the freedom of baby wearing // boundless parenting

We’re coming into international baby wearing week so I thought it would be timely to talk about one of my loves and run a giveaway for one of the best baby carriers around, an Organic Ergobaby.

It’s no secret that I love baby wearing. I’ve posted about it quite a few times.

I guess I haven’t posted about it as often lately as my children have both come to an age where running away from me is their preferred method of transport.

Today though I wanted to talk to you about the freedom of babywearing – boundless parenting as I like to think of it.

This was particularly highlighted to me as we traveled in the Philippines earlier this year. As we were trekking down a steep staircase to a secluded waterfall I called out to Errol “We couldn’t have done this without the Ergo” and he almost scoffed as he called back “We couldn’t have done parenting without the Ergo”. Of course he was being dramatic but a sneaking part of me felt an element of truth. Wearing our babies has made the transition from young things sleeping in the back of our car to parents as freeing as it could be. While my belly swelled with our Peach inside I was told time and time again how difficult parenting would be. How sleepless I would feel. How restricted I would be as a mother. “Go out somewhere nice now before she comes, you won’t get to again” someone would say as I’d mentally jot down all the things I wouldn’t be doing again anytime soon. But then she arrived and things weren’t as I’d been scared into thinking. Sure, we had a baby but she seemed to continue to be an extension of me. Held in close to my body by her carrier we were one and life continued on as normal.

When we headed to the Philippines for a five week adventure through the islands we didn’t think twice about our children’s ages. Toddlers traveling in a developing nation? Easy. Through airports and marketplaces where people were begging along the path side we adventured on. No hand holding. No chasing. No worrying about where they were every minute. Our children – one of whom was visiting this chaotic country for the very first time, experienced this new place from the security of our constant embrace. What better place to be when everything is different to everything you’ve known than on the back of the one you adore. And for us parents? Travelling was easy. We didn’t need to worry about how we’d cope without our pram. We didn’t need to plan our days in distances the children are comfortable to walk. We just traveled and were able to enjoy the experience of travel with our children – not despite them. Their faces level with ours, seeing what we were seeing and always constantly safe. Perfect.

Next week is a week to celebrate international baby wearing week and naturally I am excited.

In Australia and NZ we are lucky enough to have events being organised for this event so go check out their Facebook or website and find an event local to you!  This is a great way to meet other like minded parents or even test out a few different carries (hint, if you’re in Brisbane you should come to our swapmeet event I’ve been organising with my friend!).

Now, I guess you’re all keen to get to the giveaway part of the post (so am I!)

In light of the fact that it’s babywearing week soon I wanted to share my babywearing love with you and give away a brand new organic dessert bloom Ergobaby RRP $209 (this is on my wishlist!).


Entry is now closed. Winner will be announced soon x

239 Responses to “the freedom of baby wearing // boundless parenting”

  1. gravatar for Elli Elli

    I love the ergo baby carrier and we are planning little person number 2 – so of course we need another one :)

  2. gravatar for Kate Jahke Kate Jahke

    I would love to gift the ergo to my best friend who has just had her first baby.

  3. gravatar for Gemma Davies Gemma Davies

    I’m a single mum and attachment parent, and my 6 month old son and I are doing a modified ‘Continuum Concept’ practice. So far it has worked an absolute treat as he is a blissfully happy, secure little boy full of smiles and giggles who has always slept through the night and is a delight on every level. We find that a selection of carriers works really well for different purposes and would love to add an Ergo to our small collection as we don’t have one :)

  4. gravatar for Lisa Russell Lisa Russell

    I’d love to win so I can use this beautiful carrier with my future children (if I am blessed enough to have them)!

  5. gravatar for Debbie (aka Blossom Smith on FB) Debbie (aka Blossom Smith on FB)

    I am a longtime follow of documenting delight on FB. :-) I would love to win this Ergo, but not for myself. My closest, bestest, most precious friend lives in South Africa and is currently 39 weeks pregnant. She is flat broke and unemployed, and her boyfriend earns just enough to cover the rent – in a good month. Baby is very unplanned, but welcome, but is bringing a LOT of financial stress, as you can understand. I would LOVE for her to be able to have such a wonderful carrier. So far almost everything for the baby is second hand/ hand-me-down, which isn’t bad – people have been very kind. But it would be so nice if she could have something so beautiful and new! <3 She deserves all the pretty things, and if I could buy it for her I would, but I'm unemployed too, so it's not an option. :(

    And yes, I think you should do more giveaways. ;-)

    <3 Debbie, in Holland

  6. gravatar for Sharlene Sharlene

    I would love to win simply because Ergo carriers are so awesome! It would also be nice to be able to gift it to my sister who is pregnant with her first baby right now :)

  7. gravatar for Liss Liss

    Oh man, apart from the fact that baby wearing is awesome in itself, I have a bad back that made rocking and holding my son, even as a newborn, quite painful after a while. We used a wrap carrier that we just couldn’t manage when he grew bigger… I would love the opportunity to use an Ergo for the sake of my future babies, and my poor back!

  8. gravatar for Jess Jess

    I have a 2 yr old and a 5 month old and would looooooooove an ergo!!! Wow would it ease the load :-)

  9. gravatar for Nicola Barnett Nicola Barnett

    I would love to win this carrier as I am pregnant with my first baby and would love to go on all sorts of adventures with our little one to wonderful (but pram unfriendly!) places :-)

  10. gravatar for Chloe Chloe

    I would love to win I need a good baby carrier but I haven’t got the money to get one :( I got one of my friend when my baby was born but it broke :( I would love to win and enjoy using this showing my daughter the world :)

  11. gravatar for Teresa Teresa

    I would love to win one because it would be a great help to carry my son! I don’t have access to this brand where I live and I heard wonders of it! I’d really love to win!!

  12. gravatar for Sally Sally

    Hi there! I would LOVE to win an Ergo baby carrier because I think baby wearing is a beautiful thing and I want to explore the world (or at least our state!) more freely with my curious little man! I also want to have another bambino and wish to use the Ergo for all future kidlets so it will get lots and lots of use I promise! Thanks x

  13. gravatar for Shelley dean Shelley dean

    I would love to get this not for me but for my sister. She is pregnant again with her 6th child she has also taken another child in full time. I worry about her babies laying down to often and would love to be able to present her with something like this. She has one severely autistic child and another with ADHD. She loves her children to death but the last carrier she had she lent to me when my son was a baby and it broke. And they are so expensive. This would be the best Christmas present I could ever think to give her. It would also most likely come back to me when I’m lucky enough to start having more babies as I loved baby wearing my son.

  14. gravatar for Sarah Fisher Sarah Fisher

    I would love to win an ergo baby carrier so I can take my precious little boy on adventures with me and have him close to well as the future siblings he has. I love to go exploring outdoors and travel to fun places and this way I would know that he’s safe and secure.

  15. gravatar for Nicola Barnett Nicola Barnett

    I would love to win this carrier because I am pregnant with my first baby and I plan to go on lots of adventures with our little one to (pram unfriendly!) wonderful places :-)

  16. gravatar for Erin Erin

    I have a friend who is pregnant and I’ve espoused the joy of babywearing so much that she is now a convert. I LOVE wearing my daughter. She’s 14 months old now, and carries the wrap or the Ergo over and says “up!” and then waits patiently while I get ready to carry her around. I don’t think we could have made it as parents without babywearing, either.

  17. gravatar for Sally Bellingham Sally Bellingham

    I just posted a long thoughtful post but it didn’t work!!! Basically I want to explore the world with my curious little man nice and close. Thank you

  18. gravatar for Laura Laura

    I have just had my fourth child, a week ago. Four children, five and under, it would be really great to have my hands free to catch the strays!

  19. gravatar for Katie Edwards Katie Edwards

    I would love to win an Ergo as I’ve not tried one yet & with bub #5 due in 2 months I think it would come in handy!! I sold my last carriers as baby #4 was meant to be the last baby, so need to build my stash all over again!

  20. gravatar for Ivy Hobjoy Ivy Hobjoy

    I actually want to win this for a friend. I have loved my Ergo beyond belief and relied on it to carry me through cranky twilight hours while cooking dinner or hanging washing, doing university, going for rainforest walks. Basically anytime I need my baby close, I can have her close (and multi-task!). It has been such a blessing. I’d love to pass that joy along to a friend who recently had a baby and doesn’t have the funds to buy an Ergo herself, every mother should be able to experience the freedom and bonding an Ergo can bring.

