Florin 365 Catch up Pt 2

Georgia Brizuela-20301/365

One of my earliest memories of living in Canberra were trips to Questacon. For years I’d told Errol about it, wanting to take him so badly. I may have talked it up – and thought perhaps it wouldn’t even live up to my own memories – let alone the hype I’d given Errol. Nope. It was as good as childhood me remembered.

Georgia Brizuela-21


We cheated here, I missed a day, so here is another from Questacon in the incredible baby area. I’d consider moving to Canberra solely for this to be honest.

Georgia Brizuela-22


Me and my Florin Fred x

Georgia Brizuela-23


Oh help. Florin, your face. The way your hair stuck up like that while we were in Canberra. Your papa’s lovely locks. The sticks from earlier crawling explorations on your sweater.  This was a good day.

Georgia Brizuela-24


On the drive out of Canberra my grandma slipped me $50 and told me to “buy the kids some ice-cream”. I don’t know where she’s been buying her ice-cream, but I think she has been ripped off, ha. Ever obedient we did take her generous gift and on our arrival in the blue mountains bought ice creams for two happy travellers.

Georgia Brizuela-25


In the blue mountains we explored the Jenolen caves and tried our best to stay warm. The cold made Florin docile and cuddly. Errol and I constantly vying for who should get to wear him that outing. Errol won this round.

We parked up on the hill side in an empty carpark and found an incredibly friendly rosella that we all took turns feeding sunflower seeds from our trail mix.

Georgia Brizuela-26


One part of our journey south and back has been being welcomed into homes of friends and new friends. In the Blue Moutains we stayed with the lovely Debbie Fear. She welcomed us with a warm fire and gave up their own bed for us and as I lay tucked into someone else’s bed in a town we’d never stayed in I was reminded again how kind and good people actually are, even if the internet sometimes gets me thinking otherwise. The sad part is always saying goodbye and in the morning before we’d even had time to properly enjoy Debbie’s company,we were off.
Georgia Brizuela-27


On the lake which sat beside the home I grew up in, a milky dream this morning,  Lake Macquarie.
Georgia Brizuela-28

Perhaps subconsciously (or perhaps with meaningful intention) a lot of our road trip to Adelaide has retraced fond memories from my childhood. The trip began visiting old friends who have my heart and we come home visiting more of them.

We find ourselves this day with one of my childhood friends exploring the Watagans National Park where my family would drive on Sunday’s and have morning picnics like our own version of “church”.

The fleeting nature of my time with these little people made ever so apparent when I am standing in the same places where I remember being little myself. Where we played hide and go seek behind old pines and my mum would invite our friends to join us now I am standing calling my own tribe back for picnic lunch. It’s comforting and sad and wonderful all at once.

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  1. gravatar for becky McIntosh becky McIntosh

    You got me a bit teary at the end there. We sometimes do a family church in the wild and while my hubby and I find it liberating and rejoice in our freedom to be with God anywhere my 3 yr old much prefers “real church” . Preferably with a steeple and stained glass windows! I am coming to terms with the fact that she might grow up to love and find freedom in tradition. These littles are always teaching us to let go of our preconceived ideas. Xx


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Florin 365 Catch Up pt 1

Well – I thought I’d better post these for my own records – even if I’ve oh, you know, let this lapse almost a year before posting. I will finish posting the photos I took of Florin every day for his first year. These particular posts are from the very long road trip we took from the Sunshine Coast to Adelaide late last year. Then I will feel like I’ve “finished” his project and be able to begin to blog regularly again. Phew. Here’s nine days worth:

Georgia Brizuela-11


On the drive between Melbourne and Adelaide we stop in a little town called Ararat. The kids have energy to burn and we find a little park with deciduous trees and a mossy alcove where Florin tries to walk.

Our driving on this trip follows the same rhythms of driving for 3 hours, stopping to let the kids play, and then heading off again.

Georgia Brizuela-12


One day soon he’ll understand that our kisses are affection, right?


Georgia Brizuela-13

We’d driven into Adelaide late the night before. Stopping in some little ghost town an hour or so out to raid an IGA for a clean change of clothes for the grubby little baby as we hadn’t had chance to do washing in a week. We’d sat in the carpark in that little town, feeding the kids tabbouleh and wraps and me giving them the best-dodgy-in-a-carpark wipe over and change into PJ’s for the last leg of our drive into Adelaide. I knew the kids would be asleep when we arrived and wanted to just transfer them from the car into our friends home. The next morning Florin explored their back yard where Dana was growing wheat. Trying to take tentative steps, trying to eat strands of wheat, looking sweet in pink.

Georgia Brizuela-14

Never the fan of the bath, nor any bodies of water for that matter.

Georgia Brizuela-15

After successfully messing up their entire house, eating all their food and taking their bed so that they had to sleep in their spare room on a single bed and the floor we said goodbye to our friends Jess and Dana as we left Adelaide this morning. Our favourite favourites and oldest friends who unfortunately happen to live on the other end of Australia.

Georgia Brizuela-16


Georgia Brizuela-17


We stop at a roadside stall and buy homemade waffles covered in chocolate and cream and find a little cubby to sit in and eat them in the rain. Little spontaneous parts of the 4-week-long-r0ad-trip-adventure that make me so happy we decided to do what is surely crazy with three little kids.

Georgia Brizuela-18

Before we know it, we’re back in Melbourne. Me with a stolen cardigan from my besties house and both my boys in layers and layers of warm things. Like all good tourists we visit Hosier Lane and our lovely friend
Sonia takes this photo for us while our combined forces of 5 children under 7 cause chaos behind her.

