Judah Justus // a midwife supported hospital birth


This is the birth video of one of my favourite babies, my nephew Judah. I can’t tell you how special his mama and his family are to me. His grandma was the reason my parents got married and in the years spent living with Judah’s mama I came to consider her my ‘adopted’ big sister. I can’t seem to find the right words to tell you how proud and honoured I was to be present to watch this incredible woman I love become a mother.

Here is her video.

As always, best to watch in HD if you can.

On the first day of this year, I woke late and my phone had died overnight. I wasn’t on call for a birth and had stayed up far too late the night previous. Sarah was expecting her first baby though and we had loosely agreed that if I was in the country when she went into labour, I’d be there to document it. Her due date wasn’t that soon and I was heading off to New Zealand in a couple of days. I didn’t think I’d be able to be there for her and I was feeling crushed.

When I charged my phone up that morning to find texts from Sarah’s husband letting me know a baby was on it’s way I was out the door before I could fully locate my shoes. Though I may have parked the car like Ace Ventura and looked a little disheveled on my arrival I made it to our little local hospital and was so honoured beyond words to watch this wonderful woman who I adore become a mother. I could not admire Sarah more. I am the proudest to witness her become a mama in this short midwife supported hospital birth. Sarah would like to assert that it wasn’t that “short” to her, haha.

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  1. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    Thank you again Georgia. This video is probably my most prized possession. I love it and I am so grateful for you!

  2. gravatar for Natasha Batsford Natasha Batsford

    You were in NZ and I didn’t get to buy you a coffee?!?!? Oh the humanity!!!!

    Amazing video, BTW, gives me baby fever in the worst way … for about five minutes ;)


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Georgia Brizuela-10


Late night grocery shopping in grubby all day travel clothes in a store we’ve never been to before and will likely never visit again. Road trip ragamuffins.


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Georgia Brizuela-9


We drove to Kosiosko park today to visit the snow for the first time. When we undressed you, changed you and put you in two layers and a snow suit you were royally unimpressed howling as if you were being tortured. Once we had you out in the snow though you settled straight to sleep in the Tula. The big kids and I built a snowman while you slept soundly on your daddy. He had refused to wear gloves and was using the space between you two as a winter muff. After we had built our snowman you woke up and I got you out to sit with the kids in front of our marvelous snow creation. You look perplexed and amused by the snow, a nervous smile taking over your face as you looked around you, still waking up. You sat still for only a moment though before you tried to crawl away into the snow, a little laugh as you got away from me into it. I thought you’d find the cold or the strangeness of it off-putting but you seemed so happy to experience it.

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  1. gravatar for Valerie Valerie

    Awwwww, so sweet, but just STRANGE to see your Aussie “sun babes” in snow!! If you need more, you’re MORE than welcome here in Ohiooooooooooo!! ;-)


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An Australian Christmas Wreath

As it comes into the festive season here in Australia, I always feel a little strange. Rolls of wrapping paper with snow flakes, $2 Christmas cards outside the newsagent picturing children sledding down a hill and magazines with amazing decadent warm food for Christmas day and there I am wrangling 3 kids while sweating in a summer dress. While many people around the world will be celebrating Christmas in their winter, we’re always smack bang in the middle of our beautiful (albeit hot) Australian summer. Rather than a roast on Christmas day we’d be better chowing into a large pineapple before jumping in our nearest ocean.

At night while we’ve been working through our Christmas themed book advent I’ve been further reflecting on the imagery our children are taking in about Christmas. Even I, having never experienced a winter Christmas, inadvertently associate snow flakes and scarves and a crackling fireplace with the Christmas season. Wanting to ensure their Australian edification I decided we should try and create for ourselves some culturally and seasonally realistic Christmas decorations and traditions.

While scouring the OP shop for some more Christmas books earlier this month I came across some beautiful 1994 diaries with illustrations by May Gibbs featuring her well-Australian-loved gumnut babies. I would have bought the diaries had I not been so indignant that the OP shop was trying to charge $15 for a second hand diary but I went away thinking about eucalyptus and banksia’s and when we found ourselves in Spotlight later that day I knew what we had to do.

