documenting the undelightful

As a photographer I see my life through a certain lens – the pretty lens. When I walk into a new space I am scanning for the best light, for an interesting angle. As a mother I see my life through another lens – the one committed to documenting delight. I scan our days for delightful things, I try and look at the postives of my children, of our day, to keep me in a headspace of gratitude for this time with my children.

Now, when you compile all that together you get a blog of happy photos and lots of words written from my heart. And as a whole – this is how I see our life. I am a romantic, an optimist. And the plain truth is – you find what you look for. When I look back on our months I am happy and contented, my life does feel delightful to me.

But sometimes, like today, when I look back on the day – I want to cry. I have undelightful days, oh, I do.

And I don’t really blog about them because that’s not what this blog is about, right?

Plus, who wants to write about embarrassing or upsetting things that happened to them? They’re embarrassing for a reason.

I’d like to share this story with you because as much as I want to show how delightful life can be – I am all about keeping it real folks! If you’re ever caught thinking “Oh that Georgia and her delightful life – what a facade!” – refer to this post. Blogs often represent the author as one dimensional but let me assure you – sh*t is getting real over here too. I can be the mama who finds parenting delightful and the one who finds it immensely challenging too.

This story is written especially for you mamas so papas, I warn you now … this is a story with womanly woes within so if that will bother you – please stop now! There is too much information ahead. You are warned. 

Okay, so, here is a recount of my day so far:

Errol has some errands to run today and I have some friends to meet up with. I suggested he drop me at the park to meet my friends while he completes the errands. Errol needs to go borrow his parents ute, drive to my sisters house to collect some things and then back to our house to drop it off, then back to his parents to return the ute and then pick me up.  I estimate this will take him 3 hours. The park he drops me off at is near a shopping centre so I can walk over after my friends have left the park if he isn’t back yet. Easy (rookie mistake!).

We are in a hurry to leave the house in the morning as Errol and I confuse the times we each thought we were leaving so I go without my normal bag of change of clothes and snacks for kids. It’s okay I think, I have my wallet – the shops across the road and the kids just had a huge breakfast. Cue to arriving at the park where Theo starts moaning that he’s ‘hungee’. I explain I haven’t brought food but after we play with our friends we’ll walk over to a store to buy something for lunch. Soon enough all my friend’s children are eating their snacks and my children are floating around like unfed orphans moaning “I hungeeeeeee”.

My friends are relaxed and happily give my children some snacks and I don’t feel too bad about being an unprepared mother. We stay at the park till midday which in Australia at this time of year is… hot. Our friends and children leave and I tell the kids we’ll walk to the shopping centre now – where it is air-conditioned to eat and wait for papa. I call Errol. He does not answer.

The kids are tired, ready for an afternoon nap and covered in brown dust from the park. They don’t want to walk to the shops. It’s probably only 100m but in the midday sun and after all the playing they don’t want to walk anywhere. I can no longer pick them up one in each arm and I am without handbag, ergo or stroller. I spy a trolley abandoned in the park and tell them they can ride in that back to the shops. At this point I am feeling all class. I’ve got blood on my dress from where Theo cut his knee, my feet are all dusty from the bark at the playground and I have two tired hot and grubby children using a trolley to be transported from the park. Yep, I am having visions of myself as a homeless person pushing my trolley through the park with my poor homeless children crying in it.

And guess what? Pushing a trolley through grass and over rocks is really, really hard. And people stare.

We get to the store after a much more difficult journey than I expected and I find that I have left my card at home. I only have $12.50 in cash.  This is okay – I can buy something for lunch with that and Errol will be here shortly to collect us. We buy something to eat and I sit down. I call Errol again. No answer.

It’s right at this point that I suddenly think “uh oh… is… that… my period?” How can my period be coming? It’s five days early and Errol and I are going away for our five year anniversary tomorrow! We have never been away without our kids! We never even had a honeymoon! And lets face it – we’d really like to get to have wild sex and I cannot be getting my period right now! I check my iPeriod app. This cannot be happening.

But oh, it is.

And I’ve just spent my last cash and I have no handbag with me. What to do?! Right at this moment Theo starts screaming that he needs to be picked up. That he’s hungeeeeeeee. He interprets me saying “Theo, mama has to go to the bathroom, I need you to walk with me” to be “I am not picking you up” so he throws himself promptly on the floor. Screaming. People are looking. I don’t want to bend down to pick him up because I am concerned about my embarrassing situation and so I just stand there and will him with all my strength to please stand up and walk over to me. Please for all that is good and holy Theo – please oh please do this for me just this once son.

No – he screams more. His little face all red and grubby and my face growing redder to match. Please I beg him, come here and hop in the trolley. More people are looking. I bend as carefully as I can and pick him up. After an ordeal we make it to the bathroom where I find that as far as unexpected periods go the situation is dire. I need to get home and quick. I need a new dress. Quick.

