30 Day Grateful Challenge Giveaway

“We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures.“-Thornton Wilder.

Ah… aren’t those the loveliest words to have written on your wrist?

This is the special giveaway for today and … I am half tempted to keep it for myself!

Inscribed on sterling silver within a portal of brass and slipped onto supple leather with brass hook closure. Made in the USA. RRP $120

 Isn’t it divine?

This beautiful bracelet is being given today by my beautiful mama; who does corporate talking on the subject of gratitude.

She runs 30 Day Grateful Challenge, please go check it out.

I recently had the pleasure of going and participating in one of her ‘life classes’ and it was the most incredible morning ever. These talks she gives change peoples lives. They changed mine. The thought that more and more people can be given the tools and information that this 30 Day Grateful Challenge gives makes me feel like everything might be okay after all. This stuff is life changing and if you do nothing else I ever tell you, check this stuff out.

Now, if you’d like to be reminded every single day of what’s important, enter! Here’s how:

1) Like the 30 Day Grateful Challenge Facebook Page & check out her website.

If you want you can say hi on her Facebook wall (say her favourite child sent you! ha!)

2) Comment below using your name & tell what your treasures are.

And that’s it!

I really appreciate anyone who shares this giveaway with their friends

The winners to all this weeks giveaways will be drawn at random on Sunday the 12th of February.

Entries close 12th Feb 6pm AEST. 

56 Responses to “30 Day Grateful Challenge Giveaway”

  1. gravatar for Simone Simone

    My treasure are by far my family, my beautiful babies and amazing hubby and my hope and faith in an amazing God.

  2. gravatar for Ellie Ellie

    My treasures are my beautiful daughter and husband and some very special friends I am lucky to have. Xx

  3. gravatar for Claire Lewis Claire Lewis

    I treasure all the special people in my life – my daughter, my love and my family – without them, my world stops turning.

  4. gravatar for Jess Jess

    My most precious treasures are my children and my mother-I carry their hearts in mine. But I also treasure my books, my photos and I can’t forget myself ;)

  5. gravatar for Alicia Juniku Alicia Juniku

    My greatest treasure is my husband and daughter….they are the lights of my life. For treasures not physically related to me, my favorites are: the smell in the air just before it rains, a good hour quietly knitting, and the way the sun shines through my dining room windows on summer mornings. I have been blessed.

  6. gravatar for Liddell Liddell

    Liked your mums page..what a fantastic idea!! My treasure are my two beautiful children. I’m so grateful they have come into my life to teach me true love, joy and patience. I’m blessed beyond words.

  7. gravatar for Alicia Mewburn Alicia Mewburn

    My treasures are of course my family but also the feeling of oneness which comes from either a great meditation or ‘being’ in nature!

  8. gravatar for Carolyn Hunt Carolyn Hunt

    My treasures…..my 3 beautiful boys that I’ve been blessed with & my wonderful, selfless, caring, loving, biggest boy of all – my hubby forever :)

  9. gravatar for Amelia apogremiotis Amelia apogremiotis

    My treasure’s are the beautiful memories I make with family and friends. My most precious treasures are the memories I am making with my two daughters.xx maybe hubby too :p

  10. gravatar for Gemma dolan Gemma dolan

    My treasure is definitely the sound of my kids laughing… Makes my heart want to burst…. Soppy much? Lol

  11. gravatar for Belinda Belinda

    My treasures are my beautiful babies and my wonderful husband. Not to mention my other family members…. I am very very blessed

  12. gravatar for Gabs Gabs

    I love this bracelet its gorgeous.
    My treasures well thats easy my precious darlings who bring me Delight each & every moment of every day!

  13. gravatar for Mrs Karen T Mrs Karen T

    Ruby & Anton & our unborn bub. My family. Anton’s family. Our friends. Our photos. Some artwork. My wedding and engagment rings. As everyone has said… It’s the people that are our real treasures :)

  14. gravatar for Rachel Rachel

    My little boy…my big boy…my Nikon…my hard drive & laptop with all my photos…my postcards…

    We keep hopping countries so my treasures are severely limited! I’ve been following your mum and your sister’s project for a while now — this bracelet is gorgeous!

  15. gravatar for Sarah McDermid Sarah McDermid

    My treasures are the special moments I am allowed to witness or take part in during my job as an ED nurse. I am constantly honored by the trust people put in my hands.

  16. gravatar for Christina Christina

    One of my favorite treasures is my mumma! I’m so grateful for her wisdom and love that has helped shaped who Iam today and made me the Mumma Iam!

  17. gravatar for Celine Leah Celine Leah

    My treasure is…i think i just have to admid that it’s my camera. i don’t know what i could do without it. And also, i love the memories i’ll remember forever, from camping when i was little, and hiking with my grandad.

  18. gravatar for Ashley F. Ashley F.

    The treasures in my life are numerous, and I am ever grateful! All the special people in my life have enriched my life so much—my family and friends….my loving husband and the baby boy growing in my womb….my students and colleagues in the elementary school and dance studio in which I work…. And while I hate to sound materialistic, there are definitely some tangible items that I treasure with all my heart, such as ceramics that my late grandmother made….some other antiques passed down to me from various family members….some gifts hand-made by my father….and, of course, my enormous collection of photographs.

  19. gravatar for Alyssa Alyssa

    My greatest treasures are my children. They have been my treasures for longer than they have been alive as I’ve known them my whole life and spent all of it awaiting their arrival. I feel so blessed to have these amazing little people in my life and I love sharing moments with them.

