screen, and begging to watch it again.

  2. gravatar for Jemima Jemima

    Wow Hannah! That was so lovely… My children and i just sat here and witnessed something really magical. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of seeing something so intimate. I never tire of seeing a life begin – Lisa you must love your job!!!

  3. gravatar for Rhiannon Rhiannon

    Oh Hannah….so so incredible. What a beautiful way to enter the world. Just adored Joel’s big smile throughout the whole thing (lucky man!) and the kids surrounding you… such a precious time. Thank you so much for sharing…such a privilege.

  4. gravatar for Audrey Audrey

    Oh my goodness, I am crying tears of joy for that gorgeous Mama and her family – how lovely and wonderful and awesome all at once! Much love xox

  5. gravatar for Julia Cooke Julia Cooke

    Just can’t help the tears coming! I am so so happy they let you share this. So very like my birth with my final baby and I wish I could relive it the way this lovely family will be able to do.

  6. gravatar for Naomi Naomi

    ohh.. a little teary. congratulations, hannah.. thank you so for allowing us into such an intimate milestone in your family’s life. such a beautiful birth, surrounded by so much love. <3

  7. gravatar for Mrs Karen T Mrs Karen T

    Oh my goodness!! Soooooooo much beauty! From that delicious baby to those bigger siblings to the lurrrrrrrvvvveee between mama and papa! Hannah and family, thank you so much for sharing with us. I am teary from the honour xxx

  8. gravatar for Steph Robles Steph Robles

    Truly beautiful and so much devotion from the entire family. Thank you to the family for sharing something very intimate and personal with us. I often wonder what my son’s accidental home birth would like like through the eyes of a camera. Best experience ever! hugs Steph

  9. gravatar for Krystie Lovery Krystie Lovery

    Thank you to Hannah and her beautiful family for sharing such a precious experience. It was so touching to watch. Congratulations on the birth of your sweet angel ♥

  10. gravatar for Kelly Kelly

    Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing moment with us!! Mamma you are a star and you have a beautiful family. Oh my goodness i just can’t help but cry…. So beautiful! Great video as well, i just loved it!!!!Thank you x

  11. gravatar for Meggan Meggan

    Brought tears to my eyes. I had my last baby at home almost 2 years ago and she weaned last month. Watching a video like that makes me miss it all

  12. gravatar for Emilie Emilie

    Hannah, you are an amazing mama to those very lucky children. Georgia, you are very blessed to have your job – this was a beautiful birth! I had tears running down my face from start to finish. A beautiful family. Thank you for sharing :) xx

  13. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    Oh my goodness, just so beautiful and what a gorgeous family! That moment of having your babe in your arms is unbeatable, seeing this brings all those feelings flooding back xo

  14. gravatar for Rebeccca.C Rebeccca.C

    Hannah, you are an amazing and inspiring. Thank you for sharing and documenting delight what a wonderful job you have done in capturing these special moments!

  15. gravatar for Marilyn Marilyn

    Magical,and intimate .thank you for sharing your family and your beautiful birth .i love the touches ,kisses, support in this gentle and yet wholesomely normal experience of birth .

  16. gravatar for winona winona

    if only every soul was birthed into such a beautiful, loving and peaceful environment what a changes world this could be! absolutely stunning.

  17. gravatar for Gill Gill

    Wow… brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful thing for the whole family to share!

  18. gravatar for Jesse Jesse

    I’m crying big sappy tears of happiness for this sweet family over here :) How cherrished this beautiful video will be, Hannah…I’m speechless…

  19. gravatar for josette martin josette martin

    wow so beautiful, its so great to be able to share is some one elses miracle, thank you for sharing

  20. gravatar for lauren inbar lauren inbar

    what a wonderful birth! I’m a midwife and was moved by how a birth can be! Wonderful support strong and amazing mama! Mazal Tov!

  21. gravatar for Selamawit Tesfaye Selamawit Tesfaye

    Omg omg omg this the most beautiful thing ever!!! Am not a mum but seen this just makes me love the fact how magical the experience is… Big congratulation and thank you for sharing your moment…

  22. gravatar for Emily Emily

    I can’t believe people on youtube would report a birth video as inappropriate! It asked me if I was sure I wanted to watch because it had been reported :( Beautiful! My only regret with the births of my children is that I wasn’t able to get videos like this for them. Incredible memories! You do amazing work!

  23. gravatar for Monica Monica

    Just beautiful! I watched this in preparation of my own natural birth and it was empowering. What is the song you used?

  24. gravatar for Tara Tara

    I am 40 weeks tomorrow and hopefully having a waterbirth. Your clip was absolutely beautiful – I cant stop crying. This moment seems so surreal for me yet the reality is its so so close. Thank you for sharing x


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