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(Photo by my friend Andi)

Little girl,

My heart ached when I knew you weren’t a toddler anymore. I couldn’t bear to think of you without those padded thighs and the sound of your little sentences, trying out your new words. I willed every part of you to stay small, to be my baby for a little while longer. I lay in bed at night and whispered prayers over each of your chubby limbs, please stay small, please stay my baby.

One morning you woke beside me I knew the toddler was gone. Beside me lay a little girl. Your legs so long, your eyes so clever and you words spinning wild and confident tales. “Good morning mummy” you say with shining eyes. “Did you have a good sleep mama?” as you reach your hand out to hold mine. I am in awe of you, your thoughtfulness, your kind heart, your wild spirit. I enjoy your company so much.

I lay in bed nursing your brother and you look over at me with your hands propping your chin and your eyes alight. “How about after you put Feo to bed we go sew together?” I smile and you take this as my yes, bouncing out of bed before I’ve had time to get a word in edgewise. As I thread the needle in and out your little face is pressed into the action, your excited breath on my neck. No longer my baby, now my friend.

 Peach, I like who you are so very, very much. When I think about spending your childhood with you, I know I am the luckiest.

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  1. gravatar for Jenny Jenny

    What a beautiful photo of you both – this will be one to treasure for life! You are doing an amazing job as a parent, and those children are so blessed to have you both.

  2. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    Aww *sniff* *sniff* I know this feeling so very well. Beautiful photo! Would love to see more of you in your project :) these are probably the photos your cherubs will treasure most xo

  3. gravatar for Carrie Carrie

    This is beautiful! A relationship to cherish, that’s for sure! Love your words and the picture :)

  4. gravatar for Andi Andi

    You are the sweetest pair – you and your peach. You are so in awe of her and so in love, it is obvious to see. I am sure she knows how adored she is and that is why she is so loveing, so adoring and so in awe of you.

    You girls make me smile, thank you for giving me a chance to catch this moment, but really you both made it so easy xx

  5. gravatar for Mrs Karen T Mrs Karen T

    Such a precious picture Georgia! And your words make me teary. I know all of those feelings, those wishes and grappling with changes around our precious babies xxx

  6. gravatar for Claudia Duarte Claudia Duarte

    They grow so fast….
    My girls are getting so grown up…. sometimes i look at them and wonder where my babies went…

    Beautiful photo and words….

  7. gravatar for Stephanie Stephanie

    I love reading you!! I love how you put in such beautifull words those warm feelings a can relate sooooooo much with … I have two daughters (4y & 6m) and I read your delightfull stories while breastfeeding, at night … It puts a smile on my face eeeeeeverytime!!


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