  21. gravatar for Krista Krista

    I am going to be an auntie for the second time in december as my brother, and best friends, wife is hapu. I would love to be able to give them this to help out with bubs number one (other niece is my sisters :P), but mostly i want to win the Ergo carrier as in three weeks i get to go on the most amazing honeymoon adventure with my lovely husband.. an adventure of travel and an adventure of love, to kick off our next stage in life together, beginning the journey of conceiving our first. I love to think that this Ergo carrier could be used by my brother to carrier his beautiful creation and then on to us for ours.

  22. gravatar for Marysia Marysia

    Awesome giveaway :)
    I’d love to win this great carrier because I love to have my six year old son close to me as often as I can! Babywearing rocks!

    • gravatar for Marysia Marysia

      * my six MONTHS old son, of course, ha ha ha ;)
      Although I wish I could wear him in this Ergo as long as possible :)

  23. gravatar for Bree Bree

    MY dear friend is 13 weeks pregnant with her first and after having 3 kids myself, the BEST thing i ever owned was an Ergo. My friend plays roller derby so i thought she could keep bouting with baby on her back! (OK i am joking)…. Seriously I would Love to gift his to her as a welcome into motherhood, what better gift is there.?

  24. gravatar for Courtney Courtney

    I would love an Ergo firstly because they are awesome and so is baby wearing! I have a sling which I use to carry my bubba in (he loves it – he thinks it’s way better than the pram), but coz he is a big boofa carrying him in it is throwing my back out so I would looove the ergo to carry him in front or behind me. I love the closeness I get carrying my beautiful boy <3

  25. gravatar for Katrina Hutchens Katrina Hutchens

    I would LOVE to win an Erog for the possible baby number three and for my wee little man at the moment to carry on my back. I was borrowing a friends but she needed it back so I am currently ergo-less and it’s horrible! Ooooh I would be so excited to win this giveaway! Thank you for the chance Georgia.

  26. gravatar for Rose Corkran Rose Corkran

    I would like to win this gorgeous Ergo to carry my gorgeous 5 month old while exploring the outdoors with her and her big 11 year old sister who will also be able to carry her.

  27. gravatar for Meggan Meggan

    I would love to win for my little girl. Shes nearly 4 and has autism. She tries her hardest to walk but ends up needing to be carried most of the time, but I’m struggling to hip carry her anymore and my sling just wont cut it, being a single mum this makes going out almost impossible. I discovered just a couple of weeks ago that an Ergo would work for us and I’ve been madly saving and trying to sell things to buy one for her. We have had to stop hiking and going out much as the sling just doesn’t support her enough for me anymore and until we get an Ergo we have to stop. If i could win it would get us back outdoors in no time compared to the 6 months we will be saving madly for!

  28. gravatar for Wendy Jolliffe Wendy Jolliffe

    We have been baby wearing since our eldest was born, 11 years ago. Our youngest, 3, still wants to be carried but he’s getting too big for the sling. I think that the Ergo would be perfect !

  29. gravatar for Brooke Weatherall Brooke Weatherall

    I have loved baby wearing since my little girl was born 3.5 years ago! I don’t know how any parent survives without a good baby carrier. My friend is pregnant, due to have her first bub in January and I would absolutely love to win this for her :)

  30. gravatar for Leaha Leaha

    I have one already but we ate going on an adeventure to Singapore in march and we will have a 1, 3 and 4 year old with us. I’m thinking I want 2 and we will use our wrap. We really wanna be hands free and like u have mentioned have them safe and close to us :)

  31. gravatar for Lila Lila

    I’d love to win this as we are about to start trying for another baby and after using the ergo for the past year without little girl I know it’s essential tohave another ready for a new babe.

  32. gravatar for Kirsty Ren Kirsty Ren

    I would love an ergo so that I can wear my one year old and 3 year old at the same time and with ease.
    kirstywashere at hotmail dot com

  33. gravatar for Amanda Amanda

    For the last couple of nights hubby has been putting our bub to sleep in a borrowed Ergo, we definitely need one of our own!

    • gravatar for Katrina Hutchens Katrina Hutchens

      Sorry, please feel free to delete this, I didn’t think my first post worked! Silly billy.

  34. gravatar for Kelly Kelly

    I would love to win the Desert Bloom Organic Ergo because… I am expecting my second bub in 6 weeks time, and the only thing keeping me from freaking out is my plan to wear my new bub everywhere!! That way I can still play w my toddler, cook etc and let my tiny bub have the comfort he will need. This Ergo is already on my wish list, so winning it would make a sweet present for myself.

  35. gravatar for Amber Amber

    We love our Ergo, & with 3 friends currently expecting & 1 planning for baby #2, I’d love to give one of them the best baby-carrier available. I tried a couple other brands with my giant boys – both nearly 4kg & 56 cm at birth (yes, I just did that conversion) – & neither they nor I were ever comfortable.

  36. gravatar for Jen T Jen T

    We’ve been handed down a well-loved ergo from friends of ours, and I was excited to receive it after reading all about your experiences with ergo carriers. Unfortunately I fear it will not last the distance as my boy is only 3 months old and it is quite faded and chewed from its previous owners!

  37. gravatar for Gabriella MM Gabriella MM

    I have no idea how i would survive the first year of parenting w/o my ergo baby. My son is with me everywhere, It makes me feel more free, as before the ergo i couldn’t do anything w/o taking the pram around the house with me, but now as he grows bigger and bigger he just sits there calmly eating from me watching what i’m doing.I think without it I would have lost my sanity and baby would be barely ever asleep, I really thank it for our sanity and our well stretched rest. Its the best ever, I would never feel so happy and connected to my little one without it. Just last friday I was stopped and told how cosy and cuddly my son looked in it, the women herself told me if she was ever given another chance to have a baby she would want to carry him aswell and she never did with her previous children and felt as if she missed out. My sister in law is pregnant and I would be overwhelmed to gift this to her so that she too could experience this special bond too.

  38. gravatar for Kristin walker Kristin walker

    I am a mother of a 6 year old son, a 2 year old daughter and I’m 39 weeks pregnant with our third bub due on the 7th Oct and on my 34th birthday! This will be our last baby and I don’t want to be hassled by prams, I want to feel every moment with this bub and avoid missing out on any chance of bonding I can get from my third and last baby. An ergo will help me and hubby do just that.

  39. gravatar for Sarah Brebner Sarah Brebner

    I would love to win to share the baby wearing love with another Mama/family. It’s been my saving grace with my second!

  40. gravatar for Fiona Fiona

    I would LOVE to win this! My wee little man (4mths) is not so “wee” and the little chunk has outgrown his baby carrier! (I despise having to lug around a pram, and the restrictions they enforce when you come to a curb, stairs, sand etc- you know the drill;). I love the convenience and hands free aspect of baby wearing.

    My little fellow also loves to be held (24/7), so every shopping trip and play date to the park with his older brother is done with him strapped to me.

    Having one of the best carriers in the whole world would be a welcome addition to my wardrobe. I’ve been using a sash thingy a friend gave me, but I fear he is soon to bust out of that one too:P

  41. gravatar for Nicole Totino-Clark Nicole Totino-Clark

    We LOVE the Ergo… As our babe has grown bigger it is the carrier we use almost all of the time (aside from the occasional sling). When we have #2 we’ll need another!

    • gravatar for Nicole Totino-Clark Nicole Totino-Clark

      I forgot to add that I am a farmer (we grow organic vegetables) and I carry my baby on my back 2 days each week for a full work day. I could not have done that without the Ergo. Easy to the front for a nurse while working then switch to the back for observing and a nap! He lives in there and loves watching the daily chores from my back. The other days he is with my husband and he uses the Ergo to wear him down for naps. Just a couple of more reasons why we love the Ergo! Also, I have been a fb and website follower for some time now. I love your work:) Blessings!

  42. gravatar for Lols Mohr Lols Mohr

    Would absolutely love to have an Ergo to encourage the clingyness that my boy is smothering me with LOL

  43. gravatar for Rachel Rachel

    Ooh…please pick me! Baby #2 is due to arrive in about 5 weeks – we have one Ergo but with an almost 2 year old and an infant, I’m not sure we can stretch one Ergo far enough!

  44. gravatar for Katie Katie

    I have been admiring Ergo carriers for years now and am looking forward to the day I actually buy one! But maybe today I will win one instead :)

  45. gravatar for Anna Mogueis Anna Mogueis

    I would love to win this baby carrier as I am a big fan of attachment parenting. My 1 year old loves to be worn when we’re travelling. Crossing my fingers and toes!