Now, imagine yourself here, squished in a bathroom stall with two tired children and a husband who seems to have forgotten how to answer the phone, no cash and no way to get home. What do you do? You cry. This will help the situation by scaring the children and making you look more of a mess than you already are.

I assess the situation as not being able to be worse than it is but I have no choice but to keep going. As much as I want to, I cannot evaporate into the bathroom floor. Peach has been a trooper this whole time so chooses now to say as loudly as she can “Mama, are you crying because you have blood in your undies?”. I hear a stifled laugh from somewhere else in the bathroom. Awesome. This day is going AWESOME.

There is nothing else to it. I text Errol in desperation as I leave the cubicle and try and hide behind my children until we can find a wall I can stand innocuously against while I try to regain an ounce of composure. He texts me back saying he’ll be an hour. AN HOUR? It’s been four and a bit hours since he dropped me off already.  I cannot possibly keep going for an hour! AN HOUR? Theo is wailing again. I hungeee. I hungeeeeee. I have no more money. I have no more food. I have nothing.

This is one of those times where life with children is infinitely more trying than I ever expected it to be, in that same way that they give me more joy and more delight than I thought possible. They can sap more energy and more… everything than I thought I had . Oh, having a super crappy day? Add two tired children to the mix and you’ll be stretched to your limits of sanity. “Hey mama, I can see you’re stressed out and it’s stressing me out. I am going to scream and wet my pants!”. Parenting ain’t for the faint hearted people. I feel myself stretching, you’re learning something I tell myself. You’re growing. But it’s at those times when you are stretching and strengthening that you do not want to learn anything more. I just want this to all stop. I cannot take anymore!

I just stand there and beg the floor to open up and swallow me. This day cannot get worse.

But oh, it can.

It’s right at this moment I push the trolley (trying to get to the small indoor playground so at least the children can play while I die quietly inside) over a small bump in the ground and my iPhone falls from the child seat it was resting in to the floor to smash into a thousand pieces, along with the last shred of my dignity. Awesome. That would be the same screen I just paid to have replaced for $179. Awesomesauce.

Errol arrives and we travel home in silence. He smiles at me in that way husbands do when wives say they’ve had a terrible day with the children. This smile is mixed with the other awkward smile he saves for when I talk about my period. Women shouldn’t talk about their periods publicly you know? Oh and  – they definitely shouldn’t blog about it!

And then… and then I come home. I’ve calmed down. The children are asleep. I take a long shower. I hop online. And then I’ve nearly finished recounting the woes for this blog post as some sort of catharsis when my website crashes and I lose the last hours worth of writing… Oh why oh why!

So I hop on facebook and post something funny Theo said to cheer myself up and someone on the Documenting Delight facebook page comments to let me know she saw me and the kids out today. At the shops. Yes, this day is complete as my finest one yet!

And why did I just share this all with you? Because the only way I can make this day more embarrassing is to share it with thousands of other people! Ha. Just joking. Actually – that’s true. But the real reason is the next time you’re having one of those days. Those days with your kids when you’re pretty sure it can’t get any worse and that no one else is finding life more than you think you can handle you can remember me and think “well, at least it’s not as bad as that!”. Or maybe it is and then I am raising this glass of wine to you ;)



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  1. gravatar for Errol Errol

    Thank you for that warning. I mean you told me what happened but wow, I think I must have glossed over some bits when I was driving. Um, ice cream?

    • gravatar for jess hay jess hay

      Such a lovely post, so honest. There is nothing worse than getting your period without realising in the worst of places but with two children in QLD summer with no money, hungry kids AND in a busy shopping centre!!! You should be proud you got through that. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed you should feel strong (I probably would have been the one on the ground throwing the tantrum). x

  2. gravatar for Alanna Alanna

    Holyyyyyy CRAP! Oh G! You poor poor woman. What a day. I feel so so bad. I wish I had have been there to help :( Big hug from over here!!

  3. gravatar for Emma Emma

    It’s nice to see people have bad days. We are all human. <3 The undelightful is just as good as the delightful

  4. gravatar for Annie Annie

    Wow, that’s a cracker… a day that can needs wine, a long shower and sharing with thousands of people to gain perspective on. Thanks for sharing your humanness. Hope tomorrow makes up for it, and that you have a fabulous ‘honeymoon’ (albeit sans the wild sex) ;) x

  5. gravatar for Gaynor Anderson Gaynor Anderson

    Holy moly! That is one day to blog about and promptly forget about. Isn’t it strange that a body you think you know so well can turn on you in an instant!