Georgia Brizuela-19


How did we drive 3000 ish kms (18oo miles) with a baby? That’s how!

If that looks painful, it’s because it is. But not so painful as a crying baby while you’re trying to make a leg of your journey without stopping. Lucky my boobs aren’t as perky as they once were so sitting next to him (properly belted don’t freak out guys) and nursing could be possible, ha. The times we sat like this I’d quietly will him to be done in my head “come on now, you really should be asleep… can I sneak my nipple out yet…ugh! Noooo” etc. But once we were home and I was back in the front seat unable to look at him while we drove I had already all but forgotten that this was uncomfortable. My sweet, sleepy little baby, I’ll even miss even feeding you uncomfortably so you don’t cry in that soul crushing way and make us want to veer of the road even though my back and boob and nipple are kind of killing me.  And that my darling is the mysterious wonder of motherhood.

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  1. gravatar for Trista Trista

    Lol that last pic brought back a bunch of nursing memories . Aww babies <3

  2. gravatar for Amber @ Au Coeur Amber @ Au Coeur

    That graffiti wall! It’s amazing the beauty we can find all around us if we just remember to look.

    Also, your blogging delay makes me feel slightly better about my own. :-)

  3. gravatar for Jess Jess

    P.S. I breastfeed my babies in the car, too. Both of my kids just don’t like their car seats. You’re a great mama!

  4. gravatar for Jessica Jessica

    Priya’s face in #298 is actually hilarious.

    They’ve all grown so much since then!

    I’m glad you’re back bebe. <3

    PS you totally have gadget boobs.

  5. gravatar for becky McIntosh becky McIntosh

    Oh yay to have you blogging. ALL such great shots so impressed with that boob action! My mother in law used to breastfeed in the front before popping the baby back in the washbasket/bassinet loose on the back seat… :D

  6. gravatar for filipa filipa

    I am so happy to have new blog posts again from you to read ! Many times you declared your preference towards Instagram so I was kind of running out of hope… Thank you and Uau ! Great lesson on impossible tasks made possible ! so much strength and yet so much respect for one’s own limitations (courage right ?). Thank you !

  7. gravatar for Betsy Betsy

    Thanks for taking us on this trip with you. Car seat nursing. Thanks for the memories. How could I have forgotten so soon….


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Judah Justus // a midwife supported hospital birth


This is the birth video of one of my favourite babies, my nephew Judah. I can’t tell you how special his mama and his family are to me. His grandma was the reason my parents got married and in the years spent living with Judah’s mama I came to consider her my ‘adopted’ big sister. I can’t seem to find the right words to tell you how proud and honoured I was to be present to watch this incredible woman I love become a mother.

Here is her video.

As always, best to watch in HD if you can.

On the first day of this year, I woke late and my phone had died overnight. I wasn’t on call for a birth and had stayed up far too late the night previous. Sarah was expecting her first baby though and we had loosely agreed that if I was in the country when she went into labour, I’d be there to document it. Her due date wasn’t that soon and I was heading off to New Zealand in a couple of days. I didn’t think I’d be able to be there for her and I was feeling crushed.

When I charged my phone up that morning to find texts from Sarah’s husband letting me know a baby was on it’s way I was out the door before I could fully locate my shoes. Though I may have parked the car like Ace Ventura and looked a little disheveled on my arrival I made it to our little local hospital and was so honoured beyond words to watch this wonderful woman who I adore become a mother. I could not admire Sarah more. I am the proudest to witness her become a mama in this short midwife supported hospital birth. Sarah would like to assert that it wasn’t that “short” to her, haha.

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  1. gravatar for Lori Lori

    *tears* Beautiful! You’ve been missed! Nice comeback with this incredible video!

  2. gravatar for Josey Josey

    Fantastic, beautiful video as always. I love the look of awe on her face at 1:53! Birth is so powerful and beautiful and amazing.

  3. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    Thank you again Georgia. This video is probably my most prized possession. I love it and I am so grateful for you!

  4. gravatar for Natasha Batsford Natasha Batsford

    You were in NZ and I didn’t get to buy you a coffee?!?!? Oh the humanity!!!!

    Amazing video, BTW, gives me baby fever in the worst way … for about five minutes ;)


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Georgia Brizuela-10


Late night grocery shopping in grubby all day travel clothes in a store we’ve never been to before and will likely never visit again. Road trip ragamuffins.


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Georgia Brizuela-9


We drove to Kosiosko park today to visit the snow for the first time. When we undressed you, changed you and put you in two layers and a snow suit you were royally unimpressed howling as if you were being tortured. Once we had you out in the snow though you settled straight to sleep in the Tula. The big kids and I built a snowman while you slept soundly on your daddy. He had refused to wear gloves and was using the space between you two as a winter muff. After we had built our snowman you woke up and I got you out to sit with the kids in front of our marvelous snow creation. You look perplexed and amused by the snow, a nervous smile taking over your face as you looked around you, still waking up. You sat still for only a moment though before you tried to crawl away into the snow, a little laugh as you got away from me into it. I thought you’d find the cold or the strangeness of it off-putting but you seemed so happy to experience it.

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  1. gravatar for Valerie Valerie

    Awwwww, so sweet, but just STRANGE to see your Aussie “sun babes” in snow!! If you need more, you’re MORE than welcome here in Ohiooooooooooo!! ;-)


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