  46. gravatar for Pepa Pepa

    As a very excited first time mama to be i bought for my baby girl a kangaroo. It has been very useful for short trips to the shop or the doctor, but as i researched later it is not too good for the baby on long walks and i’ve been feeling guilty using it every time. Ergo carriers are not being sold in my country and i’ve been researching my options, but it will be awesome to win it:)

  47. gravatar for Mariah Mariah

    id love to win this rad baby carrier for our baby, my best friends got hilariously pregnant very quickly after being married…hilariously quickly. i have a close knit group of friends and we were all totally stoked for them and really excited while she freaked out in the bathroom. her pregnancy consisted of us ALL reading the strangely inaccurate baby book someone gave them and buying the obscure fruit that was always being compared to their baby size – ‘your baby is now the size of a large avocado” WHAT REALLY IS A LARGE AVOCADO! how do you know how big a large avocado is!
    (we also consumed a lot of coco pops…sometimes right out of the packet…cravings…we all had them)
    i declined the offer to watch her give birth, but i ended up seeing a thousand photos of her lady parts anyway so i kind of wish i hadn’t. i remember the day their daughter was born i nearly crashed the car i cried so much.
    now we are a family, we take that crazy little kid everywhere…we have big parties and this wildly fat eight month old baby is being danced with by everyone – cracking up, showing us all how many teeth she has.
    they are the best parents
    we are pretty cool aunties and uncles
    ironically we were all drooling over the ergos the other day, plotting how to pitch in and get one so we can carry our baby everywhere with us…she weighs a tonne and she bites our necks when we carry her.
    this would be such a blessing
    but anyway, i really just wanted to share about our family

  48. gravatar for Anna Mogueis Anna Mogueis

    I would love to win this as I am a big fan of attachment parenting. My 1 year old loves to be worn whenever we travel (I also love wearing her all the time!). We’re crossing our fingers and toes! Hope we win!

  49. gravatar for Faith Marie Faith Marie

    Oh! I would love to win this :).. I have a four year old and a 6 month old..both who could greatly benefit :) thank you do much for doing such a great giveaway!

  50. gravatar for Krystal Zschech Krystal Zschech

    I have a fake ergo, and after trying my friends real thing, I realize the one I have does NOT compare! I would love to win one, as I’d use the comfy real one a lot more with miss 8mth old!

  51. gravatar for Manju Manju

    I’m from India and I’ve been following your blog from very long time. I love baby wearing too. Here in India not so good baby carriers available. Whenever I go out with my 2 year old boy i had to hip carry him without any sling or carrier. I would be very happy if i win this ergo. and this is my first every giveaway entry :)

  52. gravatar for MissEmmajane Phillpotts MissEmmajane Phillpotts

    We would love an ergo for our 3 month old, she has almost outgrown the sling we have weight wise and there are many places I love to go with her in the sling. We just went on holidays and were able to bushwalk, go to the beach and many other places because of the sling. She sleeps better during the day in a sling, but I know we will have to win one to be able to get one. I don’t want to stop being able to wear bub, we do our own parenting style but see baby wearing as very flexible for us all. Plus I know my partner would wear bub in an ergo as he can’t seem to make the sling work. We would appreciate winning a ergo carrier!

  53. gravatar for Jennifer Mazza Jennifer Mazza

    I would love to have an ergo… I use a sling and my 8 month old is starting to squirm her way out (well into an uncomfortable position) And ergo would be perfect for our family!

  54. gravatar for Ylona Ylona

    I already own an Ergo, and love it!! I have a number of friends at various stages of pregnancy, and would love to have an Ergo to loan out as a gateway carrier. I fell very strongly about babywearing, and hope I can encourage those I love to find the same joy in it that I have found.

  55. gravatar for Laura Laura

    I would love to win this giveaway for my growing family. My husband and I are the proud parents of 2 under age 2. I’ve always loved baby wearing, but now that we have 2 my husband is joining in my
    delight and we would love to get a carrier that both kiddos can use for a long timecoming

  56. gravatar for Elizabeth Linkey Elizabeth Linkey

    We would love an Ergo for our 20 month old twins and I love reading and ‘watching’ your travels and life on Facebook!!

  57. gravatar for Flo from France Flo from France

    Hello down there!
    I’d love to have an Ergo so that we could babywear both our children (3y.old and 6months). We’ve only got one Manduca at the moment and my older son is a bit jealous that he can’t often use it anymore.
    Love your photos, by the way!

  58. gravatar for Natalie R Natalie R

    To not have to navigate a bulky two-seater pram through the food court, bumping everyone’s chairs and disrupting their meals! (and because its like the smallest most versatile most coolest pram-but-not-a-pram ever! and with three kids under two, I need all the free hands I can get come baby sitting time!)

  59. gravatar for madeleine b madeleine b

    Have a crazy 2.5yr old boy who refuses to hold my hand or sit in a pram, and another little man due this december :) With my first i almost always ended up carrying him in one arm and pushing the pram with the other. I have just discovered baby wearing this pregnancy, and can’t wait to store the pram away!

  60. gravatar for Simone Simone

    Today is a bad day for me. My six month old son is sleeping badly and I am on the verge of getting help in a sleep school. I am trying so hard for gentle parenting techniques and feel I may lose a part of our connection by doing this. I guess when I wear my son I do feel like it is just an extension of where we are. I love how you describe the way you carried in an ergo. Maybe I need to just wear my son so we can recconnect and get over this hump. I don’t have an ergo but maybe it’s time I did.

  61. gravatar for Nandini dasi Nandini dasi

    <3 my first (2,6years) i still wearing now she got one sister (2month) and my arms slowly getting tired ;) so i would be able to wear them both <3

  62. gravatar for Lisa Lisa

    I would love an Ergo as I have 3 boys and only 2 hands my eldest is Autistic and the second cherub is borderline , whilst the youngest is a busy little 21 month old, with melt downs and busy boys I could really do with an Ergo to free up my hands . Lisax

  63. gravatar for Katie Katie

    I would love to win an ergobaby carrier as my little man is now 17 months and is getting too big and heavy for us to be comfortable in our cheap $20 mei tai from e-bay. I don’t want to suddenly have to start with a buggy but really can’t afford a carrier as good as this one. I love wearing my baby boy and having him snuggly, safe and close. When I first put him in a sling I didn’t even know baby wearing was a thing lol it just made sense to me and I have got a name for myself in my little village (UK) as “one of those, new age hippy mothers” which used to upset me but now I look at my little boy compared to others his age and think if me being some new age hippy has contributed to the way he’s developing then I am very happy to be ridiculed, it would be awesome to have a beautiful carrier to be ridiculed in though :) Thank you and I love your blog and facebook updates they brighten up my day and your children are beautiful, inside and out, I hope my boy grows to be half the people your children are. xxx

  64. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    I would love an ergo! Even though my youngest is almost two the thought of keeping her closer to me for longer is a delicious thought!

  65. gravatar for Sarah Ansell Sarah Ansell

    I would love to win an ergo to gift to a friend whom I am slowly winning over to the ways of baby wearing!

  66. gravatar for Bec Bec

    Would love love love to win the ergo, I already have one and it’s sooo brilliant, But I would love to give this one as a present to a dear friend. x

  67. gravatar for Joanne Joanne

    Would love to win an Ergo to carry my two kiddlywinks (2years & 3months). Love reading your posts :)

  68. gravatar for Lisa Lisa

    I have 3 kids and a husband who works 80 hours a week. My youngest 2 are 2 and 3 months. It makes shopping difficult these days. I have to either shop on the weekends or only get as many items that fit around the carrier. Also, I would love to be able to go on hikes and other places with out a stroller or at least a double stroller.

  69. gravatar for Erin Erin

    I have a sling and a Kangouwrap for my baby but would love to have an Ergo for my toddler!!

  70. gravatar for Brooke H Brooke H

    I’m expecting bub #2 and would absolutely love an Ergo. Baby wearing will certainly make soothing a newbie and playing with my toddler at the same time a whole lot easier on all! X

  71. gravatar for Lisa Jebbo Lisa Jebbo

    I would like an ergo because the baby bjorn that I have has screwed my back up. My daughter isnt very happy in the bjorn now either.

  72. gravatar for Sarah Brydon Sarah Brydon

    I would love to win this ergo for my sister. I recently got a carrier and let her try it & she loves it, unfortunately she doesn’t have the funds at the present time.
    She is 4 years older than me and I look up to and respect her so much, she gives the best advice and I endeavor to be a great mother like her. Having an ergo would be something she has learnt from me & I would be thrilled to give her the same experience!

