How to Sew A Doll Carrier // Mei Tai and a Wrap

It’s international baby wearing week so to celebrate the loveliness that is having your baby close and your hands free I thought I’d do a tutorial on how to make a baby carrier for your little one to enjoy.

I remember when Peach first asked me for an ‘ergo’ to carry her baby. I wasn’t aware that they actually sold children’s ergo’s so I whipped up a little moby style wrap out of scraps for her to carry her doll.

Then (for her third birthday) my lovely friend Abbi gifted her the most beautifully sewn wrap which she has worn religiously this past year. We have often been stopped in public by people asking where to buy one and I get emails all the time asking how to sew one. Now, I am not quite as talented as Abbi behind the sewing machine and this isn’t exactly how she made the gorgeous wrap for Peach but here are two sets of photos and instructions to inspire you to make something for your little one to enjoy with their dolls. I’ve included two different styles a simple wrap and mei tai.

In my belief sewing should be an adventure. I am not an excellent seamstress. I don’t even know technical sewing terms. I hate patterns. I do enjoy creating things though  so this isn’t a rule book, it’s a pictorial guidline. Have fun. Experiment. Let your little one help you (and try not to have a heart attack when they want to feed the fabric into the machine). Peach enjoyed this very much and we made at least half a dozen!


some jersey knit style fabric that does not fray
some fabric for the seat of the wrap or mei tai


sewing machine


useful but not imperative:

an iron

Whenever I start a project I rifle through my fabric stash. If you are a sewer you’ll likely have something handy already. You will need at least 1m in length for the knit fabric. Longer would be better too.

I’ll show you two different styles today – so lets start with the simpler option (and when I say simpler, these are both very simple basic carriers, this just has less steps).

Similar to the wrap that Peach was given this is just a long length of fabric that is wrapped and tied to support dolly.

First up, you’ll want to select your fabrics. I selected a map style fabric for the middle. Mine was cotton, but use anything you like. I tend to think non stretch is good for a heavier dolly but given it’s a doll it doesn’t matter too much if she sags a little.

You need two pieces of this middle fabric (one for front, one for back) Cut this to size for the doll/puppy/animal you want to be carried in it. For a smaller doll you can use a smaller square. I find this size works for most of our dollies.  I then cut my knit to the same width as the map fabric.

After doing so I cut the fabric very roughly down the middle. As you can see I gave each end a wider piece to be sewn into the middle of the wrap and the ends taper to allow for easier tying (this also meant I could use less knit fabric utilising the one width for both sides of wrap).

Then I took the middle piece and laid it face up on my ironing board. I then positioned one side of the strap along the edge to be sewn inwards.

And folded that down and did the same for the other side. I then placed the opposite piece of map fabric facing inwards down on top. To be sewn together leaving the lower seem (where the straps are hanging down) open.

With the straps folded inside I sewed around three edges. Leaving the bottom one open for the straps. Once you’re done you should have a pocket with straps hanging out like above. You then want to turn it out the right way and you’re nearly done!

I then used an iron to fold the exposed seams inwards and press together neatly to be sewn over. To keep it neat and strengthen the wrap I then sewed a seam around all four edges of the map fabric. Peach helped me do this and was very studious about keeping the seam width neat.

Once you’ve done that – you’re done!  A wrap for your little one’s little one ready to go. If you’ve never tied a wrap before you can watch a watch a video here


Exceptionally similar to what we did above is the pattern for a Mei Tai (traditional asian inspired carrier).


You start with your same cotton centrepiece fabric (of any design – it doesn’t even have to be cotton, play around with any scraps you have. Dolly probably won’t complain).

This time however instead of two wide straps we’re doing four thinner straps. Two angled from the top corners and two from the bottom sides. The two top straps should be longer than the waist ones. I didn’t have much spare knit fabric to do that so just used what I had. It worked okay but would allowed for more tying styles with longer straps.