  6. gravatar for kate @ livinglovinglaughing kate @ livinglovinglaughing

    OH GEORGIA!! You poor dear girl!!!!! What a day, indeed. Well, I’ve had some mad days like those (hmmm maybe not QUITE like that one!) and yes it’s crazy to find yourself in such a comedy of errors (or a tragedy, perhaps) that is seemingly without end. Ahhh those moments of motherhood where you think – I absolutely CANNOT go on any further – but then… you just do. Cos there is no other choice! And you did indeed go on today and can even laugh about it and presumably have not even killed your husband so I say ‘YAY YOU’ :) I’m sorry it was such a terrible, no good, very bad day and yes I will indeed think of you and smile sympathetically when I am in the midst of my next one. Rest easy tonight and know the sisterhood has got your back! :)

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Kate, thank you for your lovely words! Yep, you just think you’re going to give up and you can’t keep going… but you do! The mysterious marvelous mama.

  7. gravatar for Gem Gem

    oh Georgia. ive had an awful period experience before too except mine was in a guys car and i bled all over the car seat. ive never been more mortified in my life!!

  8. gravatar for Hannah Hannah

    OMG Georgia – that actually made me laugh with you in sympathy! Hope your weekend away goes just a *wee* bit better than today did :)

  9. gravatar for Alicia Alicia

    Aaah Georgia,
    What a horrible day you must have had. Good thing is the feeling you have when you can finally shower and relax again!
    Hope today goes better for you! :D

  10. gravatar for Chanelle Chanelle

    Hi Georgia, My name is Chanelle and I live in Durban, South Africa – I have been following your blog and Facebook page for a little while now, I ADORE reading your blog posts and seeing the gorgeous pictures you take of Priya and Theo. Many many times I find myself having to stifle a giggle in the office whilst reading one of your posts or seeing one of your pictures. They are simply DELIGHTFUL!

    I have wanted to write to you for ages but I am sadly not nearly as good with words as what you are, so I end up shy-ing away and leaving it for another day! However, this post just rings too close to home not to comment on – thank you for sharing this, even if it is a little embarrassing, these things happen to the best of us, haha and you have just made my day! I am a mommy to a beautiful 7.5 year old little girl and a very energetic 18 month old little boy and WOW somedays are uhm more interesting and perhaps more of an ‘adventure’ than others. Haha :)

    Georgia, you inspire me to be a better Mommy and to devote more time to my children – they grow so fast and that makes my heart so sore. As a Mommy who works fulltime, life tends to run away with me and I often have to remind myself to stop , enjoy my babies and take ‘delight’ in everything they do and everything they are. Thank you.

    Hopefully your day improved and that you managed to find ‘delight’ somewhere (I am pretty sure you did). Thank you for always being so honest and for providing Mommies like me with a form of inspiration to be the best Mommies we can be.

    Tons of luv from South Africa :)

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Hi Chanelle,

      Thank you so much for writing to me and introducing yourself. It is so lovely to know we have a friend in STH Africa! I am really touched by your kind words and to know I am not alone in having a really, really bad day. I am so honoured to read I have inspired you in some way. Blogging is really hard work and it’s comments like yours that make me want to keep going with it. So thank you!

  11. gravatar for Lou Lou

    Not every day is perfect (it’s over rated) ;) lets hope today got all the bad ju ju away so you can have a wonderful weekend away with your love. (And here’s hoping for one of those short miracle 1 1/2 day periods)

  12. gravatar for Leaha Leaha

    Oh G, it is so good to hear I’m not the only one. I am one that takes many days trips out with all three kids on my own and I take the pram and they sleep wherever and im uauall so organised abd its great? but one day my car key broke and I lost it, I wasn’t with rsaq, locked my wallet in my car and was stuck at the shop with $20 and no nappy bag for 6 hours. A new born, 2 year old and three year old. Let’s just say lots of poos and Wees can happen and I cried many of tears and many of times said ‘Justus just stop running away your brother is screaming for milk’. Your story brought back memories of this day.

  13. gravatar for Saraj Saraj

    Oh Georgia, would I be right in guessing that today’s shower would have been one of the greatest showers ever??? Thanks for sharing – it’s always comforting when someone else goes through bad days, and hey, those bad days are the reason why the good days are so exhilaratingly fabulous!

  14. gravatar for Krystie Krystie

    A couple of days ago I was out shopping and my daughter started getting upset. I was holding her on my hip and smelt the reason she was upset. I went and changed her and marvelled that somehow this explosion had been contained in the nappy and her clothes were still clean. Awesome! Many (out in public) hours later I finally got home and took off my top only to discover that when she had been on my hip her poop had managed to seep out the side of her nappy, completely bypass the playsuit she was wearing and smear itself on the side of the back of my top. What a joy it was to realise I’d been walking around all day with poo on my top and no one even told me. And yet, after reading your post, it doesn’t seem so bad any more ;)

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Oh man. Oh that sounds terrible – I am feeling less bad about my experience after reading this. So thank you xo I am sorry that happened to you though! Ugh!