  73. gravatar for Shana Shana

    I would love to win this ergo because I am pregnant with my first child and plan to babywear. I love reading (and seeing) your posts. Thanks for documenting your world for the rest of us.

  74. gravatar for Ashley Ashley

    I am a baby wearing mama and have worn my little lady for two years. I love her wrapped around me- my wee clip on koala! We are expecting number 2 in a few months time and would love a second carrier so both bubs can be attached (as they should be!) fingers and toes crossed! Xx

  75. gravatar for Brooke H Brooke H

    I’m expecting bub #2 and would absolutely love an Ergo! Baby wearing will make soothing a newbie and playing with my toddler at the same time a whole lot easier on all!

  76. gravatar for Ashley Ashley

    I’m a first time mom to a 4 month old and believe she needs to be closer to mommy. I’d love to win this, as we are unable to afford such an expensive item. And her daddy also wants a carrier, he would love to be able to wear our daughter around town and show her off! Pick us, pick us!

  77. gravatar for Melissa Melissa

    Would love to try an ergo I’ve heard so many great things about it especially from you. Love your blog.


  78. gravatar for Heather Massey Heather Massey

    I have a preemie and my current sling that Ive used with my last child just doesnt work right with him. We desperately need another carrier and Ive heard great thing about this sling!!

  79. gravatar for angela angela

    Looks like something i can definitely use, since i have a 3 yr old and also 9 months pregnant, the hubby will have to leave a few months after baby boy is born for 6 months due to the army and i need all the help i can get ! Plus baby boy is breeched and im probably going to be a little depressed about getting a cs, so winning something might make me feel a little better :)

  80. gravatar for Heather Massey Heather Massey

    I have a preemie and my current carrier doesnt quite work right with him. I have been looking for another carrier and have heard great things about this carrier!!

  81. gravatar for Alyssa Wood-Tozzi Alyssa Wood-Tozzi

    I would love to win this because I have yet to have the pleasure of wearing a baby with an Ergo. I hear about everyone’s love for them all the time, but I am not in a position to afford one. I’ve baby worn when my children were newborns and small toddlers. We mostly used our Cuddly Wrap when they were newborns, and then a more supported (but flimsier than an Ergo) carrier later on. Now, with an almost 3 year old and a 5 year old, I don’t get as much opportunity to. But I know it would still be something I could use with my daughter (the almost 3 year old), especially when we go on little trips that I don’t want to bring our huge double stroller on, but still want the security of knowing she’s near (she’s the type that runs away and never looks back!).

    Here’s hoping! I’ll be happy with whomever gets it though, as there are so many wonderful mamas who follow your blog!

  82. gravatar for Margie still Margie still

    I would love to win this ergo because baby wearing helps babies and toddlers, parents and carers feel more secure. These days emotional and physical security can be in short supply. —Plus the design on this ergo is lovely. :)

  83. gravatar for Charlene Charlene

    One toddler and a baby, lost my job, just could not afford one right now.

    If the universe thinks I need this badly enough I will win, simples!! I know how badly I need it so putting the vibes out.

  84. gravatar for Isabel Eklund Isabel Eklund

    OMG! This is a bit wierd. Yesterday I went to a flee market in my hometown and saw this beautiful Ergo in a light jeans blue color. Before I got my hands on it a good friend came along and we had a chat. When we were finished the Ergo was gone. Sold only 2 minutes earlier. :( Just my luck. I live in Sweden and I wouldn’t mind paying the shipping costs for this wonderful carrier! :)

  85. gravatar for Alma Alma

    I would love to win this lovely ergo carrier so that I can carry my sweet little boy close to me.

  86. gravatar for Nicole Nicole

    I would <3 to win a ergo carrier so I can take my 1 year old to on a holiday to QLD and know that he cannot get hurt by running away from me

  87. gravatar for Leilani Leilani

    I’m 6 months pregnant, and I’d love to start off my baby’s life by carrying him/her around. I’d love to share that closeness with my baby right off the bat!

  88. gravatar for Rachael Rachael

    I love snuggling, carrying, and wearing my delightful baby. Winning the ergo would help me to continue with this!! :)

  89. gravatar for Melissa Charlton Melissa Charlton

    I love your site and have most recently found you! Your photographs and stories are great! I would love the Ergo, I have a 12 year old, 10 year old and a 4 month old!! The poor baby is taken everywhere and needs to sleep on the go! My husband stays at home with him and they are always on the go, disc golf, and the kids football games and swim meets!! My poor baby hates his carseat and we have just been holding him! My fingers will be crossed until I hear the winner!!

  90. gravatar for Sarah Schatz Sarah Schatz

    I own a dog walking business in the States and my old well loved Ergo broke! Needless to say it is very helpful to have when I have my 1 year old with me. I have been trying without it, but he often gets tired after a bit and I have to carry him.

  91. gravatar for Melissa Charlton Melissa Charlton

    …oh and my 10 year old daughter’s name is Peach!! It is meant to be!!

  92. gravatar for Jenny Womack Jenny Womack

    I would love to win so that we can do some hiking as a family! My little bean is getting a bit heavy for my wrap. Yay for ergonomics!!

  93. gravatar for Crunchy mama Crunchy mama

    I would love to win as we are low income and could not afford a baby carrier. I was able to find moby for very cheap at a second hand store. I also work with low income moms like myself so I would like to gift my moby to a deserving mom if I won an ergo. I like to encourage moms to practice safe babywearing. What that usually entails is using a baby Bjorne found at a thrift store and tying baby’s legs into the froggy position. It would be nice if just once, I could offer a new mom the moby.

  94. gravatar for Amanda Wilson Amanda Wilson

    I love our Ergo Sport, so this one would be an awesome addition to our collection. I would gladly pay shipping!

  95. gravatar for Rebecca Quella Rebecca Quella

    Dear Documenting Delight, I first fell in love with your blog after seeing a number of posts from The Skeptical Mother. I have found your ideas and stories to be insightful and beautiful. I am expecting baby #2 on/around Oct. 18 and I can’t wait to baby wear! I have never tried the Ergo but I would love to! Please consider me for the giveaway!

  96. gravatar for Amanda Wilson Amanda Wilson

    I already posted but I don’t think it’s showing up? Anyway, we love our Ergo Sport and would love to win this one!

  97. gravatar for Jessica Smith Jessica Smith

    I would love an Ergo to be able to use with my first child that I am currently pregnant with! (Due January 21st!!) I was at a baby expo this past weekend and got to try out using an Ergo with a weighted baby doll… and it was so comfortable for me to wear, even with my bump ;) I absolutely loved the Ergo and love to be able to use it with my little guy!

  98. gravatar for Daria Daria

    such a cool give-away! i live overseas and those things are so hard to get here – i am more than happy to pay the shipping! love your blog and theo sitting on that airport thingy on all that luggage haha, much much love xx

  99. gravatar for Jessica Jessica

    My little girl is 8.5 months and we are planning on number 2 soon. I work with my 1/2 sister in law as a personal care provider as she has some disabilities. We are constantly going on adventures here in Vermont and I couldn’t do it without Babywearing! Yet I’ve been in need of an upgrade from my Moby for a long time :) Ps my website is still in progress yet I will have a page dedicated to Babywearing and would love to have personal experience with this carrier to report :)

  100. gravatar for Chelsea Anna Chelsea Anna

    I’m a first time mother, and just as you described when you were pregnant with Peach, I am constantly hearing about the struggles and end to life as I know it soon arriving! I like to thing of it as a new life instead of the end of one. Through reading and connecting to other like-minded mommas I’ve found that I’m more of a natural attachment type parent, and baby wearing is certainly on my list! I can’t wait to experience this. :)

  101. gravatar for Adriel Booker Adriel Booker

    Of course I want to win this! Is it selfish entering when we already have one? But you see we have two babies and two parents and so half of us is missing out an any given time. It’s sad, really. Right?? If someone wins that doesn’t already have one, I will be happy. If I win, I will be happy too. :)

  102. gravatar for Mary Catherine Mary Catherine

    Oh I would love to win this beautiful Ergo! We have a very well-loved and nearly worn out one from when my daughter was smaller but now that my son is ready for family travel adventures I’d love a nice new one to carry him in as well. And yes to more giveaways–fun! Thanks! :)

  103. gravatar for Hannah McManus Hannah McManus

    We would love to win the Ergo as with baby number three on the way I can only imagine how much it would change our lives! We love to be out in nature and can see how wonderful it would be taking a long walk with baby held closely whilst the others run free. Also my family is in England and we live in Canada so being able to wear baby on our trips home instead of dragging a pushchair along would be a blessing as you highlighted in your trip to the Phillippines :-)

  104. gravatar for Mary Catherine Mary Catherine

    I’d love to win this lovely Ergo! We had one with my daughter but it’s been well loved and nearly worn out. Now that my son is joining us on adventures I’d love a new one to carry him with. And yes to more giveaways–such fun! Thanks! :)

  105. gravatar for Ciara Ciara

    We’ve a second baby on the way and this would be amazing!!! We have just left Ireland, spent time in the Netherlands before travelling through Germany and Moscow on the way to Siberia. I bought an ergo for our almost two year old for travelling and it was a life saver! We will return to Ireland to have the baby and then come back to Siberia with a 4-6week old and a 2 year old. We’ll need a second ergo. Enough said :)

  106. gravatar for Ciara Fitzgibbon Ciara Fitzgibbon

    Oops I tried to comment but not sure it posted :s so confused! We’ve a second baby on the way and a whole lot of travelling to do between Ireland and Siberia, this would be invaluable :)

  107. gravatar for kyndal kyndal

    I would live an ergobaby so that I could carry our son as he continues to grow, oh so quickly! Babywearing is becoming more and more commonplace in Fort Worth, TX and I would live to be part of the movement!

