like her mama



The little mama could be heard telling her baby “only a little bit and no biting!”. When I returned from grabbing my camera she was stroking the dolls head as I stroke Theo’s, humming to herself.

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  1. gravatar for Dolly Dolly

    Graciosa demais!!!! Instinto materno, isso é certo!
    A figura dos bons exemplos!
    Vou repetir a imagem em meu blog.
    Parabéns, Dolly

  2. gravatar for Nataliya Nataliya

    Hi Georgia,
    I’m here because I’d like to ask you to use your photo. I am La Leche League leader from Ukraine (this is post USSR country). Your photo is so touching. I’ve had to make cards. Georgia, could you share with ukrainian moms so precious moment.


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