  15. gravatar for Rachel Rachel

    Thanks for that Georgia! I really needed to hear that sometimes others have crappy days too! Hope tomorrow (and your child-free trip!) are glorious despite…well you know.

  16. gravatar for Terri Terri

    I read your blogs all the time. I love them, sometimes I even go back and re-read old ones just to try and understand what it is that compels me to them.but I’ve never felt the urge to comment or post on Facebook until tonight. Your stories are so real! I catch myself smiling when I read them and challenging myself to consider ideas I might not have had before (like midwife kits with placentas-lol… Really would live to know where to find one of those). So tonight I take away the lesson of the bad day- the fact that we all have them, the fact that you can still make someone smile on your bad day, and the fact that sucking it up and getting on with life will mean that I’ll get there eventually. So thank you! Your amazing! X

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Terri! I am so thankful you finally got the urge to comment. Thank you so much. Your words mean a lot to me and really made my night xo

  17. gravatar for C C

    Oh, what a day you had, you poor thing. The things mothers/women go through!! So awesome that you shared, because I swear most of us can relate in some fashion or another. I hope you enjoy your weekend with your husband!

  18. gravatar for Karen T Karen T

    Is it wrong that I laughed out loud??? Like a black comedy kind of laugh…. God, what a day!! This is one of my absolute favourite posts yet! Big LOVE xxx

  19. gravatar for Audrey Audrey

    You are my hero…it may be to soon for you to giggle about it, but you made me chuckle. No, I am not an awful person incapable of sympathy. I had a day a couple of months ago (sans period) where I felt similar. Long story short, I managed to completely loose my sh*t in IKEA at their complete lack of service – during which I may have said the ‘f’ word quite loudly and had a granny loudly whisper about how uncouth I was – then my 6 month old decided he would vomit all over the floor, then as I bent to pick up a spew rag having placed him in the pram he managed to somehow do a flip out of the pram (2 seconds really is all it takes) and land on his tummy with a splat next to his pile of vomit. He laughed, I cried. This all happened in front of the granny & a bizillion other shoppers. I am still traumatized from that day, but when I told my mum she literally was hysterical with laughter.

    I salute you.

    Much love, Audrey

  20. gravatar for Hannah Joy Hannah Joy

    Oh G, this is brilliant!! Not because you had a bad day, that sucks. But because you managed to retell the story in the most profoundly beautiful way and through all the crapness STILL find something to be grateful for. I mean, we all have bad days (umm, maybe not THAT bad…) but isn’t that the whole point of gratitude? Not to pull ourselves from reality to live in a fairytale, but to find the joy and humility and humanity in the worst of our days and find ways to laugh and to share and to see the positive amidst that. So, I’m sorry but you’ve still nailed the documenting delight thing, because you are humbling yourself to be delightful with thousands of people and that is a beautiful beautiful thing. xx

  21. gravatar for Michelle Michelle

    Wow, you almost described the past month of my life, but you managed to squeeze it all into one day! I’m not sure why the universe throws these curve balls at us, but holy crap, it just goes to show how much we can (almost) cope with. Now fill my wine glass to the rim please! X

  22. gravatar for Katie Katie

    Oh my goodness, that story is… Well it’s horrific really! But thank you so much for sharing. I love that blogging allows us to reflect on the beauty and goodness in our lives, but it’s important to remember that the pretty pictures are not the whole story. We all have horrible days, but that’s ok! Without the bad bits, we wouldn’t be able to fully appreciate the good bits :)

  23. gravatar for Laura Laura

    oh man, you’re awesome! I’ll try to remember your bad day next time I have one, I’m sure yours will win!! (I’m deciding whether to tell my husband what I’m laughing about, or whether it’s too much info for him!)

  24. gravatar for Sally Sally

    Georgia, my heart goes out to you! What a tragical, traumatic start the weekend and such an extraordinary story to add to the pages of your family history. You absolutely, totally & unequivocally deserve that glass of wine tonight. Guess that’s what being mother is all about isn’t it – you just have to keep going even when all you want to do is curl up in a nice dark cave :)

  25. gravatar for Tarnya Tarnya

    Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear :|
    Georgia, if nothing else, you have yourself a new benchmark. When things get tough, you can always say “Well, it’s not as bad as that day when I was stuck at the shops with no money and two cranky kids and no sign Errol and I got my period and my iPhone broke.” :D

  26. gravatar for Jetts Jetts

    Oh Georgia, I read your blog often and think mainly these things when reading: your kids and fam are truly delightful, you are wise beyond your years, you have a gift with photography and you have admirable parenting qualities. In saying all of this, when reading your post just now I could sense where you were heading and didn’t want it to happen to you! Other people, blah, who cares what they think. I think for the kids, when they see us come undone a little, it’s actually is good for them. I don’t know why, but I know it happens to us all at some point, to some degree. Blood sweat and tears, hey maybe that could be the name of your shitty days blog!