  108. gravatar for Becca Becca

    I would love to have an ergo so that my hubby can easily carry bubs when I return to work in a few months (I don’t think he would get on with my wrap)

  109. gravatar for Elizabeth Wilson Elizabeth Wilson

    I would live to have this Ergo. The one we have has been a godsend and as much as I try convince my other new mom friends, cost is a major barrier to babywearing for them. I would love I be able to give this to a dear friend and her new babe.

  110. gravatar for Steffie Steffie

    I’d LOVE to win this for my sister who just had a babyboy. She’d love to get the Ergo but doesn’t have the financial means get one at the moment. It’s her birthday in November so this would be the perfect gift! :)

  111. gravatar for korie Johnson korie Johnson

    Oh it’s lovely! We would use this often and then pass it down!

  112. gravatar for Nicky Nicky

    Id love to win a second ergo for bub number 2 (on the way). We bought a fake :( replaced it with an authentic :) but still need a second ergo for number 2! Dad can use it and I might even try the tandem carry…

  113. gravatar for Alexandra Sophie Alexandra Sophie

    Ergo, beautiful little Ergo, you must come to your beloved new mama and you know as much as I do that I am the one. You will be carrying, holding and supporting the cutest little bottom that ever existed. You will be dressed proudly and showed off in towns and countrysides on every continent. You will visit the world, both on a mama front and back and on a handsome daddy front and back. Your amazing colours were made purposely to fit all MY dresses and it’s a sign : obviously. As I write these lines, my heart aches terribly for being so far away for being right now on the opposite part on the planet compared to you, but no worries ; it’s almost over: we will make it together and if you help the random game find my name, I will do my part of the job and pay for a nice trip to France through plane. Aren’t you excited to discover snow? We are poor young artists parents and we could never afford one of your friends. Anyway it’s you that we fell in love with! I love you already with all my heart. My son that you will be holding in a couple of weeks is also extra-excited by seeing you, he is on my knees and have a message for you: ueiiaefaaa lklklkk. We will bring you back to your birth country in a few months, and it was my birthday yesterday (If you didn’t have enough reason to join us yet?). It’s night time here, bye bye beautiful one : I’m going to dream of you and I know that will be the most beautiful dream.

  114. gravatar for Alexandra Sophie Alexandra Sophie

    Another thing, dear Ergo! Did I mention it was my wonderful little boy first birthday in a few days? I’m sure that with the shipping time to our warm home, you would come perfectly on time for him to get you as a present and enjoy you as much as you deserve to be. He has the perfect age to enjoy you fully and to treat well his wild parent’s back. Hopefully in one year or so, you will also wearing a little other little one but shhh! Signed: your beloved Alexandra

  115. gravatar for jennyb jennyb

    I’m loving learning to wear my 6-week old munchin and would love to upgrade to the ergo, though could never afford to do so. Thanks for giving one away – and for the great blog!

  116. gravatar for Sharolyn Newington Sharolyn Newington

    We have a new little one – two weeks old and I would love to carry him with me wherever I go in a comfrotable way that is good for my back and safe and cosy for him as he grows. This is a very generous giveaway. Thank you!

  117. gravatar for Andréann Andréann

    I will try my chances. I love wearing my babies. And they love it too, even when they get older. If you saw how please the little guy of my friend, who’s 5 year old, when I offered him to go in my mei tai!
    I don’t have an ergo; I have a mei tai I made myself and two scarf, both things I love but the ergo would be simpler for my boyfriend.

  118. gravatar for Jackie Jackie

    This is such an awesome giveaway! Thanks so much for doing it. Have loved our ergo. Would be wonderful to have two for when baby number two comes along! Will carry baby number one as long as she wants!

  119. gravatar for Krystal Wieldt Krystal Wieldt

    I have heard great things about the ERGO baby! My first baby is due in April and I am really looking forward to wearing my baby. I will be able to bring my baby to work, so it will be good for us to both get used to the ERGO baby from the beginning :)… looking forward to baby wearing!

  120. gravatar for Ringtailed Lemur Ringtailed Lemur

    I would love to win this baby carrier not only is it organic but it looks sooooo comfortable and I’m looking for one as we are going travelling to France with my 18month Freya who has now outgrown her babybjorn and her stretchy wrap.

  121. gravatar for Ashley Couse Ashley Couse

    I’d love to win this beautiful ergo carrier! It would be super helpful for my nannying job and hopefully one day I could use it with my own little ones. :)

  122. gravatar for Karen T Karen T

    Let me count the reason we would love to win this wonderful prize….!
    To name a few:
    1) 2 parents, 2 kiddles and presently only 1 very well used Ergo!
    2) we want to do some travel and 2 ergos instead of a big bulky pram would be awesome
    3) Oscar is a dribbly drooly pukey boy and I need to wash ergo more often than I’d like, so having two would mean. I could wash one and he would still have another to sleep in

  123. gravatar for Adriana Adriana

    I don’t have children yet, but I would like to carry my future babes safely and comfortably everywhere I go!

  124. gravatar for Francene Hemingway Francene Hemingway

    I would love an ergo! My little boy has just turned 9-mths (7-mths corrected age) & has been a cheeky little monkey since his early arrival! We’ve had a baby bjorn since birth, but he has HATED it , much to my baby-wearing heart’s discontent. But I’ve continued to baby-wear, but through holding him most of every day. He’s just allowing more time in the carrier, but its not comfy & an ergo would’ve been a significantly better choice! Alas finances don’t allow the purchase of two carriers in one house! x

  125. gravatar for Eileen Eileen

    Trying for another so a new carrier would be amazing.. uuber super keen on tandem! And I might share some snuggles with dada too :)

  126. gravatar for Mira MacIver Mira MacIver

    When we found out we were expecting twins we were terrified. All the more terrified b/c I knew baby wearing would be difficult. I always feel guilty when I have to choose which babe to wear. I’d be overjoyed to be able to wear both loves at the same time.

  127. gravatar for Rhiannon Rhiannon

    What a wonderful competition Georgia! I have a new little 10 week old daughter Indiana, and babywearing is a life saver for both her and her big brother Cooper, I love that they can be close, but just as importantly, safe.

  128. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    I would love love love a Ergo! My little one has allergies and excema that flares up often so having her up off the ground and close to me is a great comfort to know that she’s out of danger.
    Also, with the plans for another bubby, we’ll need one to help hold one bub while chasing the other!! xx

  129. gravatar for Hannah Hannah

    I would love to win the Ergo so that I can give it to my wonderful friend who is expecting! It is organic, beautifully designed, and such a sweet way to bond and experience the world with baby.

  130. gravatar for Lindsay Erickson Lindsay Erickson

    I have always used pouch slings to carry my babies as Ergos are out of my price range. What a great opportunity to be able to win one!

  131. gravatar for Chastidy Chastidy

    I would loooovvvve to become an ergo wearing mama. I am currently a baby wearing mama but can’t afford an ergo. Lucy told me she wants to ride in style… please make it happen :)

  132. gravatar for Kai Kai

    I am a longtime follower of Documenting delight on facebook. I would love a Ergo because we are avid babywearers, My beautiful DD has been worn since the moment she came earthside, we are facing some scary longterm tests in hospital with her soon, she has some quite serious suspected kidney damage, An ergo would be ideal to help us through this trying time, it won’t take up as much room as our wraps and would look more ‘mainstream’ for day to day life on the wards.

