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Here we are at the end of the project. 366 photos x 2 and we’re done.

Our year documented through good and bad and finally to our very happy hearts as we end this journey and start another. I am proud that we managed to complete another year of photo-a-days and thankful for my families grace and patience for me and my camera. I am glad and relieved that we are at the end and that the energy that has gone into this for the past 366 can be channelled into growing a little someone.

My Theo and Priya, this year has been an adventure and I have been the luckiest to share it with you both. There have been hard times this year – tears and yelling and oh so many messes but I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else’s life. Thank you for teaching me and letting me try to teach you. I cannot wait to watch our family grow and you both to blossom into older siblings to our new little love. Our hearts are full of hope for this life that has joined us, that is growing as a promise of what we hope will be.

Thank you to everyone who has followed the project this year and shared in our day-to-day, it really touches me that so many people find interest in what we have to share.

Now that my final photos for 2012 are blogged, I will be taking a blog & facebook break. I have been experiencing morning sickness and would like to cocoon myself in my family and long naps (and, finishing off some client work!). I will be back in a few weeks renewed and excited to share from 2013 (I have some Film Fridays up my sleeve). I have set some of our final Philippines posts to auto-post and have asked Errol to babysit the facebook page so we don’t drop off the radar (but Errol makes no promises there, ha).

Thank you very much for such a lovely year

Georgia x



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  1. gravatar for Fabiana Garcia Fabiana Garcia

    Congratulations! Beautiful project, beautiful website, beautiful family.
    Love to come here and see these wonderful pictures and the smiles in your faces.

  2. gravatar for Amber K Amber K

    Congratulations on completing another brilliant Photo a Day project! I have really enjoyed following along, especially with your having two children of similar ages to my two. I have felt all those soaring highs and frustrating/angry/messy lows with you ;)

    I adore your photos and the way you put them into context with your wise and thoughtful words. Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us and showing us that when you give out a lot of love, good things can happen :)

    Enjoy your very well earned break from the interwebs. I am pretty sure we will all still be here when you return :P

  3. gravatar for Virginie Virginie

    So happy for you, and a little bit sad, I’m always sad when something I loved finish! Take care of you, and I’m waiting for your back (I’m not sure this phrase is correct!).

  4. gravatar for Maeva A. Maeva A.

    Yesterday, I took your website from the first page and I passed my day to read all your blog. This morning, I jumped on my computer, hoping there will have a new article. Yes there is one but to declare the end of this beautiful project! I’m gonna miss everything ! Come back quickly.

  5. gravatar for Betty Panagiotidou Betty Panagiotidou

    Congratulations for bringing this wonderful project to an end!!! Thank you for sharing all your thoughts, ideas, anxieties , photos! I was lucky last year to come across your blog, and becoming a “delighter”, along with the special photos of your family!!!
    Take special care!

  6. gravatar for Naomi Naomi

    Congratulations on completing this wonderful project; I have enjoyed every minute of the journey you took us on!
    All the best for you and your lovely family, good luck with morning sickness and I’m looking forward to any future posts you have in store for us…

  7. gravatar for Janna Janna

    Every day after school I turned on my computer to have a look at your new photos and posts.. I love your photos and the describtions. You have beautiful and gorgeous kids and I hope we will see more pictures of them growing up, also of the new baby! Please keep us informed and I wish you and your family the best of luck for the future!!

  8. gravatar for Samantha Samantha

    Ahh film fridays are the best news! My little guy loves to watch your “babies” as he calls them when we need a little sunny break from our cold and dark winter days! Rest up mama!

  9. gravatar for Carrie Carrie

    Yay for finishing out the year so strong! Best wishes to you dealing with the morning sickness. I’m pregnant at 15 weeks and happy to have that spell behind me :) Can’t wait to see what the new year brings to you and your lovely family xxxx

  10. gravatar for Katte Katte

    To Georgia and Errol:
    I want to tell you how much I loved, loved, loved viewing your blog these past two months. I wish I had known it existed years ago! I found it when I was google searching Kimbra’s Cameo Lover dress replica and your “thankful for Kimbra” post appeared! It was so nice and cute! So later I also found your channel on YouTube and then I started coming to your blog ever since. Your family is beyond gorgeous not just physically but you guys are beautiful on the inside as well. I think I have already seen most if not all of the Peach archives now I can view the Theo archive in the meantime. Take as a long of a break as you want to! You deserve it (ok ok, not too long please). Thanks again for putting a smile on my face when I was beyond stressed with school work.

  11. gravatar for Lamb Loves Fox Lamb Loves Fox

    Thank you so, so much for sharing your journey with us. You have inspired me (and I’m guessing many, many other people) to start my own 365 project this year. Love you and your beautiful family. Can’t wait to meet the new addition!

  12. gravatar for jessica jessica

    This is my first time posting a comment although I have wanted to many, many times! I found you in 2011 by google searching water birth videos and finding yours with Theo. I have watched many (1000) birth videos since and by far, YOURS IS STILL THE BEST AND MY VERY FAVORITE!!!! I was pregnant for the first time and scared of labor and delivery…terrified actually. But your video completely awed and inspired me and had a miraculous effect on me… I changed to WANTING to give birth and have an experience as beautiful as yours! The love that you and Errol have for each other and then the love that you expressed to baby Theo immediately was the most powerful I’ve ever witnessed! Im honestly not just saying this or exaggerating. I never comment online or say things like this. I guess im doing it now for 3 reasons:
    1) thank you! Thank you for sharing your life and love with us. Thank you for loving your husband and children as passionately and fiercely as you do. Mother Theresa said, “if you want to change the world, love your families.” I believe that and I believe you are doing an incredible job changing the world.
    2) I started crying when I read here that you have another baby living in your tummy already receiving all that glorious love that you have to give. That child is blessed. Your family is blessed. The world is blessed. You guys give me so much hope!
    3) I forgot to say above that I went on to a homebirth water birth everything went beautifully. I watched your video the night I went into labor and carried the images with me to get me through. My baby is now 8 months old and I’m so glad I discovered your blog from the video info because anytime I’m feeling down about the world and all the bad news I come here to see that goodness and love prevails triumphantly! :)

    I hope this message didnt freak out. Just giving you my sincere admiration. I wish I could be friends with you in real life. I live in California so if you are ever over here and need a place to stay, seriously dont hesitate to ask. Your whole family is welcome! Take care Georgia!


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