  27. gravatar for Jetts Jetts

    Hi Georgia, I often read your blog and mainly think the following: your kids and fam are simply delightful, you are wise beyond your years, your photography is a gift and your parenting is admirable. So when I read this post tonight, I could sense where you were heading and I didn’t want it to happen to you! Embarrassment aside, what the shopping centre people think is irrelevant. Maybe it’s actually good for kids to see us when we have moments (and all Mums do) of coming undone in some way. I don’t know why really, but it just is human, you know? Blood sweat and tears hey, is could be the name of a new shitty days version of your blog :-/

  28. gravatar for Holly Holly

    LOVED this post. Thank you for sharing…we all have days like this & it’s so good to know you’re not the only one. I hope you don’t have another day like that one ever! :)

  29. gravatar for Vanessa Vanessa

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite a long time now. I’m more the type to hide in the shadows and not make a mark where I’ve read, but I felt compelled to contribute to your post.

    We all have rotten days. Some are full of rotten things that we can shake off and laugh at the next day. Other days deliver us awful things that take longer to deal with and sometimes live with. (apologies for the vague reference! Recently I’ve had all too much experience with this.)

    One thing I truly believe, and is proved to me time and time again is that you are never given more in your life than you can handle. When you are in the middle of what appears to be the worst moment of your life, it’s very hard to see the forest for the trees.

    But we get through it. In fact, our ordeals prove what strong people we have the potential to be. I just feel this is even more true for parents.

    You are right. Parenting is not for the faint hearted

  30. gravatar for Tee Tee

    You are just awesome. Loved the honesty, and i’m sure we can all relate in one way or another!

  31. gravatar for Kelly Kelly

    Undelightful moments make our delightful moments that much more delightful. I admire your courage for sharing you bad day. I could not have done that. Well done.

  32. gravatar for Jeana Jeana

    I am so sorry! That is a ridiculously hard day! And I thought my life was hard with kids smearing poop everywhere during nap time. I raise this cup of tea to you! (Early in the morning, don’t want to be drinking wine ;) ) Truly an inspiring, strong, brave and beautiful parent! Your kids will definitely appreciate what you have had to go through for them! Have a beautiful day today, and remember, today cannot be worse than “that”. And if it is, all the more respect I have for you and your family.

  33. gravatar for Tonia Tonia

    I love that the first comment is from Errol. Hahaha! Also, I’m laughing, but I’m not laughing AT you. I’m laughing WITH you. I’ve been there. More than once (how does that even happen!?) I live in Austin, Texas, US, and it gets HOOOOOOOTTT here. So hot. Too hot to carry extra bags, even with two little ones. You’re not alone, and that is possibly the most “delightful” moral of this story! hahaha

  34. gravatar for Marizabeth Marizabeth

    Oh my goodness! I admire your gutsy approach to life, Georgia! Not only are you sharing the Day that Could Not Go Right with the world, you are brave enough to add your usual brand of humor to a situation that, at the time, was probably anything but funny. It’s a bit of a relief to know that you all have bad days, too, and yet your family is genuinely happy on several occasions. It makes this upcoming parenting journey a little less daunting… it’s okay to have a bad day, when the core of your family is still appreciation and love. You’re doing it right, lady!

  35. gravatar for Camilla Camilla

    You made me cry in public. Thank you for putting this – our mama days, which are not always all the times just delight – into words. We have all been through that and will be again. That s mamas. That s strength. And smiling at it all after a shower. Coz the delight makes it all worth it. Oh so worth it.

  36. gravatar for Carrie Carrie

    Oh you just crack me up! So glad you survived that long day of unfortunate events! Have a great time on your anniversary trip (even if you are on your period ;))

  37. gravatar for Tara Tara

    Oh, I couldn’t love your blog more right now, having one of those days myself and feeling the worst mother as I hide in my office. This gives me the courage to go back out again!!

  38. gravatar for Alyssa Wood-Tozzi Alyssa Wood-Tozzi

    Oh, you poor thing! What a truly awful day (understatement)! I think it’s wonderful and entirely appropriate to blog about it. Why shouldn’t you blog about an awful day? Everyone is far too sensitive about menstruating – someone should have run up to you with a napkin/tampon and a hug!

  39. gravatar for Alyssa Wood-Tozzi Alyssa Wood-Tozzi

    Uh, I didn’t mean YOU were being too sensitive about your ordeal with your period – no no! I meant the idea of not posting about it or having to warn people about it. Seems so silly we should feel the need to, doesn’t it?