  20. gravatar for Nell Nell

    My greatest treasures are my family, my Mother and father, my three sisters and my relatives. They are the most important thing in the world for me.

  21. gravatar for Judy Judy

    What a beautiful bracelet!
    My treasures are my family and friends and the gazillion photos i have of them.

  22. gravatar for Julia Julia

    I have so many treasures! I treasure my mum, my dad, my sister and her husband and their three bitty precious, and all my friends who show my every day how to love and be loved.
    And I treasure words. Words are how I can give to others, and how I can take care of myself. I’m always grateful for my words and creativity.

  23. gravatar for katie katie

    this bracelet is just divine.
    like others who have already responded, i am so grateful for my beautiful, healthy family. while our lives are crazy busy and i am often so exhausted, i regularly try to give myself a little shake and remind myself of how lucky i am :)

  24. gravatar for Erin Erin

    That is certainly a beautiful bracelet! My most treasured treasure is my little family (my husband, my baby, and our kitties.)

  25. gravatar for Lisa Gibson Lisa Gibson

    My greatest treasures are my family. My perfect kids, my wonderful husband, my mum and brothers and my dad – even in memories…

  26. gravatar for Jordan Jordan

    Unsurprisingly my treasures are my family — especially my daughter Clementine and son Malcolm

  27. gravatar for Liz Liz

    My treasures are my darling husband, my 2 boys, the life we have created together & my god. Realising i can do anything i set my hands to is an amazing treasure that i have JUST discovered & OMG it is SO liberating :) x

  28. gravatar for Liss Liss

    Of course my treasures are my partner, who is the grounded antithesis to my floaty and flaky nature; our son, who is making me realise that I need to change for the better; and my parents, who are seemingly unendingly patient and supportive.
    Reflecting on my answer has also made me realise how dearly I hold the memory of my grandmother, and how awesome it feels when someone tells me that something I’ve just done or said reminds them of her.

  29. gravatar for Ashley Ashley

    My treasures are my two boys who teach me to live in the moment. My awesome husband who brings me back to earth when I desperately need it. My garden in which I relax and feel at peace. And a good night sleep – though it is very rare! For all of which I am eternally grateful!

  30. gravatar for Roz Roz

    My absolute greatest treasures are Jason and Sebastian – they make life exciting and they make me thankful for every day. Other treasures of mine… healthy, yummy food, deep sleep, creative adventures and good friends.

  31. gravatar for eva eva

    wow that is lovely!!

    One of my treasures is a grateful dead bead that I used to braid into my hair.My 2 year old found it yest all wrapped up in my jewelry box. I am going to wear it again tomorrow.

    ahhh memories!

  32. gravatar for Annie Annie

    Love the bracelet and the website – great idea! My treasures are my husband, my 9 month old son, my friends and family and every wonderful birth i have witnessed as a midwife!

  33. gravatar for Olivia Olivia

    my treasure is my mother. she is my best friend. she has been my little flicker of light in the darkness. without her i probably wouldn’t be breathing.

  34. gravatar for Bonny Bonny

    My treasures….my family (husband, kids, parents and sister)…our health… memories of my Grandparents, making memories with my kids, learning, reading, loving..being loved.

  35. gravatar for Clare Clare

    My greatest treasure was the birth of my daughter as she made me see what a destructive and damaging situation we were living in. It was never going to be OK for her. Walking away from this difficult situation has allowed both my daughter and I to open our wings and smile and laugh. As a team our greatest treasures are just waiting for us!

  36. gravatar for Claudia Claudia

    I started using happyrambles/com a while ago, which really helps me appreciate the wonderful little things that happen to me.
    I think I found my greatest treasure going through the entries: My two wonderful roommates. The days I feel like nothing remotely positive happens, we get together to have dinner, talk or play a game and I feel incredibly grateful that the three of us manage to make our flat a real home.

  37. gravatar for Rana Rana

    My treasures would have to be my kids, and my ability to smile through most things! (Just ask my PT today lol).

  38. gravatar for erin erin

    my treasures seem to be over flowing. i am so grateful for my amazing family, my brilliant and friends, the sound of the ocean, and the amazing network of people who want to express their gratitude in everyday life! thank you to you and your mother for continuously spreading the love!

  39. gravatar for Cesly Cesly

    My treasures are my two daughters and my soon to be husband. They always make me smile. I treasure my mom, my close family and friends who are there for me no matter what. I’m grateful for my books, my camera, our health, and so much more.

  40. gravatar for Kelly Ryan Kelly Ryan

    My treasures are the bits of jewellery I treasure so much. Gifts given to me from the heart.

  41. gravatar for Abbi Abbi

    appart from family and friends, my treasures are my rings. I wear them all most days, my engagement ring, my wedding ring, my mother-in-law’s engagement and eternity ring (she is no longer with us, i actually never met her), the ring that i received when Harley was born, and the ring I received when Elysia was born.

  42. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    Your blog is beautiful, I have just spent a lovely half hour or so trawling through your amazing photos, thank you for sharing. My absolute treasure is my darling 6 month old Molly…. She is currently sleeping like an angel, I just made myself put her down so that I could take the chance to shower, but haven’t made it yet thanks to all the beautiful things I keep finding on the internet!

  43. gravatar for pen pen

    my nearest and dearest treasures are my wonderful husband, our 6 beautiful children and all of our health and happiness :)


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