A native Christmas wreath! For my overseas friends, you too can make one native to wherever you are celebrating this year.

Documenting Delight Wreath-32

You need:

A wreath frame

Some flora you picked outside your house

Some florists tape and or wire

(or sticky tape or twine if you are desperate).
Documenting Delight Wreath-8

We found this wire frame for a wreath in Spotlight for $7.99. I did resist the urge to buy several so that we could each make one because I hate sharing my craft projects so the kids could each enjoy doing their own. We decided to stick to one however based on the change in my wallet and limited wall space in our home.

First step would be to clean up your table to have a clean workspace and make sure no one reading this blog post knows that you’re a real person who lives in a real (and often messy) home too.

Documenting Delight Wreath-3

We used florists tape and wire for binding the leaves and flowers to our frame. These are two things I make sure we always have in our craft drawer and which we use surprisingly often. You can buy these online (ebay) however I have had good success with inquiring at our local florist for some. Documenting Delight Wreath-6Documenting Delight Wreath-7

Once you have these you can head on out and find whatever is growing nearby to make a wreath. It rained softly while we searched but we three brave souls soldiered on.

Documenting Delight Wreath-12 Documenting Delight Wreath-13Documenting Delight Wreath-14Documenting Delight Wreath-16Documenting Delight Wreath-18Documenting Delight Wreath-17Documenting Delight Wreath-20Documenting Delight Wreath-19

This is my favourite kind of morning with the kids, walking, talking and learning together. The conversation flowed from the origin of the word “flora” – talks about Goddesses and mythology, their baby brother named Florin, if humans are fauna, if hibiscus’s are native, if I would carry their umbrella’s, the difference between a plant and a fungus, who invented google (directly related to the proceeding question), why uggboots aren’t made for outside, how good eucalyptus smells, how essential oils are made, if she could be a botanist, if he could be a spy and if I would make them toast when we got home.

Documenting Delight Wreath-21

Once home with our botanical supplies we set to work.  Documenting Delight Wreath-22

If you’ve never used florists tape before it needs to be stretched thin to become “sticky” and adhere well. Our children use it frequently but I always remember it was very tricky to begin using for them.

Documenting Delight Wreath-24

Documenting Delight Wreath-26 Documenting Delight Wreath-27 Documenting Delight Wreath-28
One of our children who we won’t name *ahem* has a short attention span and assisted intermittently between reading to himself and eating vegemite bagels. Also. Vegemite bagels = YUM and a very appropriate snack for this craft project.

Documenting Delight Wreath-30 Documenting Delight Wreath-29
For our wreath we chose to make a base of gum leaves and add the flowers & gumnuts we had found after that. The gumnuts we used florists wire to attach as they were quite heavy.

Documenting Delight Wreath-31
And 6 vegemite bagels, some terrible Christmas music courtesy of Glee and an hour later: she was done! Documenting Delight Wreath-34Documenting Delight Wreath-39 Documenting Delight Wreath-35

The kids and I really enjoyed this and I think we’ll make them throughout the year, not just for Christmas. I’d love to make another when the yellow wattles bloom near our house. The good thing about this is you can also make a wreath native to where you live – nearly anywhere in the world you happen to live.

Documenting Delight Wreath-36Documenting Delight Wreath-38 Documenting Delight Wreath-37
Merry Christmas ya cheekas, have a bloody good one x

  1. gravatar for trista trista

    i haven’t been to your blog in so long! my how grown up your kidlets look :] no more baby faces!

    on the christmas note, i have never had a snowy/white christmas either. here in phoenix it is usually beautiful and sunny.

  2. gravatar for becky McIntosh becky McIntosh

    The conversations while you scavenged are so perfect! Thanks for sharing x

  3. gravatar for filipa filipa

    Only living in southern hemisphere for 5 years now, always wondered how my antipodes brothers ‘felt’ Christmas, which is basically a celebration of winter solstice. I always guessed it probably had something of midsummer celebration. After 5 years I still haven’t solved this cultural/climatic equation… still forming new roots and feelings about everything, more intensely since my southern hemisphere son was born two years ago (more intensely dreaming about a truly universal world).