  40. gravatar for Simon Simon

    That “awkward” smile? That’s being proud of you. When you talk about your period? Not awkward. And a sign that sooner or later, wild sex.

  41. gravatar for Catherine V Catherine V

    Thank you! I couldn’t stop laughing … and I’m sorry it was at your expense. But, I needed the laugh … and the reminder both that each isn’t always perfect and that you have to look for the delight. Have a lovely weekend.

  42. gravatar for Katte Katte

    Oh. That does sound like a BAD BAD day… I couldn’t help but laugh at Priya’s question. You’re so real and even though your blog is mostly on happy moments I know that your life isn’t all bliss. We all have days when everything seems to go horribly wrong. The thing is that you laugh about it and you know how to appreciate the rest. Thanks so much for sharing, this made my day(not trying to say I like it when you have days like this)
    AND I also laughed about Errol and his awkward smile. Lots of men seem uncomfortable talking about women’s menstrual cycle. hahahaha

  43. gravatar for haileiy haileiy

    ah man that is a bad day… an awful day! Makes my bad week seem much better. HUGS … you survived and have lived to tell the hilarious tale. These stories go down in history as hilarious awfulness…

  44. gravatar for Kate P Kate P

    (PS I’m the kinda girl who would sacrifice my shame in person and ask a likely looki g stranger for a tampon!

  45. gravatar for Julia Julia

    Georgia, I am writing as a fellow photographer who just found your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your life with us. I loved the most recent photo of your daughter snuggling with her papa, and the ones of your two kids sharing an ice cream cone. They are so precious! This day does indeed sound … not very fun at all, but thank you for sharing it nonetheless—I’m of the belief that it’s really important for women to be more open about our experiences (especially when it differs from men’s) so that we can bridge the gender gaps and confront sexism and violence against women. I in no way want to imply that your husband is either of those things, but I think one step in preventing it around the world is talking about “women’s issues” because they really are “men’s issues” too whether they know it or not. All the best love!

  46. gravatar for Taryn Taryn

    Icecream Errol, and chocolate & everything and anything else she wants!!! Hugs G! Those days are the worst!!! I can so relate to them being what stretches & grows you… But right at that moment you DON’T want to be stretched/ grown! Those are the days when I want to curl up in a ball and disappear – what was I thinking that I could do this?! How could I think I could be a decent mother when I’m so unorganised?! Who goes ANYWHERE (EVER in their right mind) without feminine hygiene products?! Oh have I ever been there and done that!!! And oh how much I wanted to curl up & die during the experience – not grow from it! You have amazing strength G, not just to survive a day like that, but to turn around and share it in the hope of helping others cope in that moment!!! I love your take on life, the delight, the bad and the ugly! Love, hugs & prayers!

  47. gravatar for sophy sophy

    Hi Georgia – i have been reading your blogs on and off when i get a chance and you always inspire me and make me feel good by reminding me what a joy it is to be a mum!! Today like a few others, a felt the need to say hello and say thank you for posting your story – it made me laugh -it made me anxious- i was right there with you going through your bad day and what a bad day it was!!! i think its a great thing to post undelightful aswell as delightful as we can all relate and its what makes us stronger!! warm regards sophy – a brisbane mum

  48. gravatar for Bec Bec

    Georgia, thank you for your bravery and honesty in posting this. I’m sure there’s a sisterhood solidarity out there among all the women reading this, children or none! For me personally, this post couldn’t have been more timely – I’m riding my fourth sleepless night with an 11 week old, as both of us have a bad case of thrush, and to top it off I woke up this morning with an eye infection and a sick partner, all in preparation for my stepdaughter’s birthday party tomorrow. Awesome. So thank you for this dose of humanity and for making me feel a little less alone and helpless today! x

  49. gravatar for Michelle Michelle

    Oh god!!!!! I feel for you!!!! I empathise with every fibre in my being!!!!!!! I am a mummy of ten, I’ve been there, done that and bought the damn Tshirt. If it hasn’t happened to me, it never happened to anyone! lol True story right there… Thank god tomorrow is often a better TODAY!

  50. gravatar for Tanya Tanya

    Oh this had me (and my hubby) in tears, you habe such a way with words. I can’t think of anything worse!! I will always make sure I take my bag with me everywhere! Hope you had a nice anniversary. :)

  51. gravatar for Natalia Natalia

    uhh Georgia, I’m worried this might sound a little out of place, but reading this post I wonder if you are scared of disciplining your Theo. Peach seems to be sensitive enough to see behind average discipline and perhaps it is just a personality difference. But I’m not sure. I just think that reasoning with a child or an adult who is in a selfish fit doesn’t work. It’s impressive that you are so kind to them when you went through a crisis like that and obviously that horrible inner disappointment of not having wild sex. I feel like I know too much about your life. Will stop commenting now. I wish you well. xOx

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Hi Nastya, what would you have done if you were me with a very tired two year old boy in my situation?