Again, place all the straps on one side of the up facing middle piece. Pile them in the middle so they don’t get sewn into the edges accidentally and then lay the top piece (facing down) on top.

Then it’s time to hem around three sides of the carrier (just like we did with the wrap). I found that hemming diagonally over the top corner straps gives the mei tai a neater top edge (and more strength).

You’ll then have a pocket with four straps hanging out and you just need to turn it inside out. Press the exposed hem inwards again and sew along all the edges from the outside and you’re done! Ready to be enjoyed by your little baby wearer. Don’t forget your wee little papas who love to carry their babies too.

And there you go. Enjoy. It’s super, super simple so a perfect first sewing project if you’ve never sewn. If this still looks like too much effort for you, I am happy to sell you one of ours ;)

21 Responses to “How to Sew A Doll Carrier // Mei Tai and a Wrap”

  1. gravatar for Rachel Rachel

    Georgia they are gorgeous.

    It seems like fate that you would post this as I posted the other day on my blog about our makeshift stretchy wrap and was thinking the other day how baby carriers would make nice birthday or Christmas presents. Other than at school I have never sewn in my life and don’t own a sewing machine, but I may go begging and see if I can borrow one and have a go.

    If not though would you seriously sell me a couple?

  2. gravatar for Diana Diana

    These are so fun! Thank you for posting the step by step instructions. I am a very visual person so just written instructions are hard for me to engage with. I am totally going to make this now. By the way I love you blog!

  3. gravatar for Helena Helena

    Georgia, I think your blog is the most beautiful blog I’ve ever seen! Congratulations, everything here is awesome and delightful! :-)

  4. gravatar for Toni Powell Toni Powell

    I love that you are the sort of person who will spend hours and hours doing this just so strangers can enjoy and learn. You rock!

  5. gravatar for Kate Kate

    Thanks so much for posting these instructions Georgia. My 2 year old has been desperate for her own carrier ever since her baby sister arrived. My mum kindly attempted to make a Mei Tai carrier for her yesterday but I think the square of fabric she used was too big as it just doesn’t seem to ‘fit’ her little body very well. Could you please possibly tell me the size of the fabric square you used for your Mei Tai carrier? Thanks so much. I have only recently discovered your blog and it’s just beautiful. I’m inspired by something you write every time I read it.

  6. gravatar for Sara Sara

    Hi Georgia. I would like to know the size of the square fabric too please!! What size works best for Priya?

  7. gravatar for Lauren Lauren

    Nice post which creating things though so this isn’t a rule book, it’s a pictorial guidline.In which you can experiment your self just like this. Thanks a lot for posting.

  8. gravatar for Amy Amy

    Thank you!! I just bought my first sewing machine last week and this was my very 1st project! I made the second wrap for my two year old who is obsessed with carrying her one dolly like my friend carries her baby. Usually he is stuffed down her shirt.
    It took me about an hour or so. I’m sure the next go round will look better :-) but for a brand spanking new beginner, this tutorial was awesome !!!

  9. gravatar for Bron Bron

    Love these so much I want to make one of each type for my toddler son and toddler niece (4 dolly carriers in total).
    How much knit fabric would I need for this? Was it 1m length (and approx 1m width) that you used to make half dozen?

    PS congrats on your newest darling child. Xox

  10. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    I am SUPER excited to try this project!! I just bought some awesome fabric to make slings… but now I want to make mei tais, and need to go find some jersey… in three different colors, lol. I am also curious about how much knit fabric I will need… I’m sure I have enough of the cotton, since I bought 1/2 a yard of each, thinking they were going to be an entire sling, but it makes so much more sense to do it this way, and totally doable for a non-sew-y person like me.

  11. gravatar for Yael Yael

    I’ve been eyeing this tutorial for a while and finally made one for my daughters. Thank you so muh it’s super easy to follow and make in just a few spare minutes.
    Think I’ll have to make two more as I don’t think all three will share the one!


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