    Good luck to all the mamas and papas. I am sure you will choose most wisely G xxx

  133. gravatar for Libby graham Libby graham

    We love wearing our little 4mo girl, and she loves it to! Ergos look so comfy and would love the opportunity to win one x

  134. gravatar for Belinda Belinda

    I love wearing my little munchkin however as he was in a brace for his hips the ergo was uncomfortable as it dug the bar into me so I had to purchase one that is not recommended for healthy hip development as it was the only one that was comfortable. Now that he is out of his brace (as of last Friday) I want to get an ergo as they are one of the few brands recommended for healthy hip positioning so the chance to win one is pretty awesome!

  135. gravatar for Mary Mary

    Great giveaway! I am an aunt but we live with my in-laws, so I do spend a lot of time with my infant niece & her seven year old sister. While I LOVE spending time with them, dividing that time is demanding… I can’t help but think how much easier life would be if I could wear one kid & chase the other! haha And, you know… thinking ahead, I hope to have kiddos in the near future to wear as well! :)

  136. gravatar for Kirstie Johnson Kirstie Johnson

    I have a 5 month old son who is already 20lbs! I feel like I can’t keep up with his growth and he has already grown out of two slings :(
    Ive really wanted an ergo! But cannot afford it! I always read how amazing they are and how much everyone loves them but just can’t swing the cost right now.
    We would be so incredibly grateful and excited to win!
    I love your blog and your little ones make me giggle everyday! Thank you for doing what you do!

  137. gravatar for sinead sinead

    I have a toddler and I’m due to have my next baby in January. Was reallywanting to get an ergo carrier already but don’t think my budget will allow for it. If I won this it would make life with a new born and a toddler so much easier!!!

  138. gravatar for Amy Amy

    I am 16 weeks pregnant with my first baby, and an Ergo is high on my list of “must haves” for this little one. For all the reasons you stated above and many more, I know how important it is to create a safe, secure and close bond and believe with all my heart a carrier is such a great tool in facilitating this!

  139. gravatar for Melissa-Lea Meyer Melissa-Lea Meyer

    My sister is about to POP and I would love to be able give this to her. She wasn’t able to extend her budget to get an ergo (and i’m not ready to part with mine!)

  140. gravatar for Stephanie J Stephanie J

    I would love to win an Ergo! I wrap my daughter often but would love to find a carrier that my husband will use as well.

  141. gravatar for Chantelle Hodgkinson Chantelle Hodgkinson

    I have a very girly carrier that my husband really doesn’t enjoy wearing but will for the sake of being able to carry our 7 month old daughter. We would both love it if he could have his own designated carrier as he, like I, loves to wear our children around. He will also become her primary caregiver when I return to work so it would be awesome if he had a nice carrier to wear her in.

  142. gravatar for Kim Dennis Kim Dennis

    I would love an Ergo to carry my little Granddaughter in. I babysit her and my pre-schooler granddaughter often, I also have a pre-schooler son, so we find it a bit tricky to get out, this would give us so much more freedom to explore all the wonders of the world. Thankyou

  143. gravatar for Amièle Amièle

    Because even with a woven wrap, a mei tai, a pouch-style sling and a full-fledged hiking baby backback, I still feel like I’m missing something. Wore the now-5-y.o. a lot, till even a few months ago when he was too tired to walk (but he’s heaaaavy in a mei-tai!) Still wearing the 2 y.o. pretty much every other day, on my back, even with baby 3 on board… Have been eyeing the Ergo but my b-friend will kill me if I buy ‘another’ baby-waering item :)

  144. gravatar for Stevie Catchlove Stevie Catchlove

    I would live a more daddy friendly carrier! He is not a fan of wrapping or tying the mei tai .. He needs something with buckles definitely!

  145. gravatar for Marnie Marnie

    What a fabulous giveaway!!!! I would love an Ergo Baby Carrier so I can give back the one that has so generously been lent to me.

  146. gravatar for Tasha Tasha

    I would love to win an ergo please <3 i've tried one and its so gorgeously soft and supportive! Would love to have one and carry my DD2 in it for sure :)

  147. gravatar for Krystie Lovery Krystie Lovery

    I’m a Mummy of 3 under 3 and I adore baby wearing. I still wear my eldest and all three kids love being snuggled so close ♥

  148. gravatar for Josie Josie

    Hi! :)
    I would love the ergo carrier because as my little bubba grows up i know it will get harder to go shopping or just out and an ergo is the perfect solution to keeping my LG safe :).
    I love baby wearing it is simply amazing and i am so grateful to my friend whom introduced it to me!

  149. gravatar for Hanna Johnson Hanna Johnson

    I LOVE ergo’s & babywearing & would love to gift this to our local sling library here in NZ so other Mama’s can try out & find out the wonders of wearing their little ones so close!

  150. gravatar for Suellen Dodson Suellen Dodson

    With three children who have all been carried throughout the day (and sometimes the night!), our precious Ergo is on its last legs (daily babywearing for 7 years will do that ;). We are planning a 4th and possibly a 5th bubba so a brand new Ergo would mean that we can continue the precious, long-term human tradition of carrying our beloved little ones. I spend a lot of time in the garden and this would mean that I can get on with daily tasks whilst keeping my babies close and give them free-access to their Mama’s milk. Thanks :)

  151. gravatar for Amy Brittingham Amy Brittingham

    I would love to receive this beautiful Ergo, my husband and I share a Boba and I’m 17wk pregnant with babe #2!! Winning this would save us from having to purchase a second carrier (for him, who has requested one. eek!!)

  152. gravatar for Sari Sari

    That Ergo is so cute! I would love it because It does not look like the usual baby carrier, it looks stylish and would go well with my mum uniform of singlet & denim skirt/jeans/cargos. I have 3 boys, and to keep them happy it means running all around the place which is tough to do with a 3rd little bear. I can imagine running behind my big boys carrying my third little traveller easily so no one misses out. Except me as I want to go to bed for 36 hours. Or for a massage.

  153. gravatar for Anna EldenBrady Anna EldenBrady

    I would love an Ergo carrier because I have such difficulty carrying my little girl on my own. She will be ten months old on October 3rd and I find myself using the stroller more and more instead of the ring sling due to how my arthritis reacts to carrying her on long walks, or even just while hanging large loads of laundry on the line. I would love to be able to go back to carrying her more often- I think it would make me feel more secure in my ability to both parent and deal with a disability if I had a carrier that better distributed her weight and made carrying all close-to-20lbs of her a little easier and I certainly can’t afford to purchase one of these on my own- I’ve been eyeing them from afar for quite some time and I can never find one on Craig’s List used that isn’t still over 100USD.

  154. gravatar for Emilie Curtin Emilie Curtin

    I have heard nothing but wonderful things about the ergo. I have 2 girls, one is 2.5 and one is 15months. I’ve always done, and still do “baby wearing”, and have tried so many different wraps, slings and carriers. What my eldest liked, my second didn’t and vice versa! I have never tried an ergo though, and it is on my “to do list”…so winning one (especially because baby no.3 isn’t far away) would be awesome to say the least! :)

  155. gravatar for Madeline Madeline

    Next year we are travelling for six months through SE Asia and also Europe. You have utterly convinced me that an ergo is the solution for our son who will be 2 and 3/4 when we head off. I would love to win this beautiful one!

  156. gravatar for Donna Donna

    I just found out my ergo baby is a fake!! Very annoyed & upset. Not to mention angry at the people selling these fakes!
    So I would absolutely love to win the desert bloom ergo as I am going to destroy & throw out my fake one, will not take the chance of it breaking while carrying my 3 month old!

  157. gravatar for Stephanie Stephanie

    Hello! Everybody wants the Ergo! I have been using a wrap carrier since my baby was born, but he is just too large for it now – can’t lift him high enough over my head to take him out of it, now that his legs have become SO LONG! (how did that happen??) I’ve tried an Ergo at my local sling library, and it’s so much easier to get him in and out of it. I’m so wanting one as I can’t bear to stop babywearing – we both just love it and I know it has contributed to our incredibly strong bond. Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy one, even a used one from ebay as they resell for very high prices. Would love to win this one.

  158. gravatar for Aimee Aimee

    My son is the most beautiful manifestation of love that I could have ever asked for. He is already a very curious little man at 5 months) and loves to be close to his mum and dad. We would love to have the ergo carrier so that he can remain close to us while exploring his wonderful new world. To have a safe and secure introduction into this world is my gift to him.