      I honestly didn’t feel that there was anything that could have helped the situation – not that I wasn’t prepared to do something that could have bettered it. He was tired, very, very tired and he wanted to be held. As his parents we have certainly navigated the fact that Theo needs a very different approach to his sister but there wasn’t a point where I thought he needed to be brought into line or disciplined? There were a whole lot of points that I just wished I could take him home, bathe him and put him to bed which is what he really needed. Also, please do not think I was trying to reason with him to get up off the floor because I thought that was helpful. It wasn’t. I was just trying to avoid bending over and dying in mortification. This is not how my normal parenting rolls.

  52. gravatar for Amanda Keeys Amanda Keeys

    Oh mama. I feel your pain. I FEEL it. Nothing like a crappy day that just keeps on getting worse while people stare, like their staring is going to achieve anything (good or bad!). I hope today (or tomorrow) is absolutely awesome to make up for how crappy that one was. xox

  53. gravatar for Carrie Carrie

    Sen-bloody-sational. From a single mum with 2 little ones and a decent share of undelightfil, a million thank-yous.

  54. gravatar for ann ann

    Sometimes I see women out and about who have a red stain on their clothing, and it’s happened to me more than once… If I have a spare tampon in my bag, I ALWAYS offer it to the woman caught out and about, with her kids… and I am always rewarded with a huge THANK YOU and a smile of relief… I wish I was there to give you my spare tampon… you poor girl. As for the phone smashing, I can’t help but sound like my mother, when I say ‘If you keep it in your bag’s pocket, it will not fall to the ground’… But then I, too, drop my phone so often, I should just keep my mouth shut! lol.

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Ann, wish you had been there for me! Sigh. Ohwell! AS for the handbag – it had been forgotten. I had nowhere else to put my phone. Ohwell, now I have a thousand cracks to remind me how good my day is going from now on, haha x

  55. gravatar for Hester Hester

    Thank you for this honest, and well writen, story (I found it through Ilja).
    I will remember this on our bad days and it might be a comfort (sorry).
    I recently started a little outlet on Tumblr (check the link), both positives and negatives.

  56. gravatar for Lesley Lesley

    Hilarious! Thank you for sharing your disaster of a day so damn funny to read & impressed how you handled everything so well!

  57. gravatar for Eva Eva

    OH.MY.GAWSH…OHMYGAWSH…………LADEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! I want to go back in time, I had all the ‘things’ you needed (including a car to drop you to the shops!!) OH LOVE, I feel so daft…I had NO IDEA you didn’t have your car there…Although now, you’re pretty much a SUPERHERO in my books, any woman who survives ALL THAT gets instant SUPERWOMAN status!!!

  58. gravatar for Melissa Melissa

    I hear ya. !!!! And you will have more days like this.
    Glad you had somewhere to let it all out. :)

  59. gravatar for Melissa Melissa

    I also had a bad day recently. I was just exhausted and teary by the end of it. Truly horrible day full of public embarrasment and a terribly pooey nappy with no spare clothes and broken sunglasses to top it off. Your day however, takes the cake! Hats off to you. You have definitely raised the bar! And I hope you never have another day like it – ever!!!
    Thanks for sharing x

  60. gravatar for Shay Shay

    Found your blog through a link at The Skeptical Mother on Facebook – oh my goodness! I have so been here, although in different circumstances. *hugs* Thank you for sharing!

  61. gravatar for kalyanii holden kalyanii holden

    I enjoyed your post. Even though It’s a post about first world problems, we live in Australia one of he best countries in the world, so we will post about first world issues. We all have days like this, one word of advice, menstrual cup. Then you won’t nerd to buy pads anymore. I’m taking back my power, as a woman, don’t need to buy pads anymore, and that sorry you had a shit day.

  62. gravatar for Amy Amy

    Thanks so much for writing this. After what I thought was a “could anything else go wrong today?” Kind of day, you’ve made me feel a lot better! I have a 16 month old who has just learned the art of the tantrum and no pram I. Sight but I did have my sling which on my 4 month preg belly does not sit well! And with only trolleys that require tokens then the car park machine wouldn’t take my card on top of preg tiredness I thought it was bad, but an unexpected period wins all situations!!! Thanks also fur your gorgeous pics. Makes me look forward to my daughter having a sibling. X

  63. gravatar for Maggi from Brooklyn, NY Maggi from Brooklyn, NY

    Thank you for sharing your story in such an open and honest way! (And, sorry to say, but thank you for a much-needed giggle!) It is always refreshing and comforting to know that we all have these moments and days when everything seems to come crashing down, and to remember that in the grand scheme they are just moments and days!

