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For our next giveaway in this week of fun, I wanted something special that wasn’t for the kids. Something to pamper someone who really needs a relax and extra attention so I went searching for a great natural medicine clinic here in Brisbane.

Today’s giveaway is from Elysia at Vibe Natural Health and oh, I am excited.

Courtesy of Vibe Natural Health one very lucky winner will win a ONE HOUR MASSAGE (heck yes!).

In the interest of authenticity I went down to Vibe for a massage myself this afternoon and… I did not ever want that hour to end.

Isn’t the treatment room the loveliest? I want a lofty airy room in my house to be massaged in every day!

 Vibe Natural Health is a natural medicine clinic in Bardon, Brisbane offering Massage, Naturopathy & Nutrition.

One of the things that made me excited about Vibe Natural health is that they have easy parking, private health fund rebates and childcare I’ve always wanted to make time for myself regularly but not been able to because of the kiddos!

Now, for those of you excited to win a FREE one hour massage – you should know that on of their specialities is Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage – they have a special pregnancy massage cushion for comfy massages while lying on your belly – bliss!

Today when I had my massage there I saw Lucy and she was amazing. She is a Remedial & Musculoskeletal therapist. My shoulders are so tight from nursing and baby wearing and just general poor posture and oh, they feel amazing right now!  I think EVERYONE who carries little people around should invest is this ‘me time’.

Elysia is the Naturopath and has have 12 years experience in helping people improve their health. When I first contacted her I had no idea she was this beautiful bride photographed by my sister last year. And she’s as adorable in person as she looks too ;)

Here’s a list of the health issues she loves to help people with:

Hormone Health – Burn Out & Fatigue, Menstrual Cycle Problems, Saliva Hormone Testing, Menopause, Post Pregnancy Care

Digestive Health – Irritable Bowel, Bloating, Food Intolerances, Constipation, Gluten and Dairy free diets.

Allergies and food intolerances – Food allergy testing, Sinus & Hayfever, Kids Eczema.
Fertility – Detox for optimum fertility for men and women, Pre Conception Care, IVF Support.
Stress / Anxiety / Depression – issues related to stress, lack of sleep, traumatic life events and burning the candle at both ends.
Nutrition – Whole foods diets, Foods to improve energy, Cholesterol lowering, Weight Loss.

(as I side note – I think EVERY mother should have their hormones checked! I had no idea how out of whack mine were until I was tested! )

 Please check out their website for all the full details.

If you live in Brisbane – you DESERVE to win this. You could also share this competition with someone you think deserves a good massage!!

Here’s how to enter.

1) Like the Vibe Natural Health Facebook Page & check out their website.

(Say hi on their wall if you want!)

2) Comment below using your name & a valid email address.

As Vibe Natural Health is in Bardon (Brisbane)  it would make sense you live there too if you enter ;)

And that’s it!

Of course, I’d love it if you’d share this giveaway with your friends too :)

The winners to all this weeks giveaways will be drawn at random on Sunday the 12th of February.

(Even if you don’t enter it’s a great idea to like Vibe Natural Health Facebook Page because Elysia posts great meal inspiration for healthy eating and general great healthy living advice!).

35 Responses to “Vibe Natural Health Giveaway”

  1. gravatar for Jamie Hendle Jamie Hendle

    A massage sounds divine! I have a lot of fatigue issues and this would be an amazing pick me up!

  2. gravatar for Rana Rana

    Oh I could so do with this, have done 3 solid weeks at the gym and my muscles are feeling it. Great way to celebrate 10kgs gone!!

  3. gravatar for Naomi O'Connell Naomi O'Connell

    Almost 34 weeks pregnant and have been searching for a good place to get a massage to combat the back pain that has started to make itself known.This place looks gorgeous and their philosophy seems to match what I’m looking for. Will definitely be visiting them soon!

  4. gravatar for Tianda Tianda

    Massage.. yummmmmmmy
    And totally agree, ALL people carrying little people NEED to invest in a massage now & again!

  5. gravatar for Judy Judy

    Oh how much i would love this. My neck and back are killing me at the moment thanks to my darling 8 week old :)
    Childcare , what a bonus!

  6. gravatar for Claire Lewis Claire Lewis

    Another perfect way to celebrate other special mamas and people out there!
    Count me in!

  7. gravatar for Petalia Petalia

    Thanks G, I’ve been wanting to go to a naturopath and now I have a good lead! Oh, and a massage would be divine ;)

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Well, either way whether you get the massage or not *fingers crossed* Elysia is lovely and I know you’d like her as a naturopath.

  8. gravatar for Libby Graham Libby Graham

    This sounds amazing!! I’m about to enter my third trimester and was just thinking ‘I deserve a massage’!

  9. gravatar for Lisa Douglas carroll Lisa Douglas carroll

    I would love a bliss filled hour all to myself!
    I’m loving your give away week and am excited to see whats next???
    Thanks Lisa

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Oh goodness, so many wonderful things to come! I am just so happy to share something wonderful with all the people who read my blog!

  10. gravatar for Leaha Leaha

    This place looks amazing, well, it would be lovely. I also need to visit a naturopath for my babies and me, healthy eating, they have lots of gluten free ideas, i have lost 10kgs, lots more to go…lol…. :)

  11. gravatar for Kylie Giggins Kylie Giggins

    This place looks great. I would love a massage. I think I will have to check out this place regardless for a lot of the services it provides.

  12. gravatar for Jen Jen

    Oh my gosh – how wonderful Georgia! I would absolutely love to have a massage….and especially in a place like that! wow xx Good on you for looking after you!

  13. gravatar for Liz Liz

    Childcare + massage = happy mummy! (seriously, why don’t more places figure out they’d get more business if they had a childminder available!)

  14. gravatar for Sally Cage Sally Cage

    Hello Georgia!

    Love your blog :)

    This would be such a wonderful prize…and it is in my beautiful home suburb of Bardon! Yay :)

    xx Sally

  15. gravatar for Alicia Juniku Alicia Juniku

    I would love this! Except there’s this little issue with my living in the States….it would be tough to get there. : ) Someone is going to be VERY lucky to win this, however.

  16. gravatar for N.Bjornberg N.Bjornberg

    Ohhhh yes please, am a newbie at the gym, for the first time in my life, i am prioritising time for me,
    (not an easy task with 3 kids all needing help in general constantly)
    to get fitter,healthier and boy oh boy can i feel the muscles fighting back!

  17. gravatar for Katherine Katherine

    Being 7.5 months pregnant, with a sick and teething 21 month old toddler, and currently covering not only my boss’s job, but my boss’s boss’s job at the moment I would LOVE this :)

  18. gravatar for Annette Annette

    Sounds totally awesome! Thanks for the awesome blog you have and thinking of mums in their crazy worlds with kids have a great day whatever you get up to tomorrow.

  19. gravatar for Natalie Natalie

    Ooooo yes please! I would LOVE a massage, only first trimester myself (shhhh), but struggling a little so the time out and massage love would be A MAZ ING.

  20. gravatar for Jenny Sheldom Jenny Sheldom

    Hello. I would love this! Except there’s this little issue with my living in the States….it would be tough to get there someone is going to be very lucky to win this, however. But also thanks for the Info.


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