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My son. My child who blossomed from a baby to a little boy this past year. You give me no end of delight at this age. You also give me no end of panic attacks. These are some little things about you – at 2.5 that I never want to forget.

“Dis tingo” said when referring to nearly anything.


“I no know” with a hefty shrug of the shoulders – said when asked a question.


A conversation at the park while you were climbing the tall rope structure and looking worried.

G: How you doin up there Theo?
T: Dwear wife.
G: Dear Wife?… What?
T: I hold’n on fo dwear WIFE!


“Tank you” said often and many times, including when I put a blanket on you while you are asleep.


The way you look torn between continuing what cheeky you’re up to when I catch you and wanting to stop before I scold you.


When I asked you why you will never wear clothes you shrugged your shoulders and said emphatically “Cause I a cheeky baby!”.


The way you word your dislike for foods “Dis not my favourite!”


Your concerned question before any movie starts to play “Dis scawy?”.


Your face of despair when caught doing something you shouldn’t. Your hands going up in front of your face to motion me back and saying sadly and desperately “Don’ tell Daddy!”.


The way you fully recline while using the toilet, head rested against the back and eyes drooping as you relax.


The self portraits you leave me on my phone with a full face and a satisfied grin at your own reflection.


Your big sweaty, grubby, chubby hands that still reach for mine when you sleep and cross the road.

This age you are in my boy is a delight. Your body still carries some of the chub that has brought you through babyhood. Your belly still round and full and your hips soft to my touch. Each day there is less but it softens the changes you are going through, taking the baby and giving me the boy slowly, slowly, slowly before my eyes. I miss that little baby you were and I will miss that little baby boy you are now but oh, I am liking the little boy you are becoming an awful lot so please keep becoming you, I like him.


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  1. gravatar for Katte Katte

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY! I’ve been waiting for one of these! They are so fun to read and they never fail to make me smile.
    My faves: My dear wife (My dear life hahaha)
    Dis scawy? Oh that’s too cute.
    Don’ tell daddy… hahaha! Are you that scary Errol? bahaha


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