  159. gravatar for Rosie Rosie

    I’m a recent follower of Documenting Delight thanks to some friends who follow you on Facebook. I’ve just had bub #2 and she likes to be held much more then #1 ever did! A baby carrier would make life a whole lot easier!

  160. gravatar for Talia Talia

    Well I have to enter. We LOVE our Ergo (thanks to your husband for sharing the ergo love via Instagram!), and it would be super handy to have another one to either lend to people, or have with baby number 2. :-)

  161. gravatar for Brooke Brooke

    We have been looking at these carriers for our second baby who has just arrived and has so far in the few weeks she has been with us been carried everywhere as we run to all our daily activities for her sister. I can only imagine that life will continue like this and the carrier would make it a whole lot easier and more comfortable for the littlest member of our family as her sister goes off to preschool, parties and lessons and her family off to dinners bbq bushwalks and holidays!!!

  162. gravatar for Emily Ault Emily Ault

    Love to have a chance to win this beautiful Ergo…. I have made several MT and RS for master 10months but looking for something with Long lasting back carry for a camping holiday and an Ergo would be great lots of my friends have them and cant talk highly enough about them. x

  163. gravatar for crystal shean crystal shean

    Wow I would love an ergo so I have my fingers crossed that you will be emailing me. It would make my life so much easier with a newborn who doesn’t like to be put down and a toddler to chase :)

  164. gravatar for nicole may nicole may

    I have a 4 month old daughter who refuses to go in her pram and an ergo would help me out as she currently has a carrier which she loves and falls asleep in but i cannot wear for long periods of time as it is hurting my back. I have tried on the ergo and love it

  165. gravatar for Kim Karamanian Kim Karamanian

    I want to win, so that my very deserving little sister can have the benefits of such a wonderful baby carrier! She has tried so hard to have a baby and has gone through so many health issues. Anything to make her smile, I’ll do!

  166. gravatar for Jess Jess

    I have a 1 year old and she’s getting heavy in my wrap sling. I have heard that Ergos are fabulous and would love to try one- and maybe be able to carry her for longer than 1/2 hour.

  167. gravatar for Lauren Warne Lauren Warne

    I would love to win an Ergo to gift to my wonderful sister-in-law who has had her first born (a sweet baby girl, Matilda) 9 weeks ago. For all that she has done for me and my 5 children nothing could repay her, and having an Ergo carrier I know will help her through the days Matilda wants to be with mumma to herself all day long.

  168. gravatar for Sarah Mawby Sarah Mawby

    I never ‘baby wore’ with my eldest two but started with number 3 as he was so colicy and wanted to be upright… Now I have to wear him at least once a day and even at 7 months old he sees my tai mei and gets so excited!! Would love to win because… baby wearing is awesome!

  169. gravatar for Lucy Lee Lucy Lee

    I have moved to a new town a year ago and have met some wonderful mums here. Everybody seems to be talking about Ergo baby carriers and I feel so blessed to have met some down to earth, like minded, baby carrying parents. My little boy is nearly 2 and, although I didn’t know it at the time, we have ben doing attachment parenting right from the very start. I have been carrying him on my hip for the passed two years because we just can’t afford an Ergo, even though I’ve heard from other mums that “there’s just no point in getting anything else” !!! We have a second hand hiking pack to go on small adventures, but I feel like I just want him a bit closer! Anyway, glad I found your blog – love, love, love your beautiful images!

  170. gravatar for Luna Luna

    Hello! I would LOVE an ergobaby! I have coveted them for some time – we have a hand-me-down baby bjorn that is falling apart, and while I have a cloth sling as I prefer to wear my baby on my back or hip, I live in Brisbane and the cloth sling just gets too hot for us. Also, kudos for endorsing the baby wearing – it really does make for a happy baby :)

  171. gravatar for Ashley Fraser Ashley Fraser

    I want to win an ErgoBaby carrier because: 1. wearing my 3-month old son is the best–he loves it, and so do I! 2. ErgoBaby is a recognized and reliable brand; a coveted item for sure! 3. I’m a stay-at-home-mom now and don’t have the money to buy an ErgoBab carrier on my own accord 4. should I be lucky enough to win / own an ErgiBaby carrier, I know it’ll be one of my few prized possessions that will be used and adored for many, many years!! :o)

  172. gravatar for Jerene wambolt Jerene wambolt

    I have six beautiful children, one who does not walk due to spina bifida, and two who do jot walk due to age (they are under a year old). I would love to have an ergo! Carriers are a must for us. I simply do not have enough hands ; )

  173. gravatar for Sisilia Sisilia

    I have a 19 month old and I am also 3 months pregnant. We have an Ergo already and we love it dearly, but now that we are expecting another bundle of joy we would love to have another for the new baby. Hope we win. Much love to you.

  174. gravatar for karen b karen b

    I am a soon to be primary foster carer of a 6 month old little one. In order for the child to feel part of our family it will take a lot of ‘together/bonding’ time. What better way than feeling close & loved. Early healthy attachment equals healthy/normal child development. Help me give this bubba a new start? :-)

  175. gravatar for Karen Browning Karen Browning

    Attachment to a parent is the way to healthy, happy & normal child development. As a soon to be foster carer for a 6 month old child i cannot think of a better way to bond/connect to this little one. Help me give bubba the best start to a happy healthy life

  176. gravatar for Melaine Melaine

    I have an eleven-year-old with special needs who requires lots of chasing and a toddler who isn’t quite able to keep up. Plus a car that is nearing the end of its life so we’re doing a lot of walking these days to extend that life. We could REALLY use an Ergo!

  177. gravatar for Bianca Humphreys Bianca Humphreys

    I am so inspired by all your stories and photos of baby carrying and really want to try it for myself but my husband wont let me get one. We are due to have our second bub in five weeks so this would be such a wonderful thing to have :-)

  178. gravatar for ashleigh ashleigh

    Following on Facebook! =)
    The Ergo would be a blessing for us. I currently have the Baby K’tan and it has worked well up until now. Now lil one isn’t so little. At 4 months and almost twenty pounds, he’s becoming quite the challenge to carry. Not to mention I have a bad back that doesn’t allow for me to hold him long unless I have the proper support from a carrier. I’ve been looking at the Ergo and trying to hold out until the last minute to make the purchase. I could really use the Ergo to keep my little one close and continue to build the bond I have with him. He loves to be held and I love holding him, but my back cries. Crossing my fingers.

  179. gravatar for Allira Allira

    Homeschooling three big kids and our bubba, we are often far off the beaten track – would love bub to be in an ergo while we carry on our adventures with our big kids!

  180. gravatar for Amanda Amanda

    I would love to win this ergo for my nine month old little monkey! He loves being close and I’d much rather carry him than have him in the pram when we are out and about.

  181. gravatar for Dondons Dondons

    I’d love to win this because I’d donate it to be raffled at the Bundaberg Babywearing Event in aid of “Hear 4 Alana”, a 4 year who has bilateral servere conductive hearing loss, caused by microtia (small/absent ear and narrow canals).

  182. gravatar for Manju Manju

    I’d tried using a wrap carrier for my 10 month old baby girl, but I always felt it just wasn’t comfortable, she got loose too quickly, plus she would get warm in it pretty soon. So, we really haven’t used it. I’ve been reading your posts on baby wearing, and your kiddos seem super comfy in the Ergo! Would love to try it. We are planning a Sri Lanka trip soon…and an Ergo will really help us in our adventure! :)

  183. gravatar for Stacey Wentford-Hall Stacey Wentford-Hall

    Hey Georgia! What a wonderful give away! I’d love to win the ergobaby carrier as we’re expecting our 2nd baby girl in February! One of my biggest mummy regrets is not being able to afford a good carrier for when my Enna Bea was wee. It would be great to show her and her unborn sister the joys of baby wearing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  184. gravatar for Natalie Simpson Natalie Simpson

    I would love to win an Ergo carrier! I’m pregnant with my second baby & am looking forward to HBACing, co sleeping & wearing new baby as much possible! Unfortunately I listened to outside pressure with my first & didn’t wear him as much as I would’ve liked because I didn’t want to ‘create bad habits’ as I was advised it would. Thankfully this time around I am much more informed & stronger in my parenting beliefs & will be going with my instincts all the way – hubby & I will be wearing new baby as much as we can to help them with the 4th trimester.
    (ps Love your photography work!!)

  185. gravatar for Heather R. Heather R.