  4. gravatar for kate @ livinglovinglaughing kate @ livinglovinglaughing

    Oh, I love this! Wonderful project and so pretty. Will be gorgeous as it dries too. So true about the Aussie xmas experience. It was surreal and wonderful to experience a white American xmas once, but I love our summery one too :)

  5. gravatar for Ellen Ellen

    I’ve been thinking about similar things lately – we have a lot of jacaranda trees in our area, and although they bloom in November and are over by Christmas, they’re always the first sign that Christmas time is coming!

    I actually did my own Australian Christmas DIY the other day – Christmas gift tags with native flora wreath illustrations… great minds think alike hey? My project is posted here: http://faith-in-fools.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/printable-gift-tags-for-christmas.html

  6. gravatar for Sharolyn Sharolyn

    I am absolutely with you and your thoughts on an Aussie Christmas and that is a beautiful wreath indeed. We lived in Vancouver, Canada for a couple of years, and even though we never had a white Christmas (they were cold and wet), we were able to experience a little of the Christmas I grew up dreaming about- the Christmas we see in classic movies – which I loved. The bizarre thing for me was that (as just one example), supermarkets in Canada sold platters of tropical summer fruits for Christmas celebrations. So while Aussies are dreaming of a cold Northern hemisphere Christmas, our North American friends love the idea of munching on fresh pineapple (which of course, has to been imported 100’s or 1000’s of km’s from South America…raising a whole pile of other issues).

    Coming home to Australia, I am more convinced than ever that we need to celebrate in a way that is distinct and meaningful to us, in Brisbane, Australia – or for others – wherever they may be. As romantic as they seem, I am not interested in snow scenes and one horse open sleighs, a hot roast, holly, mistletoe, and so on as we sit around in our swimming togs shooing flies away. I want to celebrate Christmas (and live all of my days, years, life) in an authentic and meaningful way. I like to think this is connected to my desire to live sustainably, eat locally, support small businesses and know our community. Being in touch with our land and our place is so important and so enriching.


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Alfie & Nina Swimwear

Well, I’ve been a little more than slow in blogging these but better late than never, right?

Last year I had the pleasure to take some photos of the gorgeous swimwear by Australian label Alfie & Nina.

Here are some photos I made for them.

Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-2alfie&nina-9 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-7 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-9 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-8 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-5 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-3 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-31Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-30 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-17 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-2-2 storyboard001Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-13 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-21storyboard002 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-25 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-24 Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-26

Documenting Delight Alfie Nina-28
x Georgia

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  1. gravatar for JoWebster JoWebster

    I feel so lucky to have had you photograph our swimwear range. When I first started making swimwear we had a strong focus on protection. Although it would be totally gorgeous if babies could roam our beaches naked, in reality, in Australia if you are on the beach for any length of time, you need to be covered. We are also very aware of protecting kids innocence too and try to make our swimwear appropriate to their age, which is why I think your photos are so fantastic. You have captured your kids playing and being free, not posing. We are all about kids enjoying nature, exploring and discovering. Thank you.

  2. gravatar for Sarah Sarah

    Ehm…can we talk about Florin for a second? Oh my! Cutest baby ever. His everything is still so small!

  3. gravatar for becky mcintosh becky mcintosh

    I sent my mum the link to Alfie & Nina and said a rashie would be nice for Christmas for my littlest one. Couple weeks later she told me she’d nearly bought a rashie from Aldi for him but not sure if I still wanted one… oh mum its not quite the same ;)

  4. gravatar for Sarina Sarina

    Woow, I love this photo of Priya where she is sitting in front of Florin. The photos and the swimwear is very chic.

  5. gravatar for Jessica Jessica

    Aaahh! Those tones!

    The sandy brown against those gorgeous blue/grays and reds? <3

    Beautiful photographs Georgia.

    They make me want to make some babies solely for the purpose of buying them bathers like these ones.

    Also, as an aside, how much have they grown!


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