Ergo, I love you.


I’ve posted before about how much I love Baby Wearing but todays post is specifically about how much I love my ErgoBaby Carrier.

This morning I got the final word that I will be able to help as a demonstrator for ErgoBaby on the Babes in Arms stall at the Toddler & Baby Show this weekend (if you’re in BrisVegas, you should definitely come say hello! Plus, Ergo carriers are on a special price!).

 I can’t tell you how excited about this I am because there is nothing that would please me more than helping mama (and papas!) invest in  a product that will make parenting so much simpler and more enjoyable.

It has been our trusty companion through every stage of parenting thus far and countless hand free adventures ;)

From international travel & long walks on the beach to adventure days & daily outings our Ergo carrier is the perfect answer for breastfeeding babies, TWO babies, papa’s and babies, sleeping babies, kids wearing babies and safe, secure and content babies. We love, love, love it!

 I could write the longest gushing post detailing exactly how incomparably freeing and lovely it is to have your babe asleep on you AND be able to get stuff done but the fact is – pictures speak louder than words so please enjoy a massive selection of assorted photos featuring the best thing we ever bought for our babies.

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  1. gravatar for Andi Andi

    Yeeah!!! Love the ergo! As I have said before and I will say again, many, many more times – I could NOT have survived being a mother of two babes without my Ergo!

    Very cool that you will be helping out at the Babes in Arms stall, spread that Ergo Lurve :)

    P.S. you can never have too many pics in a post ;)

  2. gravatar for Rachel Rachel

    I couldn’t agree more! Single most best investment we made as far as baby equipment (or lack of baby equipment actually) we bought!

  3. gravatar for Jennifer Jennifer

    I LOVE our ergo, and got a 2nd one soon after finding out I was expecting #2.for Papa, but also in case I can pull of the two baby hold you do so well :-)

  4. gravatar for Erin Erin

    Oh my, how I love my Ergo. I love the way my son’s little body feels against mine and how he sleeps so cozily while I’m wearing him. I love how comfortable the Ergo is for both of us. And I love your pictures!

  5. gravatar for Em Em

    Thanks for this post, I have been umming and ahhing over what baby carrier to use with our second and this post has decided it for me. I have placed my order for an Ergo and can’t wait to carry the little dude around in it come November time :)

  6. gravatar for Rachel Rachel

    Can we just start by saying how SAUCY you look in those heels. Wowzas.

    I love wrapping my baby on me. She is pretty petite so we still like the moby and maya best but also have a beco carrier that I’m sure we’ll use more once she fattens up a bit.

    Her and I both need to feel close and having her wrapped on me is the best for everyone!

  7. gravatar for Stephanie Stephanie

    I had been using a Moby Wrap for 8 months with my son and got an Ergo a month ago so that I can wear him on my back (he is getting really heavy). But I am HATING IT – on my back he feels like he is going to flip out, and on the front the stiff fabric cuts into his chin and cheek. I spent so much money on the Ergo but I’ve never been able to use it. Give me a nice snug, safe wrap any day.

    • gravatar for Georgia Georgia

      Hi Stephanie, I am sorry you feel that way! That sucks. It’s the worst spending A LOT of money on something and not enjoying it! Plus, you are the first person who has said they’re not enjoying their ergo!

      That being said, your little boy shouldn’t feel like he’s going to flip out at all. Is there any way you can go to somewhere retailing Ergo’s or specialising in babywearing to have it fitted correctly? Baby should feel secure and safe on your back and front. If you boy isn’t very long in his torso and the top of the carrier is rubbing on his face perhaps you could consider putting a small cushion (like the cushion in the infant insert) to prop him up in the carrier so his face is not on the edge like that.

      Also, I find if I put my baby on the front first THEN slide baby around I feel much more secure than if I put my baby down into the carrier already on my back. This video on youtube shows someone doing it.

      Hope that helps! Otherwise rest assured Ergo’s have a great re-sell value!

      • gravatar for Stephanie Stephanie

        Thanks for your reply and advice. I guess one of the problems with buying online is that there’s nobody to help you with it – and the booklet that came with mine is really uninformative, with no photos (just some drawings) and very very brief instructions about how to put the baby in – nothing about how to adjust the straps etc. I don’t know where to put his arms either – I see from your photos that you put them both under and over the sides. Does the baby feel safe when his arms are over the straps? I usually try to put them under…

        We tried it again today, in the back carry as that’s what I bought it for, but I just find that the arm straps are either too loose so he feels very insecure, or they are too tight and hurt him (he starts to whimper and cry). And it just feels so hard and abrasive to me.

        I have found complaints online about the Ergo, but it seems that they are mainly from people who, like me, are used to soft wraps.

        I will spend more time on youtube to see how to get the arm straps right. Thanks again.


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