We’ve never celebrated Halloween before – but this year, in our new house, we did! This neighbourhood seems to be more into Halloween than any we’ve lived in before (or perhaps we’re more into our neighbourhood than any we have been in before?). We met the other neighbourhood children out on the street and the parents had dressed up too. I met and talked with neighbours I was yet to meet and the children trick or treated our block. Theo struggled with the concept to stash and save for later, preferring an ‘eat now, get more later’ approach. Peach was happy to eat two and save the rest in a bag to share with her papa and I later. People complimented her outfit saying “oh, you’re a little nurse” to which she’d say shyly “I… am… a midwife”. And brave batman who told me he was going to ‘sab da world’? I carried him home in my arms crying like a baby.


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    You were crying like a baby or Theo was? Hahaha based on the adorableness that are these children, I’d say both.

    Theo looks more and more like you every time I see a new photo of him. Priya looks a little more like Errol but also has her own unique look. Loving the costumes! Hope your Halloween was wonderful!


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