  64. gravatar for Carrie in Illinois Carrie in Illinois

    Oh Georgia! I remember those days well!! My “little ones” are now 18, 16 and 13… and I hate to tell you, my dears… those days still happen! Had one yesterday with my 18 year old! She is having kidney stones, and a cyst was discovered as well; many doctors’ appointments and tests yesterday– all the while, she is vomiting from the pain! OH, the Joys of Motherhood never end!! Lots of love and hugs to us all!!

  65. gravatar for Nataly Nataly

    I remember one day when I was like, i don’t know, 4 or 5 years old. I’m sure it was about that age because I was with my mom and my sister, and my mom drop off my sister at school, and I wasn’t even going to school yet. So yes. It was a bright hot morning and my mom took me with her to drop my sister off at school, which we did. I remember my mom being so sad, like if that was the last thing she wanted to do and everything she wished for was to lay in bed til noon. Yes, I remember clearly. After we left my sister, my mom took me to a department store where we used to shop, but when we got there, we didn’t go inside, we stayed out in a hallway full of little shops and public phone booths. These were not closed, a little private, with doors, phone booths. These were out in the open for everyone to hear your conversation. My mom put her sunglasses on, shee took some coins and made a call. She held the phone with one hand and held my hand with the other. I was just there staring, without any idea of what was happening (if she wanted to make a call, why not from home? why there?). So my mom started talking with one her friends and I listened. Then she started to yell a little, very angry, very sad. Then she started to cry. She took a napkin from her bag and dried her tears with it. That’s why she put her sunglasses on, she didn’t want me to see her cry. I still saw her, tho. I was so confused and sad, I felt out of place like no other moment in my life. My mom kept talking to her friend and I saw people staring at us, and after a while there were people in line to use the phone. My mom kept crying, and I overheard some of her words, and they broke my heart. I didn’t want her to be sad. My mom it’s the most important thing in my life, and I’ve always watch her moments of weakness, and that is just the saddest thing in the world for a child. After many many years (I’m 20 now) I understood that my mom was telling her friend about my dad cheating on her, and she was telling that friend that she wanted to left him. That didn’t happen, btw. But the thing is, I was very young, about 4 or 5 years old, and I remember everything clearly, and my desperation to make her feel better, and at the same time the need to open a hole in the floor and go away. I didn’t know what was going on, I just knew she was extremely sad and I couldn’t do anything to help her. Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this it’s because reading this touching story and the way your kids reacted, I remembered that moment in my life, which is one of the few things about my childhood that I will never forget. And when you think your kids don’t know what it’s going on, they know, and maybe they (if they love you as much as I love my mom, which is a lot, and I sure they do) will try to help you, but it’s not their fault either. It’s just a bad day, a bad memory, but just a bad moment that will be filled with beautiful moments later. And that’s it :)

  66. gravatar for Maud Maud

    Thank you so much for sharing that. Honestly sometimes, it’s good to hear (or read) those kinds of stories cuz, it’s not making me feel better about my bad days, but I just feel more human. You know, when sometimes you feel like maybe the worst mother in the world about yourself? Well, when I read your story, I just wish I could hug you and say “thank you”. Cuz it made me feel like “you know, it’s not always easy, but anyway, you’re doing it right”. And by the way, so do you :)

  67. gravatar for Cristina Cristina

    Poor Georgia, I do sympathize. I know what a bad day with children is and…I will remember your post to cheer me up, I promise ;-)

  68. gravatar for Cass Cass

    So many things I want to say to you Georgia… Let’s just start with how grateful I am that you re-posted the link to this because I hadn’t seen it yet (still feel like I’m just discovering you even though you’ve been friends of friends for so long). I love you for sharing this, for allowing us all to feel a little more normal, for helping us to understand that even the most perfect on-line mothers are also mothers like the rest of us, with good days and bad… and horrific. I feel like a pretty useless mum most days. I say and do the wrong thing A LOT. And I have had my fare share of break-down and cry in public days too (sitting on the floor by the ticket desk in a fancy art gallery, sobbing, while trying to hold on to a kicking and screaming toddler, after having been told off by security for “letting” our child run wild round the priceless exhibits, and having witnessed my husband loose it with his offspring for the first and – so far – last time ever… Yep, I think that still tops my list). Often, unfortunately, it’s other mothers who make me feel worse either by being judgemental about the choices I’ve made or by just being so damn perfect themselves. So thank you Georgia. Thank you for being an inspiration. For showing that you can be real and still be amazing. And for demonstrating that life is delightful even with its imperfections. Thank you thank you thank you!

  69. gravatar for Kirst Kirst

    Omg… I think we are in sync! I totally had a shitty shitty day today with my two and I had a not-so-dire-but-still-not-great ‘womanly situation’ too. I think my moodiness tempts out all the crazy in my boys. Thank you for sharing. Made me feel a bit lighter this evening. :)


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