Dogs, Software, Boyfriends & Relationships // Five more questions answered.

1) Do you still have Willow? I haven’t seen photos of your dog in a while…

We no longer have our Great Dane, Willow. We gave Willow to a lovely lady with no little people & plenty of space after it became clear to us that we did not have the time to invest into training her. This still makes us very sad because Willow was such a lovely dog and we loved her. I do feel great knowing she now has a mama who doesn’t have to share her time between two human babies and Willow and is able to just focus on our beautiful big girl!

2) Hi. I love your videos, can you tell me the end of the equation please : talent + marvellous kids + imagination + xxx (video software) = great videos So : xxx = ? ;) Thanx ! 

Thank you! What a lovely comment and initially a mildy confusing question! The video software I use is Final Cut Pro. I hope that helps!

3) Is Errol your first boyfriend?

Errol was not my first boyfriend. I had one serious boyfriend prior to him and despite having a terrible break up we are now friends (he sometimes maintains this website for me!).

I was also not Errol’s first girlfriend.

There was a time when I felt quite uncomfortable at the thought that my beloved had ever locked lips with someone who wasn’t me but having had the experience of loving and losing I am incredibly grateful we both had time to experience relationships that were not right for us to be able to appreciate and treasure what we have now.

4) What do you value most in a relationship ? (friends-lovers-etc)

Most in a relationship? What a difficult thing to pin-point in one aspect!

I think with any relationship it differs person to person as to what I appreciate the most or what I desire from our friendship. I believe any relationship that is worthwhile is real. I want friends who I can be perfectly honest with, that I’m not trying to impress, to out-do or to hide from. I want to see them as themselves and delight in who they are. I want them to do the same for me.

5) How was your first contact with the internet?

I had a life before the internet? 0_0

I think my first internet foray was when we were expecting a French exchange student and my parents let me email back and forth with her before her arrival in Australia. I must have been 13. It was a delightful time and still to this day I get a little thrill from setting my ‘ping’ on my inbox to the same one I used when I was waiting for an email way back then. I remember telling her that our beaches were beautiful but she should watch out for sharks as we normally lost around 10 swimmers each week. Oh how eagerly I awaited her reply that week!

I can’t post without a photo so here is my favourite from Instagram this week ;)

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