    Thanks for the chance to win! Would love to be able to carry my little rainbow in this when she comes in 2 weeks! Love your blog and your family! :)

  186. gravatar for Typsy Gypsy Typsy Gypsy

    I’d love to give this as a gift to a wonderful woman who has been through a lot with pregnancies. Hopefully this time is finally the right time, she will be a wonderful mother xx

  187. gravatar for Dave Matthews Dave Matthews

    This is a little embarrassing to say…but if I wasn’t a human, I would love to be a Kangaroo. Unfortunately, I don’t think this transition into the marsupial world is happening for me any time soon, which is why this Ergo would at least get me one step closer to getting my Skippy on. Oh, and my arms are hurting from carrying around my darling 6 week old around all the time – but the main reason is the the whole Kangaroo thing.

  188. gravatar for Leslie Cannatella Leslie Cannatella

    I would like to win because:… As most of my Facebook family knows, I am a stay at home mom (not really a lot of option otherwise) to our 2 year old Autistic son and our 6 month old baby boy. My older child requires CONSTANT interaction as part of his therapy and to be honest, the freedom of being hands free to help my son, while also being able to show attention by keeping my smallest child close would be AMAZING! This would make my world a little less hectic and I would be OVER THE MOON HAPPY to have it- (wouldn’t miss a days use!!!)

  189. gravatar for nat b nat b

    I would love ths groovy ergo to pass on to a gorgeous mumma friend of mine

  190. gravatar for erin erin

    love love love my ergo.. it is well used and loved, and now another mama and babe are loving it up too.
    i’d love an extra pair of ‘arms’ for my next babe..

  191. gravatar for jess hay jess hay

    This post is wonderful. I love tat you are inspiring so many others to baby cary. I would love an Ergobaby Carrier. I care for so many children and would love to be able to care for them in such a gentle way.

  192. gravatar for Camille Lariana Camille Lariana

    Hi Georgia, I would love to win the ergo carrier, because i know it will really be put to good use. My daughter was born with skeletal dysplasia and she has difficulty in growing. This means that she looks like a 6 month old baby but she is actually 3 years old. We are always traveling for her doctors appointments, taking flights, taxis, boats and sometimes its not only difficult for her once she sees all the doctors but for us. I hope i will win because i promise it will be used for a long long time. Love your blog. Camille

  193. gravatar for Rebecca Bird Rebecca Bird

    I would love this for my baby girl for our walks, Then I’ll have my hands free and my 2 year old boy can ride his bike instead of being stuck in the boring double stroller!

  194. gravatar for erin phillips erin phillips

    I want to win this not for myself but for my friend who is having her first baby next month :)

  195. gravatar for Melissa Melissa

    I’m looking to win this for a good friend of mine. She just had a baby a month ago. She has two other children and had to run away from her abusive husband. I am so in awe of her and all that she has done for her children. She is tandem breastfeeding and doing everything. She has been talking about wanting to get an Ergo to help her while her very very fussy colicky newborn baby is screaming so she can hold him and do housework at the same time. I would really like to surprise her with this incredible carrier that has helped me so much!

  196. gravatar for Melissa Melissa

    I am a week away from having baby #2, & am an avid babywearer after it was so successful with my #1 (who is now 7). I have always coveted the elusive Ergo, which is unfortunately outside of our budget. I always hear so many raving reviews about it & would adore the opportunity to join the exclusive Ergo-wearers club!

  197. gravatar for sally florisson sally florisson

    I am 12 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I have been wanting an Ergo baby carrier ever since I first saw your blog and how much easier travelling and life is for you with one! Please put me in the draw to win!
    I love your blog Georgia – with so much negativity around about having kids (you’ll have no life, make the most of going out and sleep-ins etc!) you always remind me that there is beauty in everyday moments and having kids is the most special and wonderous thing in this world! So thank-you and please keep blogging! :)

  198. gravatar for Emma Emma

    I imagine I will be an avid baby wearer with my babies and I’ve been trying to find the best baby carrier, this could be just what I’m looking for:)

  199. gravatar for Erin Erin

    I would love to win this carrier because we are trying for baby number three and the carriers I used for the first two were just plain crumby! I want to make sure I get the right carrier this time and this one looks perfect!

  200. gravatar for Melissa Melissa

    I would love to win this baby carrier as I’m 35 weeks pregnant with my second son and know how handy it would be with a crazy little 2 year old boy to run after.

  201. gravatar for Maria Magher Maria Magher

    I would love to win this so that we can carry our (rapidly growing) little one with comfort! (I am also a fan on Facebook, but my name there is “Maria Elaine.”) Fingers crossed;)

  202. gravatar for Betsi Betsi

    My little one #4 is just getting too big to comfortably wear in the Moby wrap. I’ve really wanted an Ergo carrier but haven’t got the money at the time to purchase one!

  203. gravatar for Georgia Georgia

    Oh Ergo! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways . . . Certainly we could not have survived our many hospital stays with a toddler attached to an IV pole without you. We could not have withstood a cranky toddler on steroids without you to keep her safe and happy, strapped to our backs. We would not have explored the forest as much as we have. We would not have left our house as much as we have! Oh Ergo! We love you so.

  204. gravatar for Jenn parish Jenn parish

    Baby number one is due November 26 and I need to keep moving with a newborn ! This carrier would be a great help to keep me moving with a baby around the house and farm !

  205. gravatar for Caitlin Roy Caitlin Roy

    With my little ones (9 months) first adventure to Washington, DC United States this would be a great help! Also, wanted to let you know how much I love your blog and posts on Facebook.

  206. gravatar for Debbie J Debbie J

    I’m so glad that a friend (who has just had her first child a few weeks ago) insisted that I look up your blog, I’ve been an avid follower for the last 12 months – thanks Mrs A!
    Our first baby is due anytime now, and of all the things we have sorted, a carrier is not one of them! I’d love to have the ability to carry bubs around and show her the world the way that you have with your kids.

  207. gravatar for Tania Chaplain Tania Chaplain

    Hi, I don’t really want to enter the competition as I already have an Ergo, for baby number 7. I only started using one with my 4th baby and then had twins so didn’t use it but i just wanted to say how amazing the Ergo is and after reading through all these comments, how challenging it will be to choose a winner.

  208. gravatar for Shelby Florio Shelby Florio

    I would love to win this and use it with my next child! Didn’t have one with my first and would be great!

  209. gravatar for Tawnya Guimond Tawnya Guimond

    Thank you for such a great giveaway. My husband and I never quite figured out how to babywear with our 10 month old (thank goodness there is still time) and now we are pregnant with our second and really want to learn how. My Midwife and Chiropractor both love their ergos and it would be so helpful to win one.

  210. gravatar for alex alex

    as a single mumma, i carried my first baby in a ring sling and we loved our adventures together…and i loved being able to get stuff done around the house while she slept peacefully on me. seven years later and my next baby was born a kilo heavier than my first (and my body was seven years older!) and the ring sling just didn’t cut it. i bought an ergo and it saved my back (and our sanity)…and we all love our adventures together. i have a single friend who is expecting her first child and i would love to win the ergo to give to her, so she can experience the joy and adventure of babywearing too.

  211. gravatar for naomi naomi

    I have been following your blog and facebook page for a while and you always seem to be able to write about your parenting experiences in such a true to life, down to earth sort of way. Your experiences seem familiar, I smile as I recognise the emotions you put into words so well, and illustrate wirh your beautiful photographs. Again, in this post you have managed to put into words all my thoughts and experiences on babywearing since having my daughter nearly 5 years ago, and renewed since my son decided to join our happy hippy family a year ago. I love my ergo, the practicality of it and the way it allows me to envelop my child in a constant reassuring cuddle as I get on with the busy business of life! If I won this Ergo I would give it to a dear friend who has lost her own ergo and is struggling financially to buy a replacement.

  212. gravatar for Kelly Cook Kelly Cook

    Couldn’t agree more with how much easier baby wearing makes being a mum, especially with 2!! However our little fellow is getting too big for his wrap, but we still need to be able to “wear”him and an ergo would be ideal. Have been looking at them recently but they are a bit exxy to buy outright! Fingers crossed we can win one.

  213. gravatar for Cathy Woolley Cathy Woolley

    I would love to win this so I could be FREE!! Whenever I walk around holding my bubba boy (7mth) he wiggles, and throws himself around and I end up HAVING to use two hands…. if I could have him strapped to me I would be FREEEEEEEEEEEE! lol!

  214. gravatar for Crystal B Crystal B

    I have heard and read about the benefits of these and so would love to try one out on baby number 3.

  215. gravatar for Nova Chartrand Nova Chartrand

    Ahhh Georgia, you make it look so easy. Lots of traveling in the future with the family, sure would be nicer